Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The Best 15 Living Room Interior Design Trends

Making your living room look and feel amazing is easier than ever, especially with the living room interior design trends 2023. Just imagine having big, comfortable furniture and using natural materials to make your living room feel like the ultimate chill spot. 

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

The vibe nowadays is all about making your space cozy and welcoming. 

Design experts are using great patterns to make certain parts of the room stand out, adding textures that feel super comfortable, and keeping things simple and timeless with easy lines and classic furniture.

Excited to know more? Well, keep reading for a sneak peek into what’s hot in living room interior design 2023!

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Take a look below at 15 awesome living room design ideas that everyone will love in 2023: 

1. Fancy Marble Touch

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Marble, usually seen in kitchens and bathrooms, is stepping out of its comfort zone. Now, it’s not just for those sleek, modern spaces – it’s making a statement in living rooms too!

Imagine having marble not just on your kitchen counters but also on your tables, ottomans, and even as part of your flooring and fabrics. 

And forget about plain old white marble – now, people are loving the bolder colors like reds, greens, and browns. 

It’s like bringing a touch of nature inside your home, especially if you’re into designs inspired by the outdoors.

2. Matching Patterns

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Picture a style that brings back the charm of the past, where rooms were lively with colors and patterns. 

Designer Suzan Wemlinger calls it the grandmillennial and cottagecore trend, and it’s all about embracing matching patterns.

Instead of having plain walls and single-color furniture, this trend encourages you to mix and match patterns. 

Wemlinger suggests getting creative by, for example, putting a big flowery pattern on your chair and using the same fabric for your curtains.

3. Vintage-Inspired Rugs

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Ever walked into a room and felt a sense of classic elegance? That’s the magic of vintage or vintage-inspired rugs! 

According to expert Scheck, having an old, well-made rug adds a touch of warmth and character to your space as it ages gracefully.

These rugs, even if they’re on the older side, come in colors and patterns that never go out of style. 

If going all out on a vintage rug is a bit much for your wallet, there are plenty of brand-new rugs that capture that vintage charm without the high price tag. 

4. Pops of Art

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

When it comes to your living room, don’t underestimate the power of artwork, says design expert Sterling McDavid

Art has this amazing ability to transform your living room into something special. It’s not just about filling a blank wall; it’s about expressing yourself. 

So, don’t hold back – pick pieces that speak to you. 

Whether it’s a painting, a photograph, or something else, let your walls tell your unique story. It’s an easy way to turn your living room into a space that’s completely and unmistakably yours.

5. Warm and Calming Neutrals

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

According to Jill Elliott from Color Kind Studio, there’s a shift in the colors that will make your living room feel just right in 2023. Forget about bold and flashy – it’s all about warm and calming tones.

Picture this: soothing blues, gentle peachy pinks, and some fancy-sounding neutrals like sable, mushroom, and ecru. 

These are the colors that catch the eye and create a cozy vibe in your living space. It’s like wrapping your room in a comforting hug. 

So, if you’re thinking about giving your living room a fresh look, consider these shades for a touch of warmth and sophistication.

6. Mood-Setting Lights

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

So, you know how the inside of homes keeps changing, right? Well, one cool thing that’s catching on is changing the way we light up our living rooms. 

Think about having unique table lamps that double as art pieces or floor lamps with funky and eye-catching shapes.

It’s not just about making the room bright; it’s about making it look cool too. 

And here’s the fun part – there are all sorts of options, from lamps that don’t match on purpose to really big ones that steal the show. 

7. New Mixed Materials

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

For a visually interesting home, consider introducing a mix of different materials. 

Think metal, glass, and stone coming together to give your space a personalized and distinctive appearance. The key here is finding the right balance.

What’s even more exciting is that furniture designs are gearing up to combine various materials into one piece – get ready to be impressed by the fusion of elements!

8. Monochromatic Rooms

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Guess what? It might be the time to give your ceiling a new look! 

