hamilton beach upright freezer

Is the Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer Worth Buying?

Have you ever desired a freezer that will fit perfectly for this holiday season? Well, let’s introduce you to Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer because it is the perfect fit for any household that needs extra freezer space.

Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer

Whether you’re preparing for a big dinner party or you just love stocking up on food, this Hamilton Beach Upright freezer is the best for any home.

Let’s dive into why it’s worth buying for every home and the features to consider when purchasing one.

Why Choose the Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer?

The Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer is energy efficient and super easy to take care of because it has a manual defrost system, which means it’s less hassle and has a better performance.

The door is easy to open and close with its helpful handle, and you can put it on any surface, even if it’s a bit unsteady, the good thing is that the legs are adjustable.

You can buy one of these cool freezers at Costco stores for $350 or order it online from the Costco website. And you can also get it from Amazon online.

The features to consider when buying a Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer are;

1. Capacity

When choosing a freezer, focus on its size measured in cubic feet. Terms like “extra-large” vary between brands, so check the actual capacity.

Aim for around 1.5 cubic feet per family member, but consider your frozen food habits. Don’t go for the largest size if you won’t fill it because it’ll waste energy.

Find the right size that suits your needs.

2. Defrost Drain

The purpose of the defrost drain is to allow the water that is created when the ice in your freezer melts to escape.

It functions similarly to a little opening to let water escape the freezer. Having a defrost drain is helpful when you need to defrost your freezer.

And you don’t have to go around with a sponge and bucket collecting all the water. It just goes out through the drain, making your life easier.

3. Energy-Efficient Rating (Energy Guide Label)

The EER, or Energy Guide label, tells you two important things about an appliance. It gives you an idea of how much energy it uses compared to similar models.

It also estimates how much it costs to run the appliance for a year based on the average electricity cost in the country.

So, it helps you know not only how efficient the appliance is but also how much it might hit your wallet in the long run.

4. Defrost Features

Freezers that are just for freezing can easily get frosty. Even though it might seem like frost helps keep things cold, too much of it on the walls or coils actually makes the freezer work less effectively.

To avoid this, you’ll have to defrost your freezer now and then. Some freezers can do this on their own, while others need you to do it manually.

It’s like giving your freezer a little rest to keep it working well.

hamilton beach upright freezer
Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer

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5. Self-Defrosting Freezers

Self-defrosting freezers, also known as frost-free freezers, can stop frost or ice from building up automatically.

They have a special heating thing inside that turns on regularly and melts away extra frost.  

So because of this process, your food is more likely to get freezer burn compared to a freezer that you defrost yourself.

6. Manual Defrost Freezers

Manual defrost freezers don’t have a special way to stop ice from building up or melting away.

When ice forms, you have to switch off the freezer and keep the door open to let the ice melt. This can be bad and take some time, especially with chest freezers.

Manual defrost freezers often use less energy, which is a good thing for your electricity bill.

7. Shelves, Storage Baskets, and Drawers

When picking a freezer, think about what you’re going to put in there and make sure it can be arranged the way you want.

Check if it has enough shelves, baskets, and drawers for all your stuff. Also, make sure you can take them out easily if you need to store big things.

Basically, choose a freezer that fits your things well and lets you organize them the way you like.

8. Door Locks

Some standalone freezers come with a built-in lock on the door.

This is really helpful to make sure your freezer door stays closed and secure. It’s also a good way to prevent theft, especially if your freezer is in the garage.

So, it’s like an extra layer of protection for your frozen goods.

9. Temperature

For the best results in keeping your food safe, set your freezer at 0°F (-18°C). If you want to freeze food quickly, go for -10°F (-23°C).

Even though some foods start freezing at 32°F, to keep them in good shape, store them at 0°F. It’s important to keep the freezer temperature steady so you don’t use up extra energy.

Basically, 0°F is the best number for keeping your frozen food in top condition.

10. Garage-Ready

If you want to put your fridge in the garage or a place without an air conditioner, make sure it’s labeled as “garage ready.”

