How Do I Cancel My FedEx Account?

How Do I Cancel My FedEx Account? If you no longer need FedEx’s services, or you have discovered a better delivery provider, it is logical that you would wish to cancel your FedEx account.

How Do I Cancel My FedEx Account

Canceling your FedEx account is a simple process, but ensure you have completed all outstanding shipments, payments, and responsibilities before canceling.

We will walk you through the procedures to cancel your FedEx account.

How Do I Cancel My FedEx Account?

To avoid any additional fees or issues, it’s important to make sure you have taken care of all your commitments before proceeding with the cancellation.

Follow the steps given below to cancel your Fedex account

1. Clear any Outstanding Shipments and Invoices

Before canceling your account, ensure all pending shipments have been delivered and all invoices and bills have been paid.

Any outstanding amounts on your account must be settled before you may cancel.

2. Contact Customer Service

After you have paid off any outstanding shipments and bills, contact FedEx customer support to begin the account termination procedure. You can contact customer care by phone or email.

The customer support agent will request your account details to confirm your identification before guiding you through the cancellation procedure.

3. Provide Necessary Information

The customer service representative will ask for your account information, which includes your account name, account number, and contact information.

You may also be requested to offer a reason for deactivating your account. In your response, be truthful and direct.

4. Complete the Cancellation Process

The customer care agent will begin the canceling procedure once you have submitted all of the required information.

They will provide you with a confirmation number and tell you when your account will be officially closed.

5. Return Any FedEx Supplies

After terminating your account, you must return any FedEx supplies, such as shipping labels or packaging materials, to FedEx.

You can have FedEx pick up the supplies or drop them off at a FedEx site. When returning items, be sure to include your account information.

6. Confirm the Cancellation

Call customer support a few days later to be sure your account has been closed.

To make sure there are no ongoing charges or transactions connected to the canceled account, you should also check your account statement.

Can I Delete my FedEx Delivery Manager Account?

Yes, if you no longer need the services provided by FedEx Delivery Manager, you can delete your account.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Navigate to the “Profile” section

3. Select “Close Account.”

4. Confirm that you want to close your account.

It is important to keep in mind that canceling your account will result in the loss of all your FedEx Delivery Manager preferences, settings, and recorded information.

You will also lose access to delivery alerts and shipment details via the platform.

If you are unclear whether you want to completely cancel your account, you may temporarily deactivate it or adjust your options to lessen the frequency of messages or alerts.

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