How to Use Sam's Club Pickup

Is Sam’s Club Pickup Free for Members?

One of the benefits is learning how to use Sam’s Club pickup. You can get all your products delivered without leaving the car and entering the store.

How to Use Sam's Club Pickup

It goes the extra mile for its customers by providing special parking spaces, same-day pick-ups, and early morning hours for the early shoppers.

Whether you are already a member of Sam’s Club or are planning to become one, this guide will describe the entire process of Sam’s Club pickup.

How to Use Sam’s Club Pickup Service

Here’s how to use Sam’s Club Pickup:

1. Browse and Select

First, visit the Sam’s Club website or use the Sam’s Club app. Look for the “Pick up in Club” labeled products.

2. Checkout

The first available Pickup date and time will be shown if you are ready to go to the checkout. If this does not help, you can choose a different Pickup window that would suit you better.

3. Notification

You would receive a message that would show up on the app, a text message, or an email message that your order is ready for collection.

4. Arrive at the Club

Park your car at a Sam’s Club’s Curbside Pickup location. Afterward, call them via the Sam’s Club app, text, or email to inform them that you have reached their premises.

5. Pickup Time

Your Pickup order will be held for up to 24 hours after your chosen pickup time. If you don’t pick it up within that time, your order may be canceled, and you’ll be automatically refunded.

6. Item Availability

Keep in mind that the availability of items depends on the current inventory at the Sam’s Club location. Although the store strives to fulfill your order, availability is not guaranteed.

7. Pricing Period and Prepayment

To receive the maximum benefit of savings and discounts that are associated with the prices of Curbside Pickup, including Instant Savings and promotional discounts, you should complete your payment within the pricing period.

When is the Pickup Time?

With pickup times that are early and convenient for you, getting your product is made easy.

As a Plus member, you can start receiving your orders as early as 7 am from Monday to Saturday and from 10 am on Sundays.

Curbside Pickup for Club members starts at 10 am every day.

What is the Payment Procedure for Curbside Pickup?

How to Use Sam's Club Pickup

If you are a member of Sam’s Club Plus, the Curbside Pickup is free.

For club members, this service costs $4. Interestingly, there is no minimum order requirement. It enables you to purchase as much or as little as you want.

Curbside Pickup can be purchased using various payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Sam’s Club Credit Card, Sam’s Club Gift Cards, and Debit Card.

When going to pick up your order, ensure that the payment has been made online in one of the ways discussed above.

It is convenient and safe to manage your purchase.

What Items are Available for Curbside Pickup?

The items tagged with “Pickup” are the ones you can order as Pickup orders.

If an item only says “Ship this item,” it’s not available for Curbside Pickup. 

So remember, the availability of the orders for Curbside Pickup depends on the in-store stock, and these orders are limited based on the Sam’s Club Merchandise Policy.

Can You Order Perishable Items?

Curbside Pickup’s ability to enroll perishable things must depend on the restrictions established by a particular store or service provider.

With Sam’s Club grocery pickup, you can get dairy products or even frozen entrees.

What is more interesting is that they will keep these goods cool up until your arrival so you can collect your grocery shopping.

Can Someone Besides Me Get My Order?

Yes, your order will be picked up by someone else.

There is a feature called “Additional Pickup Person”, upon checking out you need to fill in their name, email address, and phone number.

When your friend or family member arrives to get your order, they’ll need the order number and an ID. They can pick up the order inside the club at Member Services.

Just keep in mind that once you’ve submitted your order, you can’t add another person for Curbside Pickup afterward. 

Can You Order for Same-day Pickup at Sam’s Club?

Yes, you can order for same-day pickup at Sam’s Club. When shopping online or in the app, choose a same-day pickup time during checkout. 

Ensure you place your order before 3 p.m. local time for it to be processed. There’s a limit of 13 items for same-day orders

Keep in mind that due to high demand, same-day pickup time slots may be limited. To secure your spot, it’s advisable to plan and place your order early in the day.

Can You Cancel a Sam’s Club Pickup Order?

How to Use Sam's Club Pickup

Yes, if you need to cancel a Sam’s Club Pickup order, it’s a simple process. 

Look at the email Sam’s Club sent you confirming your order. There, you’ll find a phone number.

If you decide to cancel, you have two options. Either give them a call using the provided phone number or head over to the physical Sam’s Club location.

Is it Possible for Your Order to be Tax-exempt?

If you want to avoid paying taxes on your purchase during curbside pickup at Sam’s Club, you must already be approved for tax-exempt status on your Sam’s Club membership. 

If you haven’t been approved, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make a tax-exempt purchase.

Once your tax-exempt status is approved, you’ll have the ability to indicate during the checkout process whether some or all of the items you’re purchasing should be considered tax-exempt.

Following the simple steps on how to use Sam’s Club pickup can save time, avoid crowds, and enjoy the convenience of having your items ready for pickup.

Take advantage of this service to make your shopping trips more efficient and easy. 

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