How Much Does FedEx Charge to Ship Per Pound?

How Much Does FedEx Charge to Ship Per Pound?

How much does FedEx charge to ship per pound? Shipping has come to play a crucial role in our interconnected world by helping both business owners and individuals convey goods within and across borders. Here, we will satisfy your desire concerning this matter.

How Much Does FedEx Charge to Ship Per Pound?

It would interest you to know that most names in the logistics industry do not match the reputation of FedEx, this is in regard to domestic and international shipping.

However, it is necessary to note that the weight of your package matters a lot when planning to ship with FedEx.

Let us equip you with ideas about how much FedEx would charge you per pound of your parcel’s weight.

How Much Does FedEx Charge to Ship Per Pound?

The shipping cost per pound differs depending on the shipping service chosen.

We want to keep things basic by offering level rate transporting statements inside the mainland US.

Everything in our list has a level rate for each FedEx service, which you can see on the items portrayal page on our site. 

While consolidating many things into one shipment, basically include the crate loads and use the evaluating table beneath to decide your rate.

Weight CategoriesFedEx GroundShippingServicesFedEx 2Day shipping servicesFedEx Standard Overnight Shipping ServicesDelivery Duration
1-2 lbs$17$24$422-4 business days
3-5 lbs$18$29$512-4 business days
6-10 lbs$19$44$662-4 business days
11-15 lbs$22$60$882-4 business days
16-20 lbs$26$72$992-4 business days
21-25 lbs$30$85$1102-4 business days
26-30 lbs$32$97$1272-4 business days
31-35 lbs$35$107$1382-4 business days
36-40 lbs$37$121$1542-4 business days
41-45 lbs$39$132$1652-4 business days
46-50 lbs$41$143$1762-4 business days
51-60 lbs$43$165$2042-4 business days
61-70 lbs$46$193$2372-4 business days
71-80 lbs$51$231$2862-4 business days
81-90 lbs$54$259$3082-4 business days
91-100 lbs$58$275$3472-4 business days
101-110 lbs$61$297$3852-4 business days
111-120 lbs$64$330$4072-4 business days
121-130 lbs$68$352$4402-4 business days
131-140 lbs$71$374$4732-4 business days
141-149 lbs$74$407$5172-4 business days
FedEx Shipping Rate Per Pound

With our new midway found appropriation place in Kansas, our rates have dropped, and thus have the typical number of days on the way.

FedEx Ground shipments can go anyplace in the country within 3 work days following 1 work day for handling.

Kindly note that orders of 10 lbs and below, will send via FedEx SmartPost with a conclusive conveyance by the USPS with a lead season of 2-7 days

As seen in the table above, per 1 to 2 pounds, FedEx charges $17 for packages shipped using FedEx Ground, $24 for FedEx 2Day, and $42 for FedEx Standard Overnight.

Finally, we have brought to your notice that although FedEx may charge a certain amount per pound, these costs of shipping are determined by which shipping service you picked.

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