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Where are FedEx Ground Drop Off Locations Near Me?

Where are FedEx Ground drop off locations near me? Most people love using FedEx Ground to send their packages because this service level delivers goods quickly and also helps them save some money.

fedex ground drop off

With the high rate of inflation, who wouldn’t love to save more cash?

So, if you would like to ship your FedEx Ground package in person, there are some drop off locations you can visit.

But then, what does FedEx Ground drop off actually mean? Let’s find out the answer together!

What is FedEx Ground Drop Off?

FedEx Ground Drop Off is a service provided by FedEx that allows individuals and companies to drop off items for shipment at a FedEx facility.

This service is essential and very useful to individuals who do not have access to a printer, or who do not have time to wait for FedEx pickup.

You may just stroll into a FedEx facility, give over your box, and be on your way with FedEx Ground Drop Off.

The process is quick and simple, and you can be confident that your delivery will arrive safely and securely.

What are the Benefits of FedEx Ground Drop Off?

Here are a few benefits of FedEx Ground drop-off

1. Convenience

One of the benefits of FedEx Ground Drop Off is that there is no need to plan a pickup time or wait for a driver to arrive at your place.

You can instead drop off your goods at any FedEx facility that provides the service.

This makes it easier for customers who have hectic schedules or are unable to visit their site during regular collection hours.

2. Saves Time

Another advantage of using FedEx Ground Drop Off is that it saves time and money.

If you cannot make your own shipping label, you may utilize the FedEx printing services to have your label produced for you.

This saves you money since you don’t have to buy your own printer or ink, and it saves you time because you don’t have to print the label at home.

3. Peace of Mind

FedEx Ground Drop Off not only saves time and money but also gives you peace of mind.

You may monitor your shipment online and get notified when it arrives at its destination.

This means you can relax knowing your delivery is on its way and you’ll be notified when it arrives.

How to Use FedEx Ground Drop-Off Services

How to Use FedEx Ground Drop-Off Services

To use FedEx Ground Drop Off, properly pack your item in a box or envelope with adequate padding.

Then, either online or at a FedEx facility, generate a shipping label. You may print and attach the label on your shipment if you design it online. If you generate the label at a FedEx site, they will print it for you.

Once you’ve prepared your box and label, just drop it off at any FedEx station that provides the service.

You must hand your item to a FedEx representative so that they may scan your label and provide you with a receipt for your records. Then your package will be sent to its location.

What Cannot be Shipped on FedEx Ground?

There are certain items that are restricted from being shipped based on the guidelines of the company.

Some of these items are:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Batteries made of lithium metal and lithium-ion
  • Live Animals
  • Explosives( bombs ,grenades etc)
  • Marijuana
  • 3-D printers built specifically for producing guns.
  • Lottery tickets and gambling items are legally forbidden.

What Locations Accept FedEx Ground Packages?

There are certain locations where you can easily drop off your FedEx Ground packages, and have someone come pick them up for delivery. They are:

1. FedEx Drop Box Near You

You can drop off FedEx Ground shipments at thousands of no-contact drop boxes located across the country.

These drop box locations are active daily and it allows for easy return of goods placed online and delivered by FedEx.

2. FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

There’s also an option of dropping off your FedEx Ground Packages at Authorized Shipcenters.

You can also get your packaging boxes for shipping both your international and domestic goods here.

3. FedEx at Walgreens

It’s actually good news that Walgreens now accepts your FedEx packages.

You can conveniently walk into a Walgreens store close to you, and pick up or drop off your FedEx Ground package. A few sites are open around the clock.

4. FedEx at Dollar General

At any Dollar General store close to you, it’s simple to pick up and drop off FedEx parcels.

You can also drop off pre-labeled, pre-packaged FedEx Ground shipments, not leaving out return packages.

5. FedEx Office

You have the option of walking into any FedEx Office to drop off your Ground Package. More than 2,000 outlets that provide packing and shipping services both for domestic and international goods are available.  

Also, packages can be conveniently held for pickup at these locations. You can also get printing services for presentations, posters, and other materials.

6. FedEx Office inside Walmart

There are more than 300 Walmart locations that have FedEx offices for you to drop off your package.

While shopping at Walmart, you can also package, ship, and print at the FedEx office.

7. Office Depot and OfficeMax

If you’re shipping with FedEx Ground, you can choose from more than 1,000  Office Depot and OfficeMax stores to drop off your package.

When you get there, just drop it off at the counter and someone will come and attend to you. You can also buy your packing supplies here or get assistance with packaging.

What are the Size Restrictions for FedEx Ground Packages?

If you’re using FedEx Ground, you can send packages that are up to 150 lbs.

However, if your package weighs more than 75 pounds (34 kg), place safety heavyweight labels in black and yellow above the diagonal corners of the package.

To get the labels, you can either speak with a FedEx account executive, or your FedEx Express courier or stop by the FedEx Ship Center closest to you.

Items should be centered in cartons, wrapped individually with cushioning material, and kept away from the top, bottom, sides, and corners of the box.

With FedEx Ground Drop Off, you can mail items easily without needing to arrange a pickup or create your own label.

By using this service, you save time and money while ensuring that your delivery reaches its destination.

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