FedEx Tracking

Does FedEx Tracking Update in Real Time?

What is FedEx Tracking? We can’t deny the fact that dependable package tracking has become an essential resource for both businesses and individuals. This guide will explain how FedEx Tracking works, what it can do, how to use it, common problems, and also mention how other courier services track packages.

FedEx tracking

If you’ve ever ordered something online or sent a package, you’re likely familiar with FedEx.

FedEx is a global courier service that specializes in delivering packages, documents, and freight.

So, what is FedEx Tracking? Let’s find out the answer together.

What is FedEx Tracking?

FedEx Tracking is a service offered by FedEx, a global shipping and logistics company, that allows customers to track the status and location of their shipments in real-time.

It provides users with updates on the progress of their packages from the point of pickup to the end of delivery.

FedEx tracking offers transparency throughout the shipping process.

However, the tracking system works by assigning a unique tracking number to each package or shipment.

This tracking number is then used to monitor the progress of the shipment at every stage of its journey.

When a parcel is shipped with FedEx, the tracking number is automatically generated and sent to the customer.

You can use it to track the package on the FedEx website or through the FedEx mobile app.

The tracking information is updated in real-time, so customers can see the status of their shipment at any time.

What are the Features of FedEx Tracking?

FedEx provides several tracking features to help customers monitor their shipments and receive timely updates.

Some of these tracking features include:

1. Delivery Options

FedEx Tracking offers a range of delivery options that allow you to customize your shipment delivery to suit your needs.

If you want your package delivered to your doorstep or held at a nearby FedEx location for pickup, FedEx Tracking allows you to choose the delivery option that works best for you.

With FedEx Home Delivery, you can have your package delivered directly to your home address.

This option is perfect for those who prefer the convenience of having their packages delivered right to their doorstep

Meanwhile, if you prefer to pick up your package from a nearby FedEx location, you can choose the FedEx Hold at Location option.

With this option, you can have your package held at a FedEx Office or FedEx Authorized ShipCenter near you.

You can also track the package’s progress through FedEx Tracking.

On the other hand, the FedEx Delivery Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to customize your package deliveries according to your preferences.

With this option, you can schedule specific delivery times, request delivery to a different address, or even have your package delivered to a neighbor.

You can also sign for packages in advance, authorize packages to be left without a signature, or request a vacation hold.

FedEx Delivery Manager puts you in control of your package deliveries, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.

2. Notifications

FedEx Tracking keeps you informed and updated on the status of your shipments through notifications.

 You can choose to receive notifications via email, SMS, or through the FedEx Mobile App.

Now, FedEx Tracking provides you with regular updates on the progress of your shipment, from pickup to delivery.

It also gives you an estimated delivery date and time for your package.

You will receive notifications when your package is expected to be delivered, allowing you to plan your day accordingly.

This feature is particularly useful when you are expecting time-sensitive shipments or need to coordinate package deliveries with your schedule.

In case of any delivery exceptions, such as weather delays, failed delivery attempts, or address issues, FedEx Tracking will also notify you.

This feature helps you to manage any potential delivery disruptions and minimize delays.

3. Package Rerouting

FedEx Tracking also allows you to reroute your package to a different address or hold it at a FedEx location.

This provides you with the flexibility to change the delivery destination even after the package has been shipped.

So, if you realize that you won’t be available to receive the package at the scheduled delivery address, you can request to have it rerouted to a different address.

This feature gives you the flexibility to have your package delivered to a more convenient location, saving you from missed deliveries or delays.

Also, if you prefer to pick up your package from a FedEx location, FedEx Tracking allows you to request a hold at a nearby FedEx Office or FedEx Authorized ShipCenter.

You can easily request a hold through FedEx Tracking and receive notifications when your package is ready for pickup.


How to Use FedEx Tracking

How to Use FedEx Tracking

Using FedEx Tracking is a simple process. Here are the steps on how to use FedEx Tracking:

1. Get Your Tracking Number

To track your FedEx package, you will need the tracking number.

Each shipment is given a tracking number, which serves as a unique identification.

The tracking number is usually provided by the sender when the package is shipped or can be found on the shipping label or receipt.

2. Access the FedEx Tracking Website or App

Once you have your tracking number, head over to the FedEx website and click on the “Tracking” tab at the top of the page.

You’ll be prompted to enter your tracking number into the designated box and click “Track.”

 The website will then display the status of your package, including its current location and estimated delivery date.

You’ll also be able to see any previous stops your package has made, so you can get an idea of its journey.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to track your package from your mobile device, you can download the FedEx app.

Once you have the app installed, enter your tracking number and it will display the same information as the website.

 This can be especially helpful if you don’t have access to a computer.

3. Sign Up for Email or Text Message Notifications

One of the convenient features of FedEx tracking is the ability to receive updates about your package via email or text message.

To set this up, go to the FedEx website and click on “Delivery Manager.”

This way, you can stay informed about your package’s progress without having to constantly check the website or app.

4. Access Detailed Information about Your Package

In addition to the basic tracking information, you can also view more detailed information about your package.

