What Colors Go with Pink?

The 19 Best Colors to Pair with Pink

What colors go with pink? Pink is a popular and uplifting color that goes well with many other colors. You can use different shades of pink in both classic and modern interiors, and in any room of your house – on walls, furniture, textiles, or decorations.

What Colors Go with Pink?

It can be a standout accent or a subtle neutral, depending on your style.

Mixing pink with other colors in the right way can help you create a beautiful palette that leaves a lasting impression. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re painting a room for the first time or figuring out what to do with existing pink walls, these color combinations can help set the perfect mood based on the room’s purpose.

What Colors Go with Pink in Your Home?

Here are some popular color combinations with pink:

1. Pink and White

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink and white go well together. The clean and pure look of white enhances the elegance of pink. 

It’s a classic and sophisticated combination that works great for things like a baby’s room or a bridal shower.

2. Pink and Yellow

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink and yellow together create a lively and cheerful mix, giving off a springtime feel. You can use these colors in places like a bathroom, nursery, or home office. 

Imagine a bedroom where one part of the wall is painted pink and mustard yellow, making it look like a piece of art. Throw in a pink pillow and duvet cover on the bed, and it stands out against the rest of the pink wall.

3. Pink and Gold

What Colors Go with Pink?

The warm tones of gold, bronze, or brass complement pink walls or furniture well. For example, blogger Sydne Summer combined brass accents with a lively pink velvet couch in her living room. 

She also used lots of white and lucite accents to make the space feel fresh and filled with light.

4. Pink and Burgundy

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pairing deep burgundy with soft pink creates a romantic and passionate color combination. 

This palette is ideal for spaces like an intimate dining room or a luxurious bedding set, adding a touch that is sure to capture attention.

5. Pink and Gray

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink and gray make a timeless and reliable color duo. In this example, a bedroom with a gray wall, pink bedding, and matching curtains gets a touch of warmth. 

The addition of a white and gold chair brings it all together seamlessly, while blue-and-white patterned bedding adds a nice contrasting element.

6. Pink and Navy Blue

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink and navy blue form a classic combination that suits a variety of interior styles, from traditional to eclectic. 

Annette Vartanian, for instance, brought this color pairing into her bedroom by introducing a striking matte navy-painted accent wall along with pink bedding.

7. Pink and Red

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink and red, a blend of complementary yet contrasting hues, come together to generate an exhilarating atmosphere charged with energy. 

This bold combination is ideal when you aim to make a statement in any space, be it through vibrant advertisements or flashy interior design. The dynamic vibrancy of this pairing makes it well-suited for anything from edgy fashion campaigns to lively venues.

8. Pink and Sage Green

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink and sage green come together beautifully in this chinoiserie-inspired bedroom by interior designer Ariel Okin, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. 

The addition of a pink throw blanket picks up on the subtle pink tones in the wallpaper design, maintaining a traditional and cozy look in the space.

9. Pink and Seal Brown

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pairing pink with seal brown is an excellent choice, especially when you’re looking for a neutral and grounding color. Seal brown, often found in leather furniture, serves as a versatile option. 

It provides depth akin to black but with a warmer and softer touch, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a darker hue with added warmth.

10. Pink and Cream

What Colors Go with Pink?

Going for a combination of pink and cream is a great way to establish a warm interior space with a vintage charm. Cream, being a versatile wall color, complements pink seamlessly. 

Also, cream is often a popular choice for living room furniture, adding to the overall appeal of this pairing.

11. Pink and Orange

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pairing pink and orange, which are analogous colors on the color wheel, results in a vibrant and harmonious look. 

The combination of these warm hues generates an atmosphere of energy and fun in a room, evoking the feel of tropical sunsets or the vibrancy of summer fruits. 

12. Pink and Purple

What Colors Go with Pink?

The combination of purple and pink creates a romantic and mystical ambiance, making it perfect for settings like a living room or an enchanting fairytale-themed party. 

The royal hue of purple, when paired with the symbol of love represented by pink, produces an awe-inspiring atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

13. Pink and Black

What Colors Go with Pink?

The striking contrast between black and pink creates a stylish and balanced duo, blending darkness with light and edginess with sweetness. 

It’s an ideal color scheme for settings like this Victoria’s Secret mall, where the dramatic backdrop of black is complemented by eye-catching pops of pink, creating a dynamic and attention-grabbing atmosphere.

14. Dark Pink and Light Pink

What Colors Go with Pink?

Combining dark pink and light pink in a room creates a visually interesting look. Caitlin Wilson demonstrates this approach in a glamorous bedroom by layering different shades of pink. 

The use of floor-to-ceiling flowing curtains in light pink not only softens the bright rose walls but also adds a touch of sophistication. The inclusion of a gold chandelier further contributes to the overall luxurious atmosphere.

15. Pink and Emerald Green

What Colors Go with Pink?

This unique color duo has the power to instantly elevate the atmosphere of your space, whether it’s an elegant boutique or a romantic garden wedding setting. 

It adds depth and warmth, creating an inviting ambiance with its rich tones and subtle contrasts. 

16. Pink and Chartreuse

What Colors Go with Pink?

To make a bold statement, consider painting your woodwork and doors in a lively shade like chartreuse. Isabel Ladd, founder of Isabel Ladd Interiors, shares her perspective. 

She mentioned enjoying the mix of light pinks with bolder, deeper shades. In this pink bathroom, she combined soft pink paint with a lively chartreuse.

She likes the combo of pink and green but sometimes worries it might seem overly sweet or too preppy. Yet, this particular chartreuse shade feels like a bit of a surprise element and makes the light pink nice and pleasant.

17. Pink and Sky Blue

What Colors Go with Pink?

Although blue is a popular choice for interiors, sky blue adds a bright and energetic twist that may not be everyone’s first pick but undoubtedly makes a statement when paired with pink. 

If you have a penchant for unique-colored living room furniture, opting for sky-blue couches and chairs can be a fantastic choice to add vibrancy and character to your space.

18. Pink and Greige

What Colors Go with Pink?

Greige, being lighter than gray and a tad darker than beige, is a delightful neutral shade that brings depth and subtle contrast to rooms. Although greige pairs well with various colors, it particularly stands out as a sophisticated complement to pink. 

In a cozy corner of a loft in Portland, designer Jessica Helgerson expertly employed this color scheme, using a pastel pink chair to punctuate a predominantly creamy space.

19. Pink, Peach, and Robin’s Egg Blue

What Colors Go with Pink?

Combining pink with a range of other colors, as demonstrated by experts like Angie Hranowsky, requires careful consideration to avoid creating a space that feels chaotic. 

In this sorbet-inspired dining room, Hranowsky skillfully incorporates shades of pink such as fuchsia and peach, along with two shades of blue, resulting in a well-edited space that strikes a balance between playfulness and elegance. 

Pink has proven to be a versatile canvas, blending with various colors to evoke different moods and atmospheres in your living spaces. 

The key is to embrace the spectrum of options and enjoy the creative journey of bringing your spaces to life.

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