How Much Does Target Pay an Hour in florida

What is Target’s Current Hourly Pay?

How much does Target pay an hour in Florida? Target is a store that you visit often to pick out some cool items at affordable cost from its clean and airy stores.

How Much Does Target Pay an Hour in florida

If you have ever wanted to work there to know if the hourly wages are high, we have got everything perfect for you.

In this discourse, we will analyze the amounts Target pays per hour in Florida, see the cities with the highest salary for Target jobs, consider remunerative positions connected to Target, and explain why some people like Target more than Walmart.

How Much Does Target Pay an Hour in Florida?

The mean wage for a Florida Target Team Member, according to January 25 2024 is roughly $10.88.

But wages fluctuate, and some people get $12.93 per hour, while the minimum wage is $6.11. For Florida, the majority of the Target Team Members have an income ranging from $8.80 to $11.30 per hour.

Based on the pay range gap of $2.50, the following conclusion can be made that there is room for career growth and increased pay depending on skills, location, and experience.

Florida’s job market, as of now, is not active, and it cannot provide many job openings for Target Team Members. Correspondingly, Target Team Member salaries in Florida are the lowest among the 50 states where Target Team Member salaries range from 48 to 50.

The most reliable salary estimation is based on the regularly updated database of ZipRecruiter, where several millions of job openings are provided throughout the country.

Florida’s Highest Paying Cities for Target Team Positions

How Much Does Target Pay an Hour in florida

In most of the cities, the average salary of a Target Team Member is much more than the state wage average in Florida. 

First of all, Tildenville is at the top of the list and is followed by Archer, which is in second place, and Palm Shores which is in third place.

Palm Shores, Florida has an average of $36,449 which is 41.9% more than the average salary in Florida while Tildenville means more money and has an extra $12,310 (54.4%) above the $22,636.

These localities of Target Team Members earning significantly higher than the Florida average signify that moving can be a wonderful path to receiving economic growth in this career.

The wage differentials referred to here are the ones that equal to as much as 25% among the top 10 cities, which are Tildenville and Pine Hills, respectively, pointing out the probability of positive yields in the case of the Target Team Member position.

It also is advised to consider the cost of living as one selects the place and salary offered.

Here are the top 10 highest-paying cities for Target Team Members.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Palm Shores$32,129$2,677$617$15.45
Fort Lauderdale$27,576$2,298$530$13.26
Boca Raton$27,335$2,277$525$13.14
Pine Hills$27,139$2,261$521$13.05

Florida’s Top Paying Related Target Team Member Jobs

In Florida, there are some jobs related to being a Target Team Member that pay more than the usual salary for that role. Examples include Target Product Review, Target Analytics, and Target Creative.

These jobs pay between $46,062 (203.5%) and $86,069 (380.2%) more than the average salary of $22,636 for a Target Team Member.

Getting one of these related jobs could mean earning more money than the typical pay for a Target Team Member.

Here are the top 5 best-paying related Target Team Member jobs in Florida.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Target Product Review$108,705$9,058$2,090$52.26
Target Analytics$88,733$7,394$1,706$42.66
Target Creative$71,080$5,923$1,366$34.17
Target Engineer$69,150$5,762$1,329$33.25
Target Operating Model$68,698$5,724$1,321$33.03

Who Pays More Target or Walmart?

How Much Does Target Pay an Hour in florida

People who work at Target seem to like the company culture and receive higher salaries with better benefits. On the other hand, Walmart has better career development. 

It may be more appealing if you are searching for a job that won’t last too long, as a Target job would, but if you are looking for a long-term deadline, Walmart offers more opportunities for promotions.

The majority of Target team members are paid on a fortnightly basis; again, to calculate the check, you need to contact Human Resources.

Friday is the day when Target employees count their checked pay, and the payroll is usually done every other Friday in a year.

Target prides itself on treating its employees with dignity and respect. They have a policy never to work with vendors or factories that physically abuse their employees or use intimidation to scare them.

Target facilitates a connected banking system through a credit union membership arrangement and ensures employees save for retirement through a 401(k) plan with matching contributions.

They also provide a discount of 10% on products and an additional 20% on wellness supplies.

Nevertheless, it should be stated that Target has a three-strike policy in which issuing three write-ups for the same issue can lead to corrective action and in some cases termination.

Why is Target so Much Better than Walmart?

Walmart products are mostly traditional house brands that offer value. On the other hand, Target makes house brands exciting and valuable, not something to qualify a compromise solely on the price.

As far as wages per hour in Target in Florida are concerned, the average for a Target Team Member may be noted as $10.88. But there is a gap, where some make $12.93 while some receive income as low as $6.11.

While long-term options may appear more promising from Walmart, Target outperforms from a better culture, higher pay, and better benefits perspective.

The general pay rate for a Target Team Member job in Florida is $29,348. One should investigate similar jobs such as Target Product Review or Target Analytics because those can earn considerably more.

Moreover, the salaries vary from the city you work at with areas like Tildenville and Palm Shores paying higher than Florida’s average salary.

Finally, no matter whether you search for a temporary job or even become a career person with Target, consider plays such as location, payment, and the chance for further development.

Thus, when you’re searching for job vacancies in Tildenville or pondering the change towards Palm Shores, being aware of the pay structure may assist you in making an informed choice regarding your Target Team Member path in the Sunshine area.

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