yun express tracking number

What is Yun Express Tracking Number Format?

What is Yun Express tracking number format? Every time you send a package, there’s a tracking number attached to it to help you know the package’s whereabouts and the locations it has traveled.

yun express tracking number

Yun Express is a top logistics service provider in China for cross-border business-to-consumer transactions. It was established in 2014, with its headquarters located in Shenzhen.

One of the reasons people in China use Yun Express to send packages all over the world is because they can track their packages with the Yun Express tracking Number.

Yun Express has 18 digits in its tracking number. It starts with two letters of the alphabet “YT”, and ends with 16 numeric letters.

Let’s find out more about how to track your Yun Express package and the meaning of the tracking notifications you’ll probably get.

How to Track My Package with Yun Express Tracking Number

If you want to track your package with the Yun Express tracking number, then your tracking number has to be valid. Usually, the seller will provide you with this number when you complete a purchase.

You can request a Yun Express tracking number by contacting the e-commerce website’s customer care if you cannot find yours.

When you have your tracking number handy, visit the official Yun Express website. Once you are on the page, go to the website’s tracking section. For ease of access, it is usually displayed on the homepage.

You will see a field requesting your tracking number in the tracking section. Press the “Track” button, after you have entered your tracking number.

This will take you to a page with all the tracking details for your package, which has the package’s present location, shipment history, and projected delivery date.

What are Yun Express Tracking Notifications?

While tracking your Yun Express package, there are some notifications you’ll get that could get you confused, if you don’t know what it means.

Here are some of these notifications and their meanings to help you understand better:

Tracking StatusMeaning
Order Received               The sender has set up a delivery with YunExpress, but the parcel hasn’t been given to YunExpress yet.
Sorting Center DepartureYour Yun Express package has left a local sorting center.
Airport DepartureYour package has left the starting airport and is headed to the destination country.
Arrival at Destination AirportYour Yun Express package has arrived in the destination country.
Delivery to Local Post OfficeThe package is on its way to a local Yun Express office.
Customs Clearance CompletedYour package has cleared customs.
International Airport Arrival       Your package has reached an international airport in China and is being sent abroad.
Facility DepartureYour package has left a Yun Express facility in a specific city or region
Sorting Warehouse ArrivalYour package has reached a sorting warehouse.
Out for DeliveryThe package is on its way to your location.
Sent Back to SenderThe package is being returned to the sender.
Successfully ReturnedThe return package has reached the sender successfully.
Delivery AttemptedThe courier tried to deliver the package, but couldn’t for some reason. They’ll make another delivery attempt.

How are Packages Shipped by Yun Express?

How are Packages Shipped by Yun Express?

As a third-party shipping provider, Yun Express collaborates with the top marketplaces, retailers, and logistics firms worldwide. These are experts in air freight, FBA delivery, and customs clearance. 

If you shop on online marketplaces like eBay, and AliExpress frequently, you will notice that Yun Express is one of the available shipping choices.

Following your order, the merchant will ship the package straight to Yun Express.

Packages intended for shipment outside of China are picked up or delivered by courier and delivered to the Yun Express facility.

Your parcel will be handed off to another local courier for delivery once it has cleared customs inspection.

Yun Express works with international logistics firms to select the least expensive local carrier for your item, such as DHL for Germany, USPS for the US, and Royal Mail for the UK.

How Long Does Yun Express Take to Deliver?

Yun Express deliveries are completed in 5 to 15 days. However, this depends on the package dimensions, weight, point of origin, and final destination.

If you select standard delivery, it will take 7 to 15 days to ship your shipment from China to the US.

Packages shipped from Yun Express to Europe using the regular shipping option will arrive in 7–12 business days.

Meanwhile, Yun Express packages are delivered in the US through FedEx. Your package will be turned over to FedEx to deliver it to you after customs clearance.

The tracking number will often change following the handover, and you can only follow the progress of your Yun Express package on the FedEx website.

Unexpected events, such as holidays, bad weather, problems at customs, or extraordinary occurrences like disease outbreaks, might result in delays.

Does Yun Express Work with Amazon?

Yes, Yun Express works with Amazon in Europe and the US. Europe FBA UK-VAT is a standalone service provided by Yun Express that is only available to European Amazon sellers.

 The packages will be transported to the FBA warehouse after being picked up straight from your destination. 

After being flown from Hong Kong to ports in the EU, the packages go through several stages of customs clearance before being delivered by UPS.

You can follow your package from pickup to delivery, if you have an order tracking that indicates it was dispatched with Yun Express, or if your parcel tracking number starts with “YT” from Amazon. 

However, if you’re based in the US, Yun Express created US FBA Ocean Freight, a shipping service provider, to handle the shipments for Amazon sellers.

Also, Yun Express offers e-commerce services to those that sell on Amazon. These services are very affordable and logistics-friendly to US warehouses.

You must have a valid Yun Express tracking number before you can track your Yun Express package.

If you made an online purchase, the Yun Express tracking number is usually displayed on the order confirmation or shipment information pages of the e-commerce website.

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