Does Target Do Price Match

How Does Target Price Match Work?

Does Target Do Price Match? People love finding the best prices when they shop, and a common strategy is price matching, where customers make sure they’re getting the lowest price for what they want to buy.

Does Target Do Price Match

Target is a popular store known for having lots of different things to buy and for being good to its customers. 

They want shopping to be easy and to give customers good deals wherever and whenever they shop.

One question people often ask is whether Target does price matching. This read will explain Target’s policy on that.

Does Target Do Price Match?

Yes, Target offers a price match service, which means that if you buy something at Target and then discover the same item at a lower price on Target’s website, certain online competitors, or in a local print ad from Target or a competitor, Target will match that lower price.

You can request a price match either when you make the purchase or within 14 days after buying the item. 

If you find a lower price within these 14 days, simply show proof of the lower price, and Target will adjust your payment to match the cheaper price.

You can request a price match at any checkout lane in a Target store, and for online purchases from, you can contact Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

What Qualifies for a Target Price Match?

Your item can qualify for a price match at Target if:

1. It’s a product from Target that you bought today or within the past 14 days (check the Price Match Policy for all the details).

2. It’s the same as the item you bought: same brand, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number.

3. The item is currently in stock at a lower price from a specific list of competitors. This includes their websites or local ads.

4. The price is currently lower at either the Target website or your local Target store (you can find all the details in the Price Match Policy).

What Doesn’t Qualify for Target Price Matching?

Some situations do not meet Target’s minimum requirements for price matching.

1. “Marketplace” or Target Plus Items: Since price matching doesn’t extend to if an item is sold by a third party on Target’s Marketplace or Target Plus, it does not apply.

2. Different Target Store: If you bought the item from one Target store but saw that its price had become cheaper in another, it is not initiatory.

3. Promotional Target GiftCards: If the presented Target GiftCard had initially been issued as a promotional gift to your original purchase, or if it currently is offered in any promotion that includes its employment within such promotion, does not fit.

4. Target Circle Offers and Coupons: If you are choosing to use such as Target Circle, Registry completion coupon, or any other Target offer, price matches are not applied. To know more about this, please refer to the Store Coupon Policy.

5. Competitor Doorbusters or Special Deals: Prices from competitor doorbusters, lightning deals (including Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh Exclusive offers), or prices that require logging in on a website don’t qualify.

6. Clearance, Closeout, Liquidation, Refurbished, or Errors: Items on clearance, closeout, liquidation, refurbished items, or those with pricing errors don’t qualify. 

How to Get Price Match on Target Store

Does Target Do Price Match?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Ask at Checkout

When you come up to the checkout counter, consider price matching as an alternative option.

Please politely inquire with the cashier about your interest and provide information on the particular product for which you wish to get a matching price.

2. Prove the Lower Price 

When there is a request, it is recommended to demonstrate evidence of price lowering.

It may be in the form of a full printed advertisement from the competitor, during the research process, a digital ad could appear on your smartphone or tablet or by visiting the competitor’s primary website on your device.

3. Have Your Order Details

To make the process smoother, have your order number and information about the specific item ready. 

This helps the Target representative quickly locate your purchase in their system.

How to Get Price Match on Target Online

If you’ve purchased on Target’s website and want to get a price match, here’s what to do:

1. Contact Target Online

If you find out Target reduced the price after or during your time of purchase, simply contact them for help.

One can either contact them through the online chat at their Customer Care or by dialing 1-800-591-3869 for an immediate reach to their customer service hotline.

2. Share the Lower Price

Inform them about the cheaper price you discovered. This could be from a digital ad, the official website of the approved retailer, or even the price at another Target store

Make sure it’s a valid source, and remember that photos or photocopies won’t work.

3. Have Your Order Details

To make the process smoother, have your order number and information about the specific item ready. 

This helps the Target representative quickly locate your purchase in their system.

What Qualifies as Proof for Price Match Request?

When asking for a price match, you need valid proof to show that the item is available at a lower price. Here’s what counts as proof:

1. Local Printed Ads

Show the whole advert in physical form from a local store to prove that the product is available at a low price.

However, pictures or photocopies of the ad will not be considered for approval. You need the actual printed full ad.

In case the local ad is online, even if on the store’s website, that is also acceptable.

2. Online Prices

If the low price is that of an online store, show the price on your mobile device. This may be from a competitor’s website and even the Target’s website.

It is also essential to mention that a member of the Target team will have to check the accuracy of the matching using one of the devices provided by Target. Consequently, just taking a screenshot or a camera picture will not suffice.

Ensure the online price is current and accessible on your phone when you’re at the store.

Which Stores Does Target Match Prices With? 

Does Target Do Price Match

Target has a list of eligible competitors at Guest Services, which you can find at Guest Services or online. 

These prominent ones include Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Costco, GameStop, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Macy’s, and Walmart.

The number of online competitors is higher, and therefore you should verify with Guest Services or the list above to verify which ones are eligible.

Should you be in doubt, you can always seek help from the store personnel.

What Discounts Allowed on Price-Match Purchases?

When you’re price-matching at Target, you can still enjoy some discounts. 

If you use your Target RedCard, you save 5% on whatever you buy, even if it’s a price-matched item. And if you work at Target, your employee discount also applies to what you end up paying.

Now, when it comes to coupons, here’s the deal: manufacturer coupons are fair game and can be used with a price-matched item, helping you save even more. 

However, Target’s coupons and those from Target Circle aren’t eligible for use in conjunction with price-matching. 

Knowing if Target does price matching is important for smart shoppers looking for the best deals. 

Target’s policy may vary, but using price matching can make your shopping experience better. 

Stay informed and use price matching to shop at Target conveniently and save more.

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