According to Rachael H. Grochowski, an architect and design expert, more and more people are embracing the idea of using just one color for everything in a room.

“I’d been loving the monotone color — not just neutral but all one-color rooms, walls, ceilings, furniture — and I’m super excited to see the trend growing,” she says.

So, instead of having a mix of colors, picture a room that’s all decked out in, let’s say, calming blue or cozy beige. 

9. Furniture as Art

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

According to Rachael H. Grochowski, people love the idea of having furniture that looks like sculptures. 

These are not your usual comfortable chairs – we’re talking about pieces that add a touch of modern art to your space.

Imagine having chairs with unique colors, shapes, and wooden frames that might seem a bit unconventional or even uncomfortable at first glance. 

Grochowski believes they bring a sense of artistry, like having your own furniture sculptures. 

10. Curves Everywhere

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Think about sofas with curved backs, cozy barrel chairs that hug you, and even pillows and accessories in round shapes. 

It’s like saying goodbye to sharp corners and hello to a softer, more inviting vibe. 

And it’s not just about furniture – even architecture is getting in on the curve game, with arched doorways and rounded interior spaces becoming the latest trend.

Katie Labourdette-Martinez and Olivia Wahler from Hearth Homes Interiors expressed, “Anticipate a surge in curved furniture; we’re already witnessing an abundance of curved sofas, along with accent chairs and benches.”

11. Biophilic Design

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Ever wished your living room could feel like a cozy corner of nature? Well, that’s the idea behind biophilic design – bringing the outdoors into your home to make it super calming and relaxing. 

To keep up with the trend, consider using materials that are sourced in an ethical way, adding some greenery with plants, and choosing lighting that’s easy on the eyes. 

It’s not just about being stylish; it’s also about being eco-friendly. 

And guess what? This nature-inspired design is not just a passing trend – it’s becoming a permanent thing. 

12. Quiet Luxury

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Picture your living room turning into a cozy, intimate space made for quiet talks. 

That’s what designer Sharon Sherman from Thyme and Place Design is spotting as the latest trend.

“The living room has become a smaller, more intimate space made for quiet conversation,” she says.

As our lives change, Sharon notices that people are craving more quiet spots. So, imagine having comfortable chairs, especially those cool swivel ones that make conversations easy and inclusive.

13. Colorful Spaces

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

According to Annie Kersey of Purple Cherry Architects, the trend in living rooms is all about diving into rich, monochromatic spaces that scream warmth and coziness. 

It’s like stepping into a vibrant, colorful haven, with less focus on the bright white and wide-open spaces we’ve seen before.

Bethany Adams from Bethany Adams Interiors is also predicting a shift to darker vibes in 2023. 

Forget the light and airy hygge look – it’s time for living rooms that are dark and moody. Picture deep, rich colors, intricate trim details, and furnishings that bring a whole new level of comfort. 

14. Multifunctional Furniture

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Ever wish your furniture could do more than just sit there? Well, Laura Umansky from Laura U Design Collective is all about it. 

She believes in having furniture that can handle multiple tasks because, let’s face it, homes these days are busy with growing kids, older family members, and friends dropping by.

According to Umansky, having multifunctional furniture is great. Take, for instance, the artisan’s touch on game and card tables. 

These aren’t your typical fold-up tables – they’re beautifully crafted pieces that strike a perfect balance between screen time and quality time. 

15. Entertainment-Focused Spaces

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Well, Laura Umansky is all about entertainment-focused spaces. 

She’s noticing a trend where people want distinct spaces—one for chilling and chatting and another that’s more laid-back and inviting.

Umansky is particularly excited about the idea of creating sophisticated bar spaces that connect to the formal living area. 

It’s like having the best of both worlds – a place for cozy conversations and, right nearby, a spot for some overflow entertaining. 

It’s time to turn these trends into reality and transform your living space into a stylish haven. 

You can find something for everyone, whether you’re into cozy curves, vibrant colors, or multifunctional furniture.

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