Where Can You Get Your Car’s Oil Changed?

Does Sams Club do oil changes? Since they are renowned for selling a wide range of products at reasonable prices, you may want to know if they offer this functionality.

Does Sams Club Do Oil Changes

However, if you are contemplating an oil change and perhaps Sam’s Club, you have come to the right place. This information is in place to guide you know whether Sam’s Club has oil change services.

Now, let’s take the plunge and find out what exactly Sam’s Club provides in terms of oil changes.

Does Sams Club Do Oil Changes for Cars?

You cannot get an oil change at Sam’s Club, but they still offer motor oil and other car fluids sales if you want to do them yourself.

Simply visit their site and see the Motor Oil, Fluids, & Degreasers category. Different kinds of motor oil are available for your car from them.

Sam’s Club is a warehouse where you can purchase many things at reduced rates provided you are a member.

While Sam’s Club offers a range of automotive products such as oil, tires, and batteries, they do not perform oil changes.

The reason is that Walmart has Sam’s Club, and Walmart already does oil changes.

Many Sam’s Clubs are near a Walmart, so people go there for oil changes.

Thus, oil changes are not provided by Sam’s Club because it is relatively quick and easy to get this type of service in a Walmart store which is part of the same corporation.

Can You Buy Motor Oil at Sam’s Club?

Does Sams Club Do Oil Changes

Yes, you can buy motor oil at Sam’s Club. They have different types like regular, synthetic, and high mileage, and various brands such as Castrol, Chevron, Green Earth, Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Prime Series, Rotella, and VP.

To find the right motor oil for your car, you can use filters on the Sam’s Club website or the Motor Oil Finder tool. 

This tool considers your car’s make, model, and year to suggest the best motor oil.

Besides motor oil, Sam’s Club also sells other car stuff like tires, batteries, compressors, and more. 

While they don’t do oil changes, you can still find everything you need for your car at Sam’s Club.

Other Automotive Services Sam’s Club Provides

Other than the changing and selling of motor oil, Sam’s Club has various services for the car owner. These services include:

1. Transmission Flush and Fill

2. Brake Services

3. Radiator Flushing Service

4. Tire Alignment/Realignment

5. Shocks/Suspension

6. Body/Chassis Work or Repair

7. Tire Order Transfers

Where Else Do You Usually Get Your Oil Changed?

Does Sams Club Do Oil Changes

If unfortunately, you don’t get your oil change at Sam’s Club, there are many other places you can get the service done.

Here are some popular options for getting your oil changed:

1. CarMax

CarMax simplifies the oil-changing procedure. You can always make an appointment or just come in.

They sell different types of motor oil; synthetic, conventional, and high mileage motor oil.

The entire process lasts on average 30 minutes. Their oil change costs are just under $40, which provides a good price for the value and quality that you receive.

2. Jiffy Lube

Another commonly used location for oil changes and other services like tire rotation is Jiffy Lube.

One nice aspect of Jiffy Lube is that they let you bring in your oil. If you are particular about the brand or type, this is ideal.

Jiffy Lube oil change price varies according to the choice of oil and can amount to about $40 per unit.

3. Midas

For individuals seeking an automotive solution, Midas is an appropriate option.

They have oil changes that begin at $30 and provide other services like brake repair, and tire rotation.

Apart from this, Midas offers online appointment scheduling or a walk-in visit which makes it a convenient option for individuals seeking a one-stop automotive service center.

4. Walmart

Walmart charges higher prices for oil change services, ranging between $20 to $25. The process is fast and takes about half an hour. You can also bring your oil.

Appointment is not required, it works on a first come first serve basis.

Sam’s Club doesn’t offer an oil change if you need one. You could check out an oil change shop in your neighborhood or the car dealer.

However, if all you want to do is purchase motor oil and other car fluids, Sam’s Club is a perfect place for it.

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