What Colors Go with Blue?

What Colors Go Best with Blue in Interior Design?

What Colors Go with Blue? If you’ve ever wondered what colors go with blue, the answer is almost any color! Blue is a popular choice, especially in homes, because it has a relaxing effect.

What Colors Go with Blue?

One great thing about blue is that it’s like a chameleon—it can act as a neutral if it’s a dark navy shade or bring in a lot of energy if it’s a rich royal blue.

Blue has this magic quality that instantly makes you feel uplifted and inspired, encouraging moments of reflection. Even if it’s used to create drama or a touch of sadness, blue is a color that can instantly make any space beautiful.

Whether it’s a lovely living room, a cozy bedroom, a welcoming kitchen, or a refreshing bathroom, blue has the power to brighten up all these spaces. 

If you’re curious about what colors go with blue, let’s find out!

What Colors Go with Blue in Your Home Decor?

The colors that go with blue include:

1. Blue and Orange

What Colors Go with Blue?

Blue and orange are great together.  It’s because they’re on opposite sides of the color wheel, and when they hang out, they create a cool contrast that catches your eye.

So, when you want to make a living room like this look awesome, team up blue and orange. Blue takes the lead, and orange adds the finishing touches.

It’s like a dynamic duo for making things stand out and look really cool!

2. Blue and Turquoise

What Colors Go with Blue?

Combining peacock blue lacquer with turquoise is a bold and stylish choice for decorating a new home. 

In this house, the designer used vibrant colors, and a mix of custom and vintage furniture to create a stunning effect.

It’s a unique and eye-catching way to make your home stand out.

3. Blue and Green

What Colors Go with Blue?

Blue and green are cool colors found on the same side of the color wheel, so it’s often said to be cautious when using them together. 

There’s an old saying, ‘Blue and green should never be seen,’ suggesting they don’t mix well, but the truth is, their contrasting nature can actually work. 

Both colors are strongly associated with nature, and if you embrace their contrasting tones, they can look great together in your design.

4. Blue and Pink

What Colors Go with Blue?

Blue and pink, a combination that’s often more approachable than red and blue, is consistently popular. 

The versatility of this pairing allows for various looks, ranging from bold contrasts with deep navy blues and blush pinks to lighter, fresher combinations with seafoam blue and coral pinks. 

The options are plentiful, making it a versatile and widely embraced color combination.

5. Blue and Gold

What Colors Go with Blue?

Blue and gold create a striking combination, particularly when the blue is a deep shade between royal blue and navy. 

To achieve the best results, it’s recommended to use this pairing in moderation. For a memorable focal point, consider adding a gold accent to an otherwise bare blue wall.

This blend of colors can bring a touch of sophistication and style to any room.

6. Blue and Gray

What Colors Go with Blue?

Achieve a sophisticated ambiance by combining blue with a mid-tone gray. 

To anchor the space and create visual harmony in your bedroom, incorporate natural materials like a gray rug and a blue sofa. 

This blend of blue and gray, complemented by the right accents, can result in a stylish and refined living environment.

7. Blue and Violet

What Colors Go with Blue?

Blue and deep violet create an unexpected yet captivating color combination, adding a touch of moody sophistication to your design. 

These intriguing hues can be effectively incorporated into textured elements like a soft area rug and plush throw pillows. 

This pairing brings a unique and stylish flair to your space, making it both intriguing and visually appealing.

8. Blue and Soft Red

What Colors Go with Blue?

Capture a traditional ambiance by combining blue with red. 

To achieve a more subdued and understated interpretation of this classic color pairing, incorporate plenty of white and use the two shades sparingly through patterns rather than solid surfaces. 

In an elegant blue bedroom, this could involve placing a pair of blue throw pillows on red and white bedding, for a subtle yet evenly distributed infusion of blue throughout the room. 

9. Blue and White

What Colors Go with Blue?

Indeed, blue and white come together in a timeless combination, as exemplified by the Harmonia beach house in Greece. 

