FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight: Services, Rates, and Delivery Options

Shipping can be a daunting task for a small business owner or a large corporation. With a fleet of modern equipment, FedEx Freight remains a top choice for businesses to transport their goods. We’ll explore FedEx Freight’s services, rates, and how to make the most out of their delivery options.

FedEx Freight

When it comes to freight transportation, speed, and reliability are important.

FedEx Freight understands this and has built its business around providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective transportation solutions.

It is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, one of the world’s largest shipping and logistics companies.

FedEx Freight was founded in 2001, and it has grown to offer efficient shipping services to customers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and beyond.

FedEx Freight Services

FedEx Freight Services

FedEx Freight provides a wide range of shipping solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Here are some of the services offered by the company:

1. Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping

FedEx Freight Services specializes in less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping.

This means that it consolidates multiple shipments from different customers into a single trailer or truck.

Hence, this approach allows businesses to ship smaller quantities of freight without having to pay for an entire truckload.

LTL shipping is a cost-effective solution for businesses that do not have enough cargo to fill an entire truck.

However, FedEx Freight Services offers two LTL shipping options: Priority and Economy.

Priority Service offers time-definite delivery by a specific date and time.

There’s also a money-back guarantee if the shipment is not delivered on time.

Meanwhile, the Economy Service offers a more cost-effective solution for businesses that are more concerned with the cost of shipping than the speed of delivery.

2. Full-Truckload (FLT) Shipping

Apart from LTL shipping, FedEx Freight Services also offers full-truckload (FLT) shipping.

FLT shipping is a good option for businesses that need to ship larger quantities of freight that can fill an entire truck.

It can be a more cost-effective solution for businesses that need to ship large quantities of goods over long distances.

FedEx Freight offers a range of FTL shipping services, including:

  • Standard Service: Delivery within a certain number of days, depending on the distance.
  • Time-Specific Service: Delivery by a certain time on a certain day.

3. Expedited Shipping

FedEx Freight Services offers expedited shipping options for businesses that need their cargo to arrive as quickly as possible.

The company’s priority service provides time-definite delivery by a specific date and time.

You can also get your money back if your goods are not delivered on time.

However, the Priority Service is a good option for businesses that need their cargo to arrive quickly.

FedEx Freight offers a range of expedited shipping services, including:

  • Next-day Service: Guaranteed delivery by the next business day
  • 2-day Service: Delivery will be made within 2 business days
  • 3-day Service: Delivery is assured in 3 business days

Expedited shipping is a fast and reliable option for businesses that need to meet tight deadlines and ensure their shipments arrive on time.

4. International Shipping

FedEx Freight Services provides global forwarding services for businesses that need to ship cargo to and from other countries.

The company has a network of air and ocean freight providers that can handle your international shipments.

FedEx Freight Services offers a variety of international shipping options, including air, ocean, and ground transportation.

The company can also provide customs clearance services to ensure that your cargo complies with local regulations.

International shipping can open up new markets and opportunities for your business, and FedEx Freight can help you navigate the complexities of global trade.


FedEx Freight Rates

FedEx Freight Rates

Several factors can affect shipping rates.

Distance is the primary factor that affects shipping rates, as longer distances require more fuel and resources

However, Freight class is another important factor that affects shipping rates.

Feight class is a standardized method that uses factors like density, stability, handling, and liability to classify different types of freight.

There are 18 freight classes, ranging from class 50 (lowest density, highest liability) to class 500 (highest density, lowest liability).

The shipping rate increases with the level of the freight class.

It’s important to accurately classify your freight to avoid unexpected charges.

This will ensure that your shipments are delivered on time and in good condition.

Furthermore, additional services, such as liftgate delivery, and inside delivery can also affect shipping rates.

These services are necessary to meet your specific shipping requirements, but they come at an additional cost.

So, if you want to reduce how much money you spend on shipping, you can do the following:

1. Negotiate with Carriers

One of the most effective ways to save on shipping costs is to negotiate with carriers for better rates.

Many carriers are willing to work with businesses to develop customized shipping solutions that meet their unique needs and budget.

Make sure you shop around and compare rates from different carriers, and don’t be afraid to negotiate for better prices.

2. Optimize Packaging

The type of packaging you use can also affect shipping costs.

You can choose packaging materials that are lightweight and compact.

This is because heavier packaging materials can add weight to your shipment and increase shipping costs.

Also, you may want to consider investing in custom packaging solutions that are designed to maximize space and reduce waste.

