Does Sams Club Take EBT?

What Sam’s Club Locations Accept EBT?

Does Sams Club take EBT? Sam’s Club is functional as a membership warehouse club with a particular business style. They are different from regular retailers in that they supply members value price worthwhile products.

Does Sams Club Take EBT

Rather than buying all goods and brands, its merchants choose the right products in bulk thereby transferring the cost-saving to its members.

So, the real question is; does Sam’s Club take EBT cards? Let’s find out the answer and make it much easier if using your EBT card there.

Does Sams Club Take EBT?

Yes, provided that the products of a food nature are eligible for purchase using your EBT card at Sam’s Club.

For this, you should visit Sam’s Club and be a member. In Sam’s Club, the main EBT card is SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

For convenience, you may scan and go to any Sam’s Club shop.

Payment Methods Accepted by Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club accepts credit cards from the United States but not from other countries. You can use U.S.-based credit cards for purchases at their stores or online. 

However, they do not accept credit cards from international banks, whether you’re shopping in the store or on their website.

Accepted at Sams WebsiteAccepted in Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club Credit (PLCC)Sam’s Club Credit (PLCC)
Sam’s CashSam’s Cash
Debit CardCash or Check
Walmart & Sam’s Club Gift CardsDebit Card
MasterCardWalmart & Sam’s Club Gift Cards
American ExpressMasterCard
DiscoverAmerican Express
Prepaid Credit Cards
Walmart Credit (PLCC)

How to Use EBT Card at Sam’s Club

Does Sams Club Take EBT

Using your EBT card at Sam’s Club is easy with the “Scan & Go” mobile app for Sam’s Club members. Here’s a simple guide:

1. Open the “Scan & Go” app on your phone when you’re in Sam’s Club.

2. Look for the option to scan your items within the app.

3. Pick up the items you want, one by one, and scan them using the app.

4. After scanning everything, you’ll see a checkout option at the bottom. Click on it to go to the checkout page.

5. Click on the checkout page to easily add your EBT card for the purchase.

6. Once you’ve added your EBT card, the next step is to slide to pay.

7. You’ll receive a verification pin after clicking the pay button. Enter the pin, and the system will verify it.

8. If the pin verification is successful, you’ll move on to the exit greeter with a QR transaction code.

10. Grab your items in a bag and leave the club immediately.

Sam’s Club members find using EBT for purchases convenient, making their shopping experience faster.

Which Foods Can You Purchase at Sam’s Club with EBT?

Here are some popular items that you are allowed to buy with your EBT card at Sam’s Club:

  • Meats: This includes beef, chicken, fish, and turkey.
  • Produce: Both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables are eligible.
  • Dairy: Items like milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream are covered.
  • Plants and Seeds: If it’s something you can grow for food, you can use your EBT card to buy it.
  • Bread/Cereal: These are usually great deals at Sam’s Club.
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Snack Foods

Can I Use EBT to Make Online Payments?

No, the option to use EBT cards for online purchases is not currently available at Sam’s Club. 

Even if you hold a premium membership, the use of EBT for transactions is restricted to in-person visits at Sam’s Club physical stores. 

Online EBT transactions are not supported at Sam’s Club, and individuals looking to make purchases using EBT must do so by visiting the brick-and-mortar store locations. 

It’s advisable to confirm this information with Sam’s Club directly, as policies may evolve and vary by location.

Can I Shop with a Friend’s Membership Benefits?

Does Sams Club Take EBT

No, unfortunately, you can’t go shopping with a friend who is a Sam’s Club member and use your EBT card or SNAP benefits. 

To use these benefits at Sam’s Club, you have to personally pay the $45 annual membership fee, even if your friend is already a member. 

This means you need your membership to access and use your EBT card or SNAP benefits when shopping at Sam’s Club.

Is EBT Accepted for Sam’s Club Curbside Pickup?

However, at present, EBT cannot be used for Sam’s Club “Curbside Pickup” or the Same-Day Delivery service.

However, the problem is that the site does not accept EBT for such orders. Several customers have complained, and it is hoped this will be tackled by Sam’s Club.

Currently, alternate payment modes become necessary for these services.

Sam’s Club accepts EBT, which is welcome to people and families receiving state support.

If you have an electronic benefits transfer card, feel free to visit Sam’s and check out their offers – they accept them.

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