You can do this by clicking on the tracking number on the FedEx website.

This will bring up a page that displays the package’s history, including all the stops it has made and any delivery attempts that have been made.

You’ll also be able to see any special instructions or requests that you made when you placed the order.

This can be helpful if you need to provide additional information to the delivery driver.

Also, it will enable you to know the exact date, and time your package was delivered.

5. Contact FedEx Customer Service for Assistance

If you’re having trouble finding your package or need additional assistance, you can contact FedEx customer service.

They will provide you with further details about your package and respond to any questions you may have.

This can be especially helpful if there are any issues or delays with your package’s delivery.

What Makes FedEx Home Delivery Tracking Exceptional?

You can monitor the status of your FedEx home delivery shipment when you’re expecting it.

With FedEx Delivery Manager, you can personalize your delivery experience, receive timely notifications, and provide specific delivery instructions.

Moreover, for enhanced tracking insights, you can make use of FedEx Advanced Tracking.

The customized tracking dashboard offers several advantages. It allows you to track up to 20,000 FedEx Home Delivery shipments.

You can also access important documents and images with status updates. In addition, you can customize your dashboard for efficient filtering and sorting.

There is an option to create and save personalized views for convenience. Moreover, it enables you to access tracking details related to your account and login.

Furthermore, you can obtain proof of delivery by viewing the recipient’s signature images.

Finally, the dashboard keeps you updated on shipment status, delivery, and any changes through email notifications.

Common Issues with FedEx Tracking

While FedEx Tracking is a reliable and convenient tool for tracking your packages, it may encounter occasional issues.

They include:

1. Delayed or Inaccurate Tracking Information

Sometimes, you may experience delays in tracking updates or inaccurate tracking information.

This could be due to factors such as technical glitches, network connectivity issues, or delays in package scanning.

If you notice that the tracking information for your package is not updating or is inaccurate, you can wait a few hours and refresh the tracking page.

Also, you can contact FedEx customer service for assistance.

The team will investigate the issue and provide you with updated information on your package’s whereabouts.

2. Delivery Exceptions

 Occasionally, you may encounter delivery exceptions, such as failed delivery attempts, address issues, or weather delays.

This can affect the estimated delivery date and time of your package.

If you receive a notification of a delivery exception, you can review the tracking information to understand the reason for the delivery exception.

However, if you need to reroute your package to a different address or hold it at a FedEx location, you can easily request the change through FedEx Tracking.

Although there can be limitations depending on the package type, shipping service, and destination.

3. Limited Access to International Shipments

While FedEx Tracking offers global coverage, there may be limitations on the level of tracking detail available for international shipments.

Due to customs clearance processes and regulations in different countries, tracking updates for international shipments may be limited or delayed.

This can sometimes result in users receiving fewer updates or not receiving updates during transit.

However, FedEx continues to work with customs authorities and partners to improve the visibility and tracking options for international shipments.

4. User Error in Inputting Tracking Information

Another common issue with FedEx Tracking is user error in inputting the tracking information

Users may mistype the tracking number or reference number, resulting in inaccurate tracking results or no results at all.

It’s important for users to double-check and input the correct tracking information to ensure accurate tracking updates.

Additionally, users should be aware of the distinction between tracking numbers and reference numbers and use them accordingly to avoid any tracking discrepancies.

While there may be some common issues, FedEx is working to improve the accuracy and timeliness of tracking information.


FedEx Tracking and Other Courier Service

What's the Difference Between DHL UPS and FedEx?

Having highlighted FedEx Tracking and its capabilities, we will now briefly emphasize the package tracking systems of other top courier companies like UPS and DHL Express.

1. UPS

United Parcel Service (UPS) provides a convenient way to monitor the locations of your shipment through their tracking service.

Each package is assigned a unique tracking number, usually beginning with “1Z,” allowing you to stay informed about its progress as it goes through the UPS system.

To track any UPS shipment or mail, you can use the Package ID, Tracking number, or Delivery Confirmation Number.

Also, selected packages offer final mile tracking with delivery confirmation.

You can easily find the UPS tracking number on your shipping receipt or the email confirmation received when shipping via their website.

2. DHL Express

You can easily track your international parcels with DHL Express.

The most efficient method is to visit the DHL website and enter your tracking number to receive an estimated delivery date and real-time location updates.

Have control over your delivery with the Manage Delivery option.

If you anticipate missing the courier, redirect your international shipment to the nearest DHL point for a convenient pickup at your chosen time.

For greater flexibility, use the DHL Express Mobile App.

With On Demand Delivery, you can customize the delivery preferences and decide when and where the package should be delivered, promoting a more efficient and eco-friendly approach.

Stay ahead with advanced tracking through DHL Proview, a shipment monitoring system that provides timely parcel status notifications.

Now you know that FedEx Tracking empowers you to stay informed and proactively manage your shipments.

With real-time updates and a user-friendly interface, FedEx tracking provides transparency for customers.

You can take advantage of its unique features and remember to resolve any issues you may have with its customer care representative.

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