These fridges are designed to handle really hot or cold temperatures, unlike regular ones. If you use a normal fridge in a very hot garage, there’s no guarantee your frozen stuff will stay frozen.

So, look for one that’s ready to handle the tougher conditions in your garage.

How Long Does the Hamilton Upright Freezers Last?

Chest freezers tend to last longer, around 15 to 20 years, compared to upright freezers, which usually go for 10 to 15 years.

Chest freezers are sturdier, don’t overheat, and have fewer issues, so they’re like the marathon runners of freezers.

If your automatic defrost stops working, don’t worry too much – it can usually be fixed for way less than buying a new freezer.

One thing to note is that upright freezers don’t have room for big stuff like a giant roast or a huge turkey.

They also have less overall space because of how the shelves are set up. So, if you’re into bulk buying or have large items to freeze, a chest freezer might be the better pick.

How to Tell if Your Hamilton Freezer is Bad

The most obvious sign of a bad freezer is if it has no power, and when you open it, everything inside is warm. That’s a clear signal it needs fixing or replacing.

But there are signs you look out for, to know if it is to get it checked or get a new one, they are;

1. Strange Noises

The first indication of an issue could be rattling, clanging, grinding, or just a louder noise in general.

2. Warming Temperatures  

This can be detected by the meal being a tad warmer or the ice not being completely frozen in the middle. This may begin gradually and get worse over time.

3. Colder Temperatures

Too cold temperatures are another indication that a freezer isn’t working properly. Though it could be a little trickier to spot, this indication may also indicate a problem.

4. Smells

A strange fragrance is another indicator to watch out for. This stench may indicate a burned electrical component or a leak.

Why is My Hamilton Freezer Not Freezing?

When your freezer is running but not keeping things cold, it can be quite frustrating. Several things might be causing this issue.

It could be due to problems with the temperature settings, issues with the cooling system, or even simple things like a blocked vent or dirty coils.

Let’s explore some of these common reasons to help you figure out what might be going wrong with it;

1. Overpacking

Make sure there’s a good amount of stuff in your freezer, but don’t cram it full. It’s best to keep it around 70% to 85% full.

If it’s too packed, the air won’t circulate well, and if it’s too empty, all the cold air will escape every time you open it.

Spread things out evenly on the shelves, especially in the middle, so air can move around properly. This helps keep everything nice and cold.

2. Frost Build-up

If you see frost building up inside your freezer, it can block the vents that bring in the cold air.

Most freezers today defrost automatically, so first, check if the door has been left open or if the seal around it is worn out. If everything looks fine, you can call a technician to figure out what’s going on.

If your freezer doesn’t defrost by itself, follow the manual’s advice to defrost it manually when needed.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

When the coils on the back of your fridge get all dusty and dirty, they can’t cool down the stuff inside properly.

So, if you notice your fridge isn’t keeping things as cold as it should, try cleaning those coils. If they’re covered in lint and dust, just give them a good wipe.

But if you can’t reach them easily, it might be a job for a technician to make sure everything’s working right.

4. Broken Evaporator Fan Motor

If the fan inside your freezer stops working, it can mess up how cool things get in there because it’s not moving the air around.

If you notice your freezer isn’t as cold as it should be, it might be the fan.

You’ll need a technician to replace it if it’s not running like it should when turned on.

5. Freezer Compressor Not Working

Think of the freezer compressor as a pump that makes the cold air. If it or the thing that helps it start (called the compressor start relay) stops working, your freezer won’t freeze stuff anymore.

If you listen to your freezer for about 30 minutes and don’t hear the usual humming sound, the compressor might be the issue.

To fix this, you’ll need a certified technician who knows their way around refrigeration stuff.

The Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer is the best for extra freezer space.

This freezer is a great option if you’re planning a large meal, enjoy buying in bulk, or simply want to keep your supply of ice cream safe.

It’s the best for any home, with simple upkeep, a nice design, and lovely features like a defrost system.

It’s a helpful and perfect addition to your kitchen, and you can get one online or at Costco.

With the Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer, you have nothing to worry about.

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