This classic pairing evokes a sense of tranquility and echoes the coastal charm that is often associated with Greek island aesthetics. 

The combination of blue and white in this context creates a harmonious and visually appealing atmosphere, capturing the essence of seaside living and enduring style.

10. Blue and Burgundy

What Colors Go with Blue?

For a refined color palette that combines blue and red, consider pairing blue with burgundy. 

Navy and burgundy, in particular, complement each other exceptionally well. Designers often recommend following the 60-30-10 rule when using colors.

This approach adds a touch of uniqueness while maintaining an elegant balance between the two rich colors.

11. Blue and Peach

What Colors Go with Blue?

Similar to orange, peach can be seamlessly integrated into the design with varying saturations to achieve different effects. For a summery vibe, the combination of peach and royal blue is visually appealing.

Soft shades of peach and blue, when paired with white, contribute to a pleasant and inviting energy. 

The versatility of blue and peach allows for the creation of diverse atmospheres, from vibrant and summery to calm and gentle.

12. Blue and Yellow

What Colors Go with Blue?

Pairing deep navy blues with vibrant lemon yellows or sky blues with rich ochre creates a striking and always effective high-contrast combination. 

In this home office example, the blue-grey tones are lifted by golden accents. 

The warmth of the yellow easily balances out the cooler tones of the blue, making it a lovely choice for a bedroom where you want the space to feel inviting and comfortable.

13. Blue and Silver

What Colors Go with Blue?

For a sleek and modern look, incorporating metal into your room is a great idea, and the combination of blue and silver is a popular choice for good reason. 

To add just a touch of this palette, consider incorporating silver hanging lamps into a room with a blue or mostly blue wall or ceiling.

The blue and silver combination can add a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair to your space.

14. Blue and Beige

What Colors Go with Blue?

Blue and beige make for a classic and timeless pairing, often conjuring images of the seashore, especially when combined with white. 

This combination is practical and versatile, making it an excellent choice if you prefer easily accessible furniture for your project. Warm beige is a popular color, especially for living room furniture. 

Consider combining warm beige couches and chairs with accents like sky blue and white pillows and rugs to create a comfortable and inviting ambiance in your living space.

15. Blue and Mauve

What Colors Go with Blue?

Mauve offers a calmer alternative for those who appreciate the combination of blue and violet. 

Its quiet and muted nature makes it an excellent choice for wall color, providing a soothing backdrop for blue accents chairs, or couches.

This combination allows for a range of looks, from serene to energetically balanced, depending on your color preferences.

16. Blue and Olive

What Colors Go with Blue?

For a room with a muted yet distinct color scheme that falls somewhere between neutral and bold, consider combining olive green and navy blue. 

Experiment with an olive green couch or other furniture pieces paired with navy blue lamps or wall hangings to achieve this sophisticated look.

Given the various shades of olive, you have the flexibility to choose the one that sets the mood you desire. 

17. Blue and Chocolate Brown

What Colors Go with Blue?

For a calming and timeless color palette, consider combining blue and chocolate brown. 

A great way to achieve this is by incorporating a blue and white patterned rug in a room with chocolate brown leather furniture. 

This combination creates a well-balanced color scheme, with the dark brown serving as a grounding influence, while the lightness of white prevents the overall aesthetic from feeling too dark.

18. Blue and Sage Green

What Colors Go with Blue?

Sage green is a popular and trendy color in design, known for its grayish and almost silvery undertones, making it an excellent choice for pairing with cool colors. 

Sage particularly complements blue, especially in almost neutral shades like slate blue or navy. This versatile color works well for walls, accessories, pillows, and more.

The combination of sage and blue can be employed to craft a modern and airy palette. 

19. Blue and Tangerine

What Colors Go with Blue?

For a unique and lively look in your room design, consider pairing tangerine with blue. 

To balance the vibrant energy of tangerine, opt for dark navy blue. A striking example is a blue accent wall paired with a tangerine-colored chair.

