China Post Tracking Number

What Does a China Post Tracking Number Look Like?

Do you want to know where the package you recently ordered online from China is at the moment? Then, you’ll need a China Post tracking number.

China Post Tracking Number

China Post is a government-owned postal service that offers a wide range of postal services, including express mail, parcel delivery, and local and international mail delivery.

Everyone has felt the anxiety that comes with sending a package and then having to guess where it could be.

Because of this, several postal services provide their customers with a number so they can track the progress of their packages.

Let’s learn more about how to use the China Post tracking number to follow the progress of your package.

How to Track My Package with China Post Tracking Number

You need to complete a few things to trace your package using the China Post tracking number.

They are:

1. Go to the China Post Website

Visiting the official China Post website is the simplest way to track your package.

Look for a section for tracking packages on the website.

“Track and Trace” is what you see. You must input your tracking number here to track the progress of your package.

2. Type in Your Tracking Number

Once you’ve found the tracking section, you’ll see a text box where you can type in your tracking number.

Your tracking number is a unique code given to you when you sent your package.

It’s usually a combination of letters and numbers.

3. Find Your Real-time Tracking Updates

After entering your tracking number, press the “Track” or “Submit” button next to the input field.

The tracking process will begin when you press this button.

China Post’s system will start retrieving real-time information about the location and status of your package.

4. Check Your Package Delivery Status

You’ll find the current delivery status of your package in the shipment information.

This status will show if your package is out for delivery, in transit, or has been delivered.

Also, you will find an estimated arrival time and the delivery window for your package. This will give you an idea of when to expect your package.

What is a China Post Tracking Number Format?

Tracking numbers are very important in China Post’s tracking system. You will only track the progress of your package because of the different numbers given to each package.

China Post tracking number has 13 letters and numbers.

Usually, the tracking number begins with “R,” “LF,” “C,” “U,” or any two capital letters, depending on the type of package you are sending.

 It ends with the ISO code for China, followed by a 9-digit number.

However, the China Post tracking number varies depending on the service or kind of parcels you are sending.

What are the Services Offered by China Post?

What are the Services Offered by China Post?

There are various services offered by the China Post. These services include:

1. China Post Registered Mail

China Post Registered Mail is a safe delivery option that gives you additional security when you are shipping expensive items.  

It has proof of mailing when you send your package. This can serve as a document for identification.

Also, this service protects your package from getting stolen or lost by requesting signatures when it is delivered.

2. China Post Air Parcel

China Post Air Parcel is a cost-effective and effective transportation option for international shipments of moderate size and weight.

It is an economical method of sending goods around the world, balancing cost and speed of delivery.

China Post Air Parcel guarantees quick delivery through its broad network and agreements with foreign postal services

3. China Post EMS

This is a fast international courier service that can deliver your package to residential and international locations.

You can deliver packages with China Post EMS to more than 200 countries all around the world.

One of the benefits of using this service is the ability to track the progress of your package. There’s also insurance for your expensive items while it is in transit.

4. China Post Small Packet

China Post Small Packet service delivers small and lightweight packages to residential addresses. 

It is a perfect choice if you want to deliver non-urgent goods or goods that don’t need much tracking as an ePacket.

You can use it to ship your accessories and little gadgets at an affordable rate.

5. China Post ePacket

This is an international e-commerce-focused shipping service that delivers light packages to clients all around the world.

Your package will be delivered quickly if you are using this service. Hence, it is the best option for companies who need their packages to be delivered to their clients on time.

Although the delivery time varies based on where the sender or the recipient of the package lives.

Do USPS Packages Offer Tracking for China Post?

Yes, USPS provides tracking services for different China Post shipping options.

Some of them are EMS, ePacket, and Register Airmail. With these services, you can easily trace where your package is using USPS tracking.

However, USPS will not track your package if you’re using Small Packets or Direct Express Mail Parcels.

So, you need to be aware of this before USPS sends your package from China.

What is the Meaning of China Post Tracking Notifications?

When you are shipping with China Post, there are certain messages you will see when you check the tracking status of your package.

You’ll find some of them in the table below:

Tracking StatusMeaning
Package ReceivedChina Post has gotten your package.
Departure from Local Sorting Center  Your package has been sorted and is on its way out of the local sorting
Arrival at Regional SortingYour package is currently being sorted at the regional sorting center.
Departure from Regional Center              After sorting at the regional center, your package is leaving for its next destination.  
Dispatched from Office of ExchangeYour package is on its way to the nearest post office for further processing.  
Handed over to the CarrierYour package has been given to a local courier for delivery to your address.
Arrival at DestinationYour package has arrived in the destination country.
Arrival at Processing CenterYour package is undergoing processing at a designated center.
Item Presented to CustomsCustoms is currently examining the contents of your package.
Item Returned from Customs   Customs inspection of your package is complete, and it’s ready to proceed.
Departure from International Sorting Center     After sorting at the international center, your package is departing for its next destination.  
Arrival at Delivery OfficeYour package is at the local delivery office, prepared for the final delivery to you.
Scheduled for DeliveryYour package is scheduled for delivery to your address.
Out for Delivery               Your package is currently out for delivery and should reach you soon.
DeliveredCongratulations! You have received your package.

When Will China Post Deliver My Package?

When Will China Post Deliver My Package?

It usually takes between 5 and 30 days to have your package delivered if you’re using China Post.

However, this depends on your location. If you live in France and you opted for Registered mail, then you can expect your package to be delivered between 7 to 50 days.

Meanwhile, if you’re staying in Canada and you want to use China Post’s ePacket, then you will get your package between 10 to 60 days.

People residing in South Africa can get their packages in 40 to 90 days.

So, you see? The delivery time frame varies based on your location and service level.

Why Can’t I Track my China Post Package?

There are many reasons you could be unable to track your package with China Post.

Sometimes, this happens because the vendor hasn’t sent the package or it hasn’t been picked up yet.

It can be from shipping software from a third party, like eBay, AliExpress, WISH, Amazon, Debenhams, etc.

Also, you will not be able to track your package if you are using the order number instead of the tracking number.

To get the right number, look at the delivery confirmation email you got from the vendor.

Another reason is if the seller had already dispatched the package and given you the tracking number, but China Post has not yet updated the package’s status.

 After two days have passed from the day you received the email with the shipping confirmation, you can always try again.

Other times, it could be that your vendor gave you the wrong tracking code. In this case, you can get in touch with them and ask them to give you the correct tracking information for your package.

Now that you know how to track your package using the China Post tracking number, you can keep an eye on your parcel’s journey from China to your doorstep.

Always go for the service level that will suit your needs or preferences.

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