Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay

Does Sam’s Club Accept Apple Pay in-Store Payment Methods?

Does Sam’s Club take Apple Pay? If you shop a lot at Sam’s Club, you may be wondering if they take Apple Pay as a payment option.

Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay

Perhaps you left your wallet somewhere and want to pay through your phone, or you are simply curious about the payment options in the shop.

We will discuss everything you need to know about payment options at Sam’s Club plus if they take Apple Pay and other stores that offer it.

Does Sam’s Club Take Apple Pay?

If you are going to shop at Sam’s Club, you will not be able to use Apple Pay to make your purchases because Apple Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment system.

It is applicable when buying while in a store, with particular applications on the iPhone or iPad, as well as when you purchase online with Safari on an Apple device.

It is compatible with iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Mac computers.

However, Apple Pay is not accepted as a payment option for Sam’s store. On the other hand, you may use other forms of payment for your items.

Instead, Sam’s Club does accept VISA Checkout, but you can only use it for online purchases on their website, not for in-store shopping.

The various ways you can pay at Sam’s Club are; Sam’s Club Credit, Walmart and Sam’s Club gift cards, Cash or check, Debit card, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, SNAP / EBT, Walmart Credit cards, and Prepaid credit cards.

Why Does Sam’s Club Not Accept Apple Pay?

Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay

The reasons why Sam’s Club may not accept Apple Pay are;

1. Ownership by Walmart

Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, which has its mobile payment service called “Walmart Pay.”

This could be a strategic decision to promote their payment service and compete with others like Apple Pay.

2. Simplified Checkout Process

Sam’s Club aims to keep its checkout process simple and efficient.

By accepting only a limited number of payment methods, such as credit cards and cash, they can avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth and streamlined checkout experience.

3. Higher Transaction Fees

Another reason why they don’t accept Apple Pay is because it charges higher transaction fees compared to other companies that offer contactless payment options.

Alternative Payment Method for Using Apple Pay

The alternative payment for using Apple Pay are;

1. Sam’s Club Scan & Go App

Even though Sam’s Club doesn’t directly accept Apple Pay, they’ve got this cool Scan & Go app. With it, you can buy items in the store without touching anything.

The steps are;

(i). Just download the Sam’s Club app from the App Store on your iPhone,

(ii). Log in with your Sam’s Club info,

(iii). Add your payment method (works with Sam’s Cash, EBT, and regular credit cards), and start scanning items with your phone.

(iv). When you’re done, pay through the app, and show the barcode on your receipt to the person at the door before leaving.

2. Using Apple Pay with Instacart

If you want to use Apple Pay at Sam’s Club, the steps to using Apple Pay with Instacart are;

(i). First, sign up for Instacart and connect your Apple Pay to your Instacart account.

(ii). Then, you can shop at Sam’s Club using Apple Pay without needing a membership.

(iii). Just open the Instacart app or website, go to your account settings, click on “payment methods,” add Apple Pay, and save your info.

What Other Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay

Many places accept Apple Pay, both online and in-store. The following are well-known establishments that take Apple Pay.

The other stores are; Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Chevron, Disney, Dunkin Donuts, GameStop, Jamba Juice, Kohl’s, McDonald’s, Office Depot, Petco, Staples, KFC, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Safeway, Costco, Whole Foods, CVS, Target, and 7-11.

Big banks like Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo have these modern ATMs that don’t need your card but work with Apple Pay.

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club doesn’t take Apple Pay at any of its spots, even the Fuel Centers, but you can add your Sam’s Club Credit Card to your Apple Wallet.

Does Sam’s Club take Google Pay?

Sam’s Club doesn’t currently allow customers to use Google Pay for making purchases in their physical stores, even though other stores accept it.

The reasons for this decision are;

1. Exclusive Partnerships

Some stores, including Sam’s Club, have special deals with specific payment providers. For example, while they skip Google Pay, they do take Samsung Pay.

This decision can be influenced by things like transaction fees, technology compatibility, or just business alliances.

2. Customer Preferences

Sam’s Club pays attention to what its customers like.

If most people prefer using other ways to pay instead of Google Pay, the store goes with the flow and prioritizes those methods.

3. Technological Infrastructure

Bringing in a new payment method is like remodeling your house because it requires work.

Sam’s Club would need to upgrade things like the hardware and train their staff. If it’s too much stress, they might not jump on every new payment trend.

4. Security Concerns

Even though Google Pay is pretty safe, some stores worry about potential risks.

By keeping the number of payment options in check, Sam’s Club might think they’re reducing the chance of any funny business happening at the checkout.

Sam’s Club stores don’t directly accept Apple Pay for in-store purchases, but there are alternatives. You can use the “Scan & Go” feature in the Sam’s Club app for easy mobile payments in-store.

If you’re shopping through Instacart, a third-party delivery service, you can also use Apple Pay to buy Sam’s Club items.

It’s important to keep an eye on the latest info from Sam’s Club for a smooth shopping experience based on your payment preferences.

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