Inflatable Hot Tub Costco

How to Choose and Enjoy Your Inflatable Haven from Costco

You can warm up those chilly fall evenings with an inflatable hot tub Costco. If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own spa experience at home, Costco has a range of inflatable and plug-and-play hot tubs that are ready to set up in your space.

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco

Costco’s hot tub selection includes simple inflatable models on the more affordable side, as well as luxurious home spas that could be professionally installed into your deck.

One standout option at Costco is an inflatable hot tub that’s not only perfect for smaller porches or patios but is also affordable. Its portability allows you to take it on weekend getaways or share it with friends and family.

To help you make the most of your Costco membership, we’ve sifted through the available models to guide you in finding the best Costco hot tubs that offer great value for your money. Take a look!

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Costco

Costco offers a variety of products, including inflatable hot tubs, from different brands. Here are some of them:

1. SaluSpa Laguna AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
SaluSpa Laguna AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

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After a long day, relax in your backyard with the comforting warmth of the SaluSpa Laguna Airjet.

The SaluSpa Laguna AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is a portable and inflatable spa with dimensions of 71″ x 26″. 

Controlled by a digital panel, it can heat water to 104°F and includes a Freeze Shield for protection in colder climates. 

The Power Saving Timer helps conserve energy. The hot tub also features an Integrated Water Filtration System to keep the water clean. 

Its water capacity at 80% is 177 gallons, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable spa experience at home.

2. SaluSpa Coronado EnergySense Square Air Jet 

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
SaluSpa Coronado EnergySense Square Air Jet 

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At Costco, you’ll find the SaluSpa Coronado EnergySense Square Air Jet, a portable inflatable hot tub, suspended from the rafters.

This hot tub is a 4-6 person inflatable spa with a size of 71″ x 71″ x 28″. 

It features a digital control panel, spa pump with an integrated filtration system, and Freeze Shield automatic heating for protection against freezing temperatures. 

With a water capacity of 177 gallons at 80%, the spa offers a relaxing experience. 

Also, it includes a built-in Wi-Fi module, allowing convenient control through a dedicated phone app for added ease and flexibility.

You can find a similar inflatable hot tub called the SaluSpa Hawaii on sale at Wayfair for $538.15

It’s similar to the Coronado model, with almost the same features. The only difference is that Hawaii doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so you can’t control it using your phone.

3. SaluSpa Ventura EnergySense Smart Air Jet 

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
SaluSpa Ventura EnergySense Smart Air Jet 

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The SaluSpa Ventura EnergySense Smart Air Jet is a deluxe inflatable hot tub spa, ideal for 6-8 people. 

With a spacious size of 93″ x 28″, it offers a relaxing experience through calming bubbles. 

The digital control panel allows easy temperature adjustment up to 104°F, and features like Freeze Shield and a Power Saving Timer enhance convenience and energy efficiency. 

The integrated water filtration system maintains cleanliness, and its impressive water capacity of 357 gallons at 80% makes it perfect for socializing and unwinding in the comfort of your home.

4. Evolution Spas Monarch 90-jet

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
Evolution Spas Monarch 90-jet

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The Evolution Spas Monarch is a 7-person spa designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. 

With three powerful pumps and 90 jets, it offers a rejuvenating hydrotherapy experience. 

The integrated Bluetooth audio system with a subwoofer allows users to enjoy personalized music, enhancing the soothing ambiance. 

The spa’s multicolor, programmable LED lighting contributes to a customizable and relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the UV/O3 dual sanitation system ensures a hygienic environment. 

With generous dimensions of 91” x 91” x 36”, the Monarch Spa provides ample space for socializing and promotes both physical and sensory well-being.

5. Aquaterra Spas Navarro 52-jet

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
Aquaterra Spas Navarro 52-jet

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The Aquaterra Spas Navarro is a spacious 6-person spa designed for optimal comfort and relaxation. 

It features an adjustable waterfall, providing a soothing water element, and incorporates the Ozone Water Care System to ensure water purity for a clean and refreshing experience. 

The interior underwater multi-color LED lighting adds a customizable and visually appealing touch, creating a serene ambiance. 

With dimensions of 87″L x 77″W x 34”H, the Navarro spa offers ample space.

This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a rejuvenating and enjoyable spa experience in a comfortable and social setting.

6. Evolution Spas Mirage 60-jet

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
Evolution Spas Mirage 60-jet

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The Evolution Spas Mirage is a versatile 4 or 5-person spa designed for optimal comfort and relaxation. 

It offers a welcoming environment with spacious seating for socializing and two headrests for added comfort. 

The 60 stainless steel jets provide a therapeutic hydrotherapy experience, targeting various muscle groups. 

The inclusion of underwater LED lighting with controls allows users to create a visually soothing atmosphere. 

Also, steps are included for easy access, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable spa experience overall.

7. Aquaterra Spas Benicia 20-jet

Inflatable Hot Tub Costco
Aquaterra Spas Benicia 20-jet

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This 20-jet hot tub is like the fastest and easiest plug-and-play solution for your backyard relaxation. 

It comes with a cool adjustable waterfall, colorful lights, and simple digital controls. 

And, when you’re done chilling in your hot tub, the Aquaterra spa makes sure to keep the water warm for longer with its special insulation and cover. 

This not only keeps things cozy but also helps save energy. So, you get all the warmth and relaxation without worrying too much about your energy bill!

Costco has a wide range of blow-up hot tubs that suit different tastes and requirements. 

Imagine having a spa-like experience right at home. No need to go anywhere! Just inflate your hot tub, kick back, and enjoy the cozy and luxurious warmth. 

It’s like having your retreat without leaving the comfort of your house.

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