You can also introduce these colors in smaller doses to add a pop of color to a predominantly neutral room. 

20. Blue and Champagne

What Colors Go with Blue?

If you appreciate the warmth of beige but desire a touch of glamour, champagne is an excellent alternative. 

Incorporating champagne-upholstered furniture can add an elegant touch to a predominantly blue palette. 

This combination also works well in bathrooms; experiment with soft blue walls or tile floors paired with champagne-colored hardware for a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

21. Blue and Sand

What Colors Go with Blue?

Sand, with its blend of brownish neutrality, serves as an ideal choice for those who find themselves torn between beige and white. It’s particularly well-suited for beach-inspired palettes.

Using sand-colored walls as a backdrop can beautifully complement a blue-colored sheet.

This combination of blue and sand creates a versatile and calming aesthetic.

22. Blue, Brown, and Taupe

What Colors Go with Blue?

The richness of the inky blue on this headboard is accentuated by the simplicity of neutral bedding and a pair of throw pillows.

Blue not only complements black but also blends seamlessly with earthy hues, presenting a softer and less intense option for those seeking a more subdued and comforting ambiance in their space. 

This combination of colors creates a harmonious and balanced palette, allowing each shade to contribute to the overall aesthetic without overpowering the room.

23. Blue and Coral

What Colors Go with Blue?

For a lively, beachy vibe in your room, go for the combination of blue and coral. 

If you enjoy patterns, there are often blankets, rugs, or shower curtains available in coral and light blue.

If you feel this mix is a bit too energetic, consider designing a room with mostly navy and white tones and add some coral and light blue accents.

24. Blue and Charcoal Gray

What Colors Go with Blue?

Charcoal gray, with its bold presence and blue undertones, serves as an excellent choice. 

It can effectively anchor a room, especially one dominated by pale blue whether used for a couch or a bedspread.

For a darker palette, experiment with incorporating both navy and charcoal elements throughout the room. This combination of blue and charcoal gray offers a sophisticated and grounded aesthetic, creating a well-harmonized space.

25. Blue and Emerald

What Colors Go with Blue?

Pairing any shade of blue with emerald, a jewel-toned green, can create a stunning visual impact. 

This color combination has the versatility to achieve a quirky, almost glam vintage look, as depicted above. 

The richness of emerald green complements various blues, allowing you to express a range of styles and aesthetics in your design.

26. Blue and Black 

What Colors Go with Blue?

Pairing black and blue might seem unusual, like a bruise, and maybe a bit too dark. 

Imagine a bedroom with a dark background, a blue ceiling due to the lighting effect, and a king-size bed with a brown cover.

It creates a cool and balanced style.

27. Blue and Blue

What Colors Go with Blue?

Don’t hesitate to decorate using different shades of blue. 

Embrace various tones of blue to create a monochromatic look that exudes a calming and cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for both unwinding and entertaining. 

The versatility of blue shades allows for a harmonious and visually pleasing space that feels both serene and inviting.

28. Blue and Lavender

What Colors Go with Blue?

The pairing of blue and lavender, inspired by the calming qualities of both the lavender plant and its color counterpart, has the potential to create a tranquil and cozy ambiance in any room. 

To achieve a more moody appearance, consider dark lavender walls, a light lavender couch, and a navy blue accent chair.

For a lighter and subtler look, introducing a few lavender accents can add character to a soft blue room. 

29. Blue and Mint Green

What Colors Go with Blue?

The combination of blue and mint green, inspired by herbs, can breathe a refreshing atmosphere into a nursery and kid’s room.

Mint green complements nearly any shade of blue. Use it as a neutral alongside darker blues to provide a grounding force.

To enhance Mint’s retro aesthetic, incorporate bronze hardware on cabinets, dressers, and other furniture pieces for a touch of vintage charm.

Exploring color combinations with blue opens up a world of creative possibilities. The key is to consider the mood and ambiance you want to create. 

So, go ahead and unleash your imagination, and let the colors blend effortlessly to reflect your unique sense of style.

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