Colors that Go with Red

19 Stunning Colors That Perfectly Complement Red

Picking the colors that go with red in your design is super important for making things look good. Red is a strong and exciting color that can make any room look cool, whether you like classic or modern styles.

Colors that Go with Red

If you want to make your kitchen more lively, your living room cozier, or your bedroom more romantic, red can do the trick. It can stand out on its own or blend with other colors—it’s versatile. 

The trick is knowing which colors go with red and which ones don’t, so your home looks awesome without red taking over too much.

We made a list of colors that go nicely with red to help you make your home or office look fantastic.

Beautiful Colors that Go with Red

The colors you can pair with red to lift the atmosphere of that apartment or office include

1. Red and Black

Colors that Go with Red

Red and black make a good team, but you don’t have to stick to bright red and glossy black. Try using softer, more muted shades to give your space a cozy and dramatic feel. 

If you want a natural look, mix in rusty reds and deep charcoals for your walls, decor, and furniture. 

2. White and Red

Colors that Go with Red

When it comes to combining colors with red in a bedroom, using white is a great choice. Think of it like creating a bold and eye-catching look. 

Red becomes the main attraction, like the star of the show, and the white background gives it a fresh and clean feel. It’s a sleek and stylish combo that stands out without being dull.

3. Red and Orange

Colors that Go with Red

Think of colors like they’re waves of light, and red is unique because it has the longest wavelength and less energy. 

For a trendy and cool feel, mix red with different shades of orange and add some neutral colors. 

4. Red and Pastel Blues

Colors that Go with Red

Instead of going all out, use red as a bold and welcoming accent in a space that’s otherwise calm and soothing. 

This is especially helpful for those who prefer sticking to more traditional color choices. Pastel blue works well with different shades of red, creating a traditional yet stylish.

5. Red and Gold

Colors that Go with Red

When it comes to combining colors, interior designer Freeman recommends a winning duo: red and gold. Think of it like a magical match – many shades of red shine when paired with the richness of gold. 

It’s not just a mix of colors; it’s a regal touch that can make your space feel truly special.

6. Red and Hot Pink

Colors that Go with Red

If you’re up for something bold and lively, consider the vivid pairing of red and hot pink. In this home, this daring color combination is used throughout, creating a space that’s full of energy.

It’s a daring choice that turns a living space into a vibrant and refreshing haven.

7. Red, Navy, and Blue-Gray

Colors that Go with Red

Take a close look at this home, a powerful combination of red and navy blue takes center stage, creating a workspace that’s both bold and invigorating. 

The result is a well-rounded and stimulating environment that encourages productivity and focus. It’s a thoughtful blend of strong, vibrant colors with a calming neutral backdrop, making the home beautiful.

8. Red and Gray

Colors that Go with Red

Pairing red with gray is a smart move if you want to add a touch of vibrancy to your space. Gray serves as the ideal neutral backdrop. It provides the perfect stage for red to take center stage. 

This color combination is not only versatile but also brings a modern and warm feel to your living space, making it a great choice for those seeking a contemporary and cozy vibe.

9. Red and Turquoise

Colors that Go with Red

If you’re feeling a bit bold and adventurous, red and turquoise make an ideal pairing. These vibrant shades may be loud individually, but when combined, they manage to balance each other out.

According to interior designer Fran Keenan, this duo feels spunky and draws inspiration from the lively combination of red corals and turquoise sea in a coral reef. 

10. Red and Green

Colors that Go with Red

Combining red and green doesn’t have to immediately bring to mind Christmas vibes. A subtle approach is taken to the classic pairing in this room.

It’s a fresh and stylish way to embrace a timeless color duo in home decor.

11. Red and Apricot

Colors that Go with Red

Like light pink, apricot is a wonderful choice to infuse charm and elegance into your room with red tones, all without veering into a monochromatic look. 

What’s great about apricot is its ability to bring brightness to the space without overshadowing bolder red shades, So, if you’re aiming for a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, the combination of red and apricot can work wonders.

12. Red, Burgundy, and Brown

Colors that Go with Red

Handling a bold shade of red becomes a breeze when you team it up with neutrals, especially warm tones like browns. 

This combo works particularly well with deep burgundies, as the earthy and grounded nature of brown tones helps to tone down the vibrancy.  The result is a cozy and welcoming space that feels balanced. 

13. Red and Cream

Colors that Go with Red

The cream color is a versatile companion for red, but according to expert advice, it particularly shines when paired with crimson. 

When combined with natural hues like cream, the result is a dynamic pairing where red takes center stage, exuding a sense of cultivated beauty. 

14. Red and Lavender

Colors that Go with Red

Mixing red with lavender is like bringing together warmth and coolness in a room. This combo is perfect for bedrooms or places where you want a relaxed and peaceful vibe.

The strong and vibrant red adds a pop of energy, while the soft lavender chills things out. 

15. Red and Fuchsia

Colors that Go with Red

Combining red with a vibrant and bold color like fuchsia might seem unexpected, but according to Freeman, pairing red with fuchsia can bring out the best in both colors. 

To ease into this lively combination, start with small doses as accents in your decor. It’s essential to introduce a strong third color to maintain a well-balanced and harmonious look. 

16. Red and Purple

Colors that Go with Red

Pairing red and the color purple might not be the first choice for many, considering they sit on opposite ends of the color spectrum.

The key is to ensure that the chosen red and purple hues fall within the same tone range. Sesser suggests using this combination as accents on a neutral background to allow them to truly stand out.

17. Red and Navy

Colors that Go with Red

Red and Navy create a stunning combination because navy, being just a shade away from black, serves as the ideal complement to reds. 

The navy adds warmth to the space and functions as a vibrant neutral, allowing the red to pop and stand out without dominating the color palette. This eye-catching duo works well in various settings, from large rooms to smaller spaces. 

18. Red and Yellow

Colors that Go with Red

Don’t dismiss the idea of combining red and yellow just yet—there are ways to make this warm color scheme work. It’s essential to balance out the boldness of reds and yellows with a rich neutral that can handle both. 

To make the most of this warm duo, have some fun with it. Consider incorporating bold graphic prints for accent pillows, furniture, wallpaper, or other decor elements. 

19. Red and Mint Green

Colors that Go with Red

Mixing red with mint green is like bringing together the bold and the refreshing. Mint green provides a cool and calming contrast to the warmth of red. 

This combination is great for creating a lively yet balanced color scheme, especially in spaces where you want to feel a sense of freshness. 

Red is a strong color, and picking the right colors to go with it can make your space look really good and comfortable. 

It doesn’t matter if you want a bold and lively vibe or a cozy and romantic one—red can work for both.

Understanding how red and other colors can work together is the secret to making your home look great without being too much. 

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