How Do I View FedEx Freight Invoices?

How do I view FedEx freight invoices? If you’re a regular user of FedEx Freight, you’ll likely receive invoices from them for the services you’ve used, but how does it even work? Read through for more information. 

How Do I View FedEx Freight Invoices?

To view your FedEx Freight invoices, log in to your FedEx account and navigate to the Billing tab.

Select the invoice you want to view, review the details to ensure accuracy, and download or print a copy for your records.

Pay any outstanding balances to avoid late fees or penalties. Contact FedEx Freight customer service for assistance with any questions or concerns.

How Do I View FedEx Freight Invoices?

Below are ways you can follow to view your freight invoices:

1. Log in to Your FedEx Account

The first thing first is to log into your FedEx account, this is the first thing you should do.

Creating an account is an easy thing to do, in case you don’t have an account.

What you’d do is visit FedEx’s official website you should fill in the necessary information and you should be set up.

When they have logged you in, you’ll then be taken to the main dashboard where you can access all your account details.

2. Navigate to the Billing Tab

From the dashboard, navigate to the “Billing” tab. Here, you’ll find all your billing and invoicing information for your FedEx Freight account.

Click on the “View/Pay Invoice” option to access your invoices.

3. Select the Invoice You Want to View

You’ll see a list of all your invoices the moment you’re on the “View/Pay Invoice” page, Now what you’ll have to do is click the invoice number of the invoice you want to use. 

At this point, you should be on a page with more detailed information on all the charges for your shipment.  

4. Review the Invoice Details

The moment you ate done choosing the invoice, please make sure you go through the information and be sure it very correct.

This is what you should take out for shipping charges, and any applicable taxes or fees.

5. Download or Print the Invoice

This step is pretty easy, now all you need to do is choose the type of your invoice for your record.

I’ll recommend directly from the invoice page, that safe times or you can just Simply click on the “Download” or “Print” option to get a copy of the invoice.

6. Pay the Invoice

In a situation where you have an outstanding balance on the invoice, it is very important that you pay up, this is because there are certain penalties if you pay late. 

I’m sure by now you’d agree with me that the process is pretty easy and straightforward.

We trust you read through all the article and has found answers to your questions.

it is very important that you keep track of your invoice and payment time to evade late payment.

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