Hong Kong Post Tracking

Hong Kong Post Tracking: Efficient Parcel Management

Do you know it’s possible to know where your package is even though you are receiving it from Hong Kong? The Hong Kong Post tracking system allows you to track your package online during the full delivery process.

Hong Kong Post Tracking

Hong Kong Post has been a department of the Hong Kong government in charge of postal services since 1841.

It has been a sub-member of the UPU since 1877 and exists independently of China Post.

Let’s find out more about Hong Kong Post tracking and what each tracking notification means.

How Does Hong Kong Post Tracking Work?

You must have a shipment tracking number before using the Hong Kong tracking system.

Just after the firm representative accepts the parcel, customers are given a number at the post office.

Also, if you place your order online, you will receive a text message with the code. The online store representative sends you the tracking number so you can locate the package.

Enter the received number in the Hong Kong mail tracking system on the Hong Kong Post’s official website in order to locate the parcel.

By the way, the Hong Kong Post tracking system is updated every time, so you can depend on the information you receive in response to your inquiry.

What is the Hong Kong Post Tracking Number Format?

Each EMS shipment and package receives a tracking number from Hong Kong Post. It is possible for small packages to be dispatched without tracking.

The format of a tracking number from Hong Kong Post is as follows:

  • RA123456785HK: Small parcels from Hong Kong beginning with the letter R, from the phrase Registered, weigh up to 2 kg;
  • EE123456785HK: This is the EMS express delivery code, where E is the first letter.
  • CD123456785HK: Hong Kong Post shipments weighing up to 20 kg always have a tracking number that begins with the letter C.

The Meaning of Hong Kong Post Tracking Notifications

The Meaning of Hong Kong Post Tracking Notifications

When you want to track your Hong Kong Post package, there are some notifications you will get. At times, you can easily get confused because you don’t know what they mean.

Here are some Hong Kong Post tracking notifications and their meanings in the table below:

Status  Description
Information ReceivedThe sender is preparing the item for posting.
AcceptedThe package is posted/in the collection.
Left Acceptance PointThe process is completed and ready for departure.
In Transit – Arrived at WaypointThe package arrived at the processing center.  
In Transit – Departed WaypointDeparture from the inward office of exchange/dispatched from the processing center.
Exported from Departure CountryDeparture outward office of exchange/handed over to the carrier or left destination.  
Imported to Destination CountryArrival at the inward office of exchange or arrival at the processing center.
Customs Clearance CompleteThe package is returned from customs.
Arrived at Destination OfficeThe package has arrived at the delivery office.
Left Office for Delivery The package is out for physical delivery.  
DeliveredThe package has been delivered to the rightful owner.
Delivery Attempt FailedThe delivery is incomplete/unsuccessful.

Why is My Hong Kong Post Tracking Number Not Working?

Your Hong Kong Post tracking is not updating because, in some circumstances, it takes several hours or even days for the tracking to be updated.

This results from the package registration process. Before attempting to track again, check the following:

  • Verify the tracking number by checking the digits and letters you entered twice.
  • Wait and let the messenger register the package. This can take a few hours or even days.
  • Check with the sender to be sure you have the correct tracking number.

It is advised to get in touch with the closest Hong Kong Post office if the tracking number is still not updating after several days.

Can Hong Kong Post Deliver My Package to the UK?

Yes, Hong Post can deliver packages to the UK and other countries. Hong Kong Post packages are delivered within 3 days to the UK, Canada, and the USA.

Meanwhile, for countries with time restrictions, this could take 5 to 12 days. They have a direct flight to the countries where the packages or parcels are going.

Depending on the clients’ chosen services, delivery times do change.

For instance, the post office in Hong Kong will deliver a small package if the customer wants to send it the following business day.

Other countries that can send or receive packages from Hong Kong Post are not limited to:

  • England Ireland: Three days at the minimum and ten days at the most.
  • Asian nations: 3 days at the least, 7 days at the most.
  • Western European nations: a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 21 days.
  • South Korea: a minimum of 6 working days.

Now, you know that you can track your Hong Kong Post package by using the tracking number that was given to you.

However, you can only track your Hong Kong Post package if you use the Registered Mail service level.

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