How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

Do I Have to Activate a Target Gift Card?

Shopping using a gift card is simple, and you may be wondering how to check Target gift card balance. If you have a Target gift card, it is necessary to have a quick way to check the card’s balance.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

In particular, keeping track of your balance can be essential if you receive multiple Target gift cards throughout the year for shopping purposes.

Let’s explore different ways in which you can check the balance on a Target gift card, and learn about what and where you can use it.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

A Target gift card gives you the chance to shop for a wide variety of items at over 1,800 Target stores across the U.S. and on the Target website.

Even if you’re in the market for toys, electronics, clothing, or household items, you can find exactly what you need at Target. And there’s no fee to use the gift card, and it never expires.

These are the different ways you can check Target gift card balance and they include;

1. Over the Phone

To check over the phone, you will have to peel or lightly scratch off the label on the back of your gift card to uncover the 15-digit card number and access number.

Dial 1-800-544-2943 to reach Target’s Gift Card Center and input these numbers using your phone’s keypad when prompted.

An automated voice will then inform you about your card balance, and you can also listen to the details of the last five transactions made with the card.

2. Online

To check your gift card balance online, go to Target’s “Check a Gift Card Balance” page, and if you’re not already signed in, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Target account.

Once signed in, peel or lightly scratch off the label on the back of your gift card to uncover the 15-digit card number and access number.

Enter both of these numbers in the specified fields, then click on “Check Balance.” You’ll then see your card’s balance and any recent card activity.

3. Target App

If you’ve associated your gift card with your Target account and have the Target app installed, checking the balance is easy.

Simply open the app, log in to your account, navigate to the “My Target” section, click on “Settings” represented by the gear icon, and then choose “Gift Cards.”

In this section, you’ll find a convenient list displaying your saved gift cards along with their current balances, making it easy to keep track of your available funds.

4. Target Store

If you encounter a “Scopes don’t match” error online or face issues with the phone line while checking your gift card balance, simply visit a cashier or the service desk at a Target store.

A staff member can perform a balance scan on your gift card and inform you of the remaining balance.

If you’ve lost your gift card or it’s not scanning correctly, bring it to a Target store along with the original receipt. If they can read the access number, they might be able to issue a replacement card for you.

What is the Target Gift Card Used for?

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

A Target Gift Card can be applied to purchase nearly any item at Target store locations or Target website including food items, clothing, electronics, toys, etc.

You can also employ it in services such as Target Optical and Target Pharmacy. From the Target App, proceed to the Wallet page and click ‘Gift cards,’ select the ones you want and save them.

To know your Target Credit Card balance, go to and log in, then go to Checkout, click I’m ready to checkout. Online banking enrollment or calling (888) 755-5856 is needed.

You can purchase a maximum of 5 gift cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) every day, and each card’s value is between $25 and $100 With these cards, reloading is not possible and quantities cannot be purchased in bulk.

Target gift cards are available at Target stores, on Target’s website, and other retailers. Physical cards issued at the store are loaded with any amount from 5 to 500 dollars.

You would be offered a selection of predefined amounts when you buy them online or in the Target app, for instance, $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, and $200. You also can personalize the value with any sum between $5 and $500.

A Target gift card is a perfect gift, which allows the recipient to pick something exactly according to their wish. You can also sell gift cards to Target stores on gift card exchange websites.

Moreover, the benefit of Target gift cards is that they never expire or decrease in value over time despite what is printed on them.

For a plastic third-party gift card, such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, look at the back of the card for information on remaining balances.

If it’s a digital eGift Card that is sent through email, click on the “View and Print Your eGift Card” link in the received email to verify the remaining balance.

How to Activate the Target Gift Card

You can get your Target Gift Card ready for use in a few ways:

1. Online: Visit, click “Gift Cards,” and hit “Activate My Gift Card.” Enter your card number and access code, then click “Activate.”

2. Target App: Open the app, go to “Wallet,” tap the “+” sign, choose “Add Gift Card,” and either scan the barcode or type in the card number and access code. Then, Tap “Add” to activate.

3. In-store: If you ask the cashier to activate your gift card you can easily do it.

4. Call: If you need to activate your gift card, dial 1-800-544-2943, and enter your credit card number and access code when prompted.

After activation, you are then good to shop at Target stores or online. Should you encounter any problems, contact a Support Agent from Target Customer Service.

Where You Can Use the Target Gift Card

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

The places where Target gift cards can be used are;

1. Target Stores: The Target Gift Cards can be used in all the Target stores in the country and Puerto Rico.

2. Target Website: Via the Target Gift Cards you can buy products and services on the Target website.

3. Target Café: Your Gift Card is also valid in Target Café locations inside or surrounding Target stores for transactions involving the purchase of food and beverages.

4. Starbucks inside Target: Take coffee and other drinks offered in the Starbucks stores, which are located in any Target stores.

5. Target Optical: You can then visit the Target Optical optical centers found within the stores to obtain prescription eyewear and nonprescription eyewear as well as eye care services from your Gift Card.

6. Target Pharmacy: It is possible to purchase prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines in Target Pharmacy areas in Target Stores using your Gift Card.

7. Target Mobile: Target Mobile stores located within Target stores accept Gift Cards and therefore, you can buy cell phones, mobile plans, and accessories through these Target Mobile stores using your Gift Card.

In addition, you can use your Target Gift Card to buy gift cards from other stores at the stores of Target.

Please, take note that your Target Gift Card does not work for prepaid and specialty gift cards like Target RedCard or Target Visa.

In just a minute, you can easily check the balance of your Target Gift Card using a lot of ways.

Even if you check by phone, online, in-store, or through the app, Target allows you to conveniently manage your gift card in a way that suits your needs.

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