3. Consolidate Shipments

Consolidating multiple shipments into a single shipment can also help save on shipping costs.

By combining your multiple orders into a single shipment, you can take advantage of bulk shipping rates and reduce the number of individual shipments you need to send.

This can help reduce shipping costs and improve efficiency in your logistics operations.

4. Use Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are companies that specialize in logistics and transportation services.

When you work with freight forwarders, you can take advantage of their expertise to save on shipping costs.

Also, Freight forwarders can help you identify the most cost-effective shipping routes and methods.

They can negotiate better rates with carriers on your behalf.

5. Use a Shipping Software

Shipping software can also help businesses save on shipping costs.

It does this by optimizing logistics operations and streamlining the shipping process.

Also, it can provide real-time tracking information, and automate shipping processes, analytics, and insights.

This can help businesses optimize their logistics operations and save on shipping costs.

FedEx Freight Delivery Options

FedEx Freight Delivery Options

These delivery options are designed to meet the needs of shippers and businesses.

They include:

1. Home Delivery

FedEx Freight offers home delivery services for residential shipments.

Home delivery is a convenient option for individuals and small businesses that want their shipments delivered to their homes.

This service also includes Saturday delivery at no extra charge.

 So, you can choose this option if you want to schedule your delivery at a specific time or date that works best for you.

2. Business Delivery

FedEx Freight also offers business delivery services for commercial shipments.

Business delivery is a reliable option for businesses that need to receive shipments at their warehouses, retail stores, or other commercial locations.

This service includes delivery to a business address, with options for liftgate delivery and inside delivery.

It also provides customers with the ability to schedule delivery at a specific time or date that works best for their business.

3. Hold at Location

FedEx Freight offers a hold-at-location option.

If you’re selecting this option, you can have your shipments held at a FedEx Freight service center for pickup at your convenience.

This option is useful if you’re not available to receive your shipment at the delivery address or if you prefer to pick up your shipment in person.

4. Time-Specific Delivery

FedEx Freight offers time-specific delivery options for both LTL and FTL shipments.

These options guarantee delivery by a certain time on a certain day.

So, you can plan your operations more effectively and ensure that your shipments arrive on time.


FedEx Freight Networks

FedEx Freight Networks

FedEx Freight offers several specialized networks to meet the unique needs of different industries and customers.

They include:

1. FedEx Freight Priority

FedEx Freight Priority offers fast, reliable, and time-definite LTL shipping services.

It operates throughout the United States and Canada, with coverage extending to Mexico.

With over 370 service centers and more than 13,000 vehicles, FedEx Freight Priority has the resources to handle any size shipment.

It is ideal for businesses that require urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

2. FedEx Freight Economy

FedEx Freight Economy offers cost-effective and reliable LTL shipping services.

If you’re a business owner and you prioritize affordability and value over speed, then you should select this service.

This network has over 360 service centers and more than 20,000 vehicles.

With flexible delivery options and competitive rates, FedEx Freight Economy offers a great balance between cost and service.

3. FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx Custom Critical is a specialized network that offers time-critical, temperature-controlled, and high-value shipping services.

This network operates throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with its coverage extending to select locations in Europe and Asia.

It is ideal for businesses that require special handling, security, and attention for their shipments.

With its fleet of over 2,000, specialized equipment, and experienced drivers, FedEx Custom Critical can handle any type of shipment.

This could be shipments ranging from medical equipment, and aerospace parts to fine art and antiques.

4. FedEx Trade Networks

FedEx Trade Networks is a network that offers customs brokerage, global trade management, and freight forwarding services.

It operates in more than 100 countries worldwide, with a global network of offices and agents.

This network is ideal for businesses that need to navigate the complexities of international trade and customs regulations.

FedEx Trade Networks can help you streamline your global supply chain and reduce costs.

It does this with its global reach, extensive experience, and advanced technology.

Meanwhile, FedEx Freight Networks provide comprehensive customer support and resources to help businesses manage their shipments.

This includes online tools such as the FedEx Freight Shipping Toolkit, which provides access to real-time tracking, rate quotes, and transit times.

They also have customer service representatives who can provide assistance with scheduling pickups and resolving shipment issues.

FedEx Freight offers a wide range of transportation services that can meet the unique needs of any business.

Whether you need LTL, FTL, expedited, or International Freight transportation, FedEx Freight has the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

You can always pick the delivery options that best match your needs.

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