What Size Rug for King Bed

How to Choose the Right Rug Size for a King Bed

What size rug for king bed? Imagine the joy of sinking your toes into a plush rug – that’s the feeling you want in your bedroom. Rugs do more than just cover the floor; they add personality, color, and texture, turning your bedroom into a comfortable haven.

What Size Rug for King Bed

Bedrooms are super personal, and it’s no wonder that people spend a ton of time and energy making sure they find the right rug size for their beds, especially in the king bedroom.

But here’s the question: What size rug is right for a king-size bed? Let’s dive in and find the perfect fit for your royal resting place.

What Size Rug for a King Bed?

When choosing a rug for a king-size bed, a 9-foot by 12-foot rug is usually the ideal size.

If that seems too large, you can still go for an 8-foot by 10-foot rug, which also complements a king bed beautifully. 

A rug that’s overly large can create a cramped feeling in a room, while one that’s too small might seem out of proportion.

The perfect-sized rug can help frame the bed in your space, providing a cozy and inviting surface for your feet.

How Do I Position Rugs Under King-Size Beds

Now that you’ve figured out the right size for your king-size rug, let’s talk about where to put it. 

The placement depends on your room’s size and shape and the furniture you have. Here are some common ways to position your rug:

1. Frame Two-Thirds of the Bed

Put the TABAYON rug under the bottom two-thirds of the bed and any furniture near the foot of the bed: 

This is a classic way to set up your room, making the bed the focal point. Usually, two out of the four bed legs go on the rug. 

But for other furniture like nightstands or benches, it’s best to have all their legs on the rug or all off the rug to keep things looking balanced and neat. 

2. Frame the Entire Bed

Cover the whole bed frame with the rug, making sure it goes under all four corners of the bed.

If you want to make your bed the star of the show, this is how to do it. 

Use a larger rug, like a 9′ x 12′, to showcase your bed and let more of your lovely hardwood floor peek out. 

This setup makes your room feel warm and stylish.

3. Frame the Bed, Nightstand, and Signature Pieces

Position the rug under the bed frame, nightstands, and any special chairs or benches near the foot of the bed.

For a more complete and stylish look, let the rug extend under not only the bed but also the nightstands and any extra furniture you have around. 

To pull off this design, you’ll need a larger rug, at least 10′ x 14′, to cover the entire sleeping area along with its surroundings. 

This might not be the best choice for smaller rooms, but it’s perfect for creating a cohesive and well-designed space in more spacious bedrooms.

4. Frame the Bottom Third of the Bed

Lay the rug under the lower third of the bed and any furniture at the foot of the bed. 

If you’re dealing with a longer room or if you want to highlight more of your beautiful rug, this is a smart choice. 

You create a balanced and visually appealing look when you place the rug under the bottom third of the bed and any furniture at the foot. 

5. Go for Runners Instead

Consider using small, narrow runner rugs for a bedroom with a king-size bed. 

If the thought of maneuvering a big rug under your hefty king-size bed seems daunting, opt for carpet runners.

For rooms where the carpet extends under the nightstands, pick 2′ x 9′ runners for each side of the bed. 

If your nightstands are on the bare floor, go for 2′ x 6′ runners. To achieve the overall appearance of a full-size rug, add a 4′ x 6′ runner at the foot of the bed. 

What’s the Right Rug Size for a Queen Bed?

What Size Rug for King Bed

When it comes to picking the perfect rug for a queen bed, consider the size of the bed itself. 

Queen beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, so a small rug like the 5-foot by 8-foot option might seem a bit lost under all that bed goodness. 

For a more visually appealing look, aim for a larger rug, like the 8-foot by 10-foot size or even go all out with a 9-foot by 12-foot rug. 

This way, the rug has more space to shine, creating a well-balanced and stylish vibe in your bedroom.

The Right Rug for a Twin Bed

Twin beds are the smallest among common bed sizes, measuring 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length. 

For a safe and stylish choice, a 5-foot by 8-foot rug is perfect for a single twin bed. 

If your room is more spacious, you can also go for an 8-foot by 10-foot rug, especially if your other furniture is on the larger side. 

However, stretching it to a 9-foot by 12-foot option might be a bit much unless the rug covers almost the entire floor, creating a cozy and carpet-like effect. 

The Right Rug for a Full Bed

What Size Rug for King Bed

When it comes to choosing a rug for a full bed, there are a few things to consider. 

Full beds are 75 inches long, just like twin beds, but they boast a more substantial width of 54 inches. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, a 5-foot by 8-foot rug will do the job nicely. 

However, if you have the luxury of extra space, going for one of the larger rug sizes will make a more significant visual impact in your room. 

When picking a rug size for your king bed, think about how your room is set up, how big your bed is, and what you like. 

Your rug should fit in with your room, not take it over. You can go for a classic look by putting the rug under two-thirds of the bed or choose practical runners if that works better. 

Try out different setups and sizes to see what you like best. 

It does not matter whether you prefer a classic or modern style, the important thing is to make sure your bedroom feels comfortable and looks great. 

It’s all about finding the right balance between how it looks and how well it works for you.

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