How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order

How Does Pick-Up Work at Target?

How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order? Lots of people are now ordering groceries online and choosing to pick them up at the store. If you haven’t tried it yet or are new to online shopping, you might be curious about the duration online retailers hold Pickup Orders.

How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order

Retail stores like Target have made it easy for us to get our products without wandering around inside. 

They let you order online and then pick up your items at the store, which is pretty handy.

If you’re wondering how long you have before you need to pick up your order from Target, let’s break down how their pickup service works and how much time it takes for them to hold pickup orders.

How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order?

When you order online from Target and choose Order Pickup, they’ll keep your items for you at the store for three days. If you don’t pick them up within that time, they’ll cancel your order and refund you.

If your order contains fresh or frozen foods, they will hold it until the next business day before they cancel it and send you a refund.

If you’ve included Starbucks Café items in a Drive Up order, they can only keep them fresh for 30 minutes after you place the order.

The pickup window will also be increased by an additional three days if there is no order for fresh or frozen groceries; this can be done on the Order details page. However, orders with perishable items such as fresh or frozen groceries cannot be extended.

How Do I Place an Order Pickup on Target?

To order something online and pick it up at a Target store, follow these steps:

1. Go to a Target website and locate the item of your choice. Select color, size, and quantity number when applicable.

2. To the right of the item on its page, click on “Pick it up” or “Ship to Store.”

3. However, the closest store to your location will be selected automatically for pickup. But, if you wish to pick another store, press on “Edit Store” and learn about the nearby stores by entering the city, state, or ZIP code.

4. Visit the checkout page and finish placing your order.

5. Don’t go to the store until you get an alert saying that your order is ready for pickup.

6. The walk-in location is the store and one of the two is either Guest Services or the pickup area.

7. Present your pickup notification to them and they’ll return your items (items).

Using the Target App to Order a Pickup

To order something through the Target app and pick it up at a store, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Target app and find the item you want. Choose the color, size, and quantity if needed.

2. In the ‘product page’ tap on ‘pick up’ or ‘ship to store’.

3. The app will automatically choose one of the nearby stores that clients can come to pick. If you want a different one, tap “Change store,” and you will see your display of what applies to your location.

4. Go further to the checkout process upon completion of your order.

5. Wait until you receive a notification that your order is ready for pickup.

6. Head to the store and go to Guest Services or the designated pickup area.

7. Show them your pickup notification, and they’ll give you your item(s).

What’s the Cost of Target Order Pickup?

How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order

Taking advantage of Target Order Pickup won’t cost you anything, it’s entirely free. 

You’ll only be charged for the items you purchase and any applicable taxes, and there’s no requirement for a minimum order amount. 

This flexibility allows you to make use of the service for spontaneous last-minute buys or your routine weekly grocery shopping without any extra charges.

What Do I Bring for Target’s Order Pickup?

When picking up your order, you have two options: either display your Mobile Wallet barcode found in the Wallet tab of the Target app or present one of the following forms of identification at Guest Services. 

Acceptable IDs include a government-issued photo ID, a state driver’s license or ID, a U.S. passport, a military ID, a Certificate of Citizenship, a Certificate of Naturalization, a Permanent Resident card, a Green Card, or a Native American Travel Photo ID.

It’s important to note that your online payment will be processed automatically once your order reaches the Ready for Pickup status. 

As a result, there’s no need to show your payment method when you arrive at the store.

What Items Are Eligible for Order Pickup?

If you desire to know whether an item can be picked up through the Order Pickup Option, the “Pick it up” should appear on that product’s details page.

In contrast, simply add the item to your cart and update the delivery information accordingly to verify if these types of services can be offered.

Also, some stores are venturing beyond offering the option of buying yourself fresh groceries such as eggs, ham, poultry sausage, and milk cheeses in range from both others.

Remember that orders made of non-perishable items will be held incurring till the close of the subsequent business day.

Can I Change my Target Pickup After Ordering?

Yes, although you have been alerted that the order is ready it does not stop you from altering your picking-up preference.

Switching from Order Pickup to Drive Up and vice versa can be done through the Target app that you would have first used to decide which option you wanted.

Select whatever pick-up method you want based on the instructions from within the app.

But in case of not visiting the store you everything chose, you have two options. You can either cancel your order or leave the pickup time window to “run out of juice”.

Why Was My Pickup Item Canceled?

Your Pickup item may be canceled due to a few reasons.

It could be either because the product is out of stock, there are problems with paying for or the credit delivery time has expired.

If any of these situations occur, you’ll receive a prompt notification via email. If the item is available at another nearby store, unfortunately, you won’t be able to place a new order for it.

However, if your item is eligible, you have the option to have it shipped to your location for free. This provides a convenient alternative in case your preferred Pickup option is not feasible.

Can I Cancel My Pickup Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Order Pickup. Do it on the Target website or the app under Orders or Purchases. 

You can also call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869. Ask Guest Services in your pickup store, or simply don’t pick up the order within the specified time.

As mentioned before, Order Pickup orders are kept for three days.

It gets canceled automatically after this time and the refund in the original payment is returned except it involves fresh vegetables.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Order?

How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order

Yes, you’re not limited to picking up your order yourself. Target has made it convenient with options like the Shopping Partner feature in the Target app. 

This feature enables one to send someone over to pick up his Order Pickup order purchase.

Also, if you realize you forgot something after placing an Order Pickup order, there’s the “Forgot Something?” button. 

This choice will allow you to complete your order with new forgotten items, making the whole process even more modal and flexible.

How to Add a Shopping Partner to My Pickup Order?

To add a shopping partner to your pickup order, go to the checkout section and find “Order Pickup Info.” Click on “Edit Pickup” or “Add Pickup Person.” 

The next step is a pickup person page where one types manually or selects through the saved list of shopping partners.

Following the ticking of the checkbox next to the desired shopping partner, you click ‘Save and continue.’

Your chosen shopping partner will be saved, and they in turn shall be informed via a notification after you finalize the checkout having received a message that your order is ready for pickup.

When they go for pickup, they just need to show a valid photo ID. If you want to add another pickup person later, you can do so when you receive the email notification that your order is ready for pickup.

Knowing how long Target will keep your pickup order is key for a smooth shopping experience. 

Make sure to remember the important information and plan so you can get your products without any problems and on time.

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