FedEx Freight Tracking Number: How to Track Your Freight Shipment

A FedEx Freight tracking number provides a complete solution for tracking and managing shipments. If you’ve ever used FedEx Freight to ship a package, you’re probably aware of the tracking number that goes with your cargo.

FedEx Freight Tracking Number

A tracking number is a special identification that enables you to keep track of your package’s status as it travels through the shipping system.

When you generate a shipping label, this number is given to your shipment and travels with it the entire time.

It’s easy to track your FedEx Freight cargo.

You can get real-time updates on the progress of your package by entering your tracking number on the FedEx website.

What is a FedEx Freight Tracking Number?

The tracking number is a string of letters and numbers that acts as a point of reference for the shipment from pickup through delivery.

A FedEx Freight tracking number is a unique identifier provided to a shipment by the FedEx Freight system after it is processed.

The tracking number enables both the shipper and the recipient to trace the shipment’s progress, including its location, projected arrival date, and delivery status.

Also, the tracking number acts as confirmation of shipping.

It allows the shipper to offer proof of cargo delivery in the event of any disputes or claims.

Meanwhile, FedEx Freight tracking numbers have 12 digits made up of both numbers and letters.

The prefix of the FedEx Freight tracking number represents the type of service used to ship the item.

There are three prefixes for the FedEx Freight tracking number:

  • 020 for FedEx Freight Priority service
  • 119 for FedEx Freight Economy service
  • 023 for FedEx Freight Volume service

The base of the FedEx Freight tracking number consists of eight digits, which uniquely identify the shipment within the FedEx Freight system.

This number is assigned by the carrier when the shipment is processed and is used to track the shipment throughout its journey.

What is the Importance of FedEx Freight Tracking Number?

FedEx is one of the trusted organizations in the world when it comes to shipping and logistics.

Their FedEx Freight tracking system is a vital aspect of their service.

Below are some of the importance of the FedEx Freight Tracking number:

1. Enables Real-time Tracking

The main reason for recording your FedEx Freight tracking number is to allow real-time tracking of your consignment.

This keeps you up to date on the status of your package during its route.

You can track its progress, and if there are any delays or problems, you will be alerted right away.

Without a tracking number, you would have no idea where your cargo is and may miss vital updates.

2. Aids Communication with Customer Service

If you have any issues with your package, having your FedEx Freight tracking number will make communicating with customer care much easier.

You can give them the tracking number, and they will easily view all the pertinent information on your cargo.

This will enable them to give you prompt assistance, saving you time and lowering your stress.

3. Provides Proof of Delivery

It is also necessary to note your FedEx Freight tracking number to provide evidence of delivery.

When your package is delivered, you will be notified of the date, time, and location of the delivery.

This information is important if there is a disagreement about the package being delivered.

You can get this information and use it to give proof of delivery if you have a tracking number.

4. Helps to Plan Ahead

Knowing the status of your cargo also helps you plan ahead of time.

For example, if you are expecting an important package, you can use the tracking information to anticipate when it will arrive.

This allows you to organize your calendar and be available to collect the package when it comes.

5. Enables Package Intercept

Sometimes, you might want to change the delivery location of your package or even intercept it before it is delivered on occasion.

In this case, you can request a parcel intercept with a FedEx Freight tracking number.

This allows you to redirect your package to a new destination or hold it for pickup at a FedEx store.

6. Protects Against Loss or Damage

Having a record of your FedEx Freight tracking number will avoid having your package lost or damaged.

You can use the tracking information to determine when and where your package got missing or damaged.

This will make it simpler for you to submit a claim and get reimbursed for any damages you have suffered.

It can be challenging or perhaps impossible to make FedEx know your package was lost or damaged without a tracking number.


 How to Find a FedEx Freight Tracking Number

FedEx Freight shipping packages are an efficient option to get your products where they need to go.

However, if you don’t know how to follow your shipment’s status or if you don’t have a FedEx Freight tracking number, it might be frustrating.

Let us look at various methods for finding a FedEx Freight tracking number.

1. Look for it on Your Receipt or Shipping Label

The best place to find your FedEx Freight tracking number is on your receipt or shipment label.

When you ship with FedEx Freight, you will receive a receipt with vital shipping information, including the tracking number.

The tracking number is found at the bottom of the receipt or mailing label.

Keep your receipt or mailing label somewhere secure so you can quickly refer to it later.

2. Check your Email or Online Account

You can track your shipments online if you have a FedEx account.

This can be done after you log in to your account.

You will be notified via email when your package is picked up, in transit, and delivered.

If you don’t already have a FedEx account, you can create one for free online.

Check your email for any tracking information if you’ve already shipped with FedEx Freight.

FedEx often sends a confirmation email that includes the tracking number and a link to track your shipment.

If you can’t find the email, check your spam or junk folder in case it was filtered there.

3. Contact FedEx Customer Service

If you’ve exhausted all the above options and cannot find your FedEx Freight tracking number, the next step is to contact customer care.

FedEx offers a specialized customer care staff that can assist you in locating your tracking number.

You can get in touch with them by phone, email, or live chat.

The customer service representative will ask you for some vital information to verify your identity and find your shipment.

4. Use the FedEx Mobile App

The FedEx mobile app is a great choice if you need to track your package while on the road.

The app is available for free download on your smartphone or tablet.

You can find your recent shipments and watch their progress in real-time after you log in to the app.

Push alerts can also be sent to you when your package is picked up, in transit, or delivered.

You must input your tracking number to use the app.

If you don’t have your tracking number, you can contact customer support or arrange a pickup using the app.

5. Use a Third-party Tracking Website

If you still can’t locate your FedEx Freight tracking number, you might try a third-party tracking service.

You may trace your package by entering your FedEx tracking number on these websites.

These websites include PackageRadar, AfterShip, TrackingMore, and 17TRACK.

While these websites are beneficial, you need to exercise caution while using third-party services.

Be cautious of fraud or phishing attempts and only input your tracking number on reliable websites.


How to Track a Shipment Using a FedEx Freight Tracking Number

Tracking your package is simple and convenient once you have a FedEx Freight tracking number.

You can follow these procedures to track your freight package:

1. Visit the FedEx Website

To begin monitoring your freight package, go to the FedEx website.

Once on the website, go to the top of the page and click on the “Tracking” button.

2. Enter Your Tracking Number

Next, fill out the “Track Your Shipment” box with your FedEx Freight tracking number.

To prevent mistakes, double-check your tracking number entry.

3. View your Shipment Details

Click the “Track” button after entering your tracking number.

The status, anticipated arrival date, and location of your package will be shown on the website.

You can check when the parcel was picked up, when it reached each destination, and when it was delivered.

4. Sign up for Notifications

You can sign up for alerts to remain up to date on the progress of your shipment.

FedEx provides a variety of notification methods, including email, text messages, and push alerts via the FedEx mobile app.

You can specify if you want to be notified when your package is picked up, in transit, or delivered.

To sign up for alerts, go to the FedEx website and input your contact information under the “Notifications” page.

Your FedEx account also allows you to modify your notification choices.

5. Contact Customer Service

You can call FedEx customer support if you have any questions or concerns about your package.

The customer care staff is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.

You can get in touch with them by phone, email, or live chat.

When contacting customer care, have your tracking number and any pertinent information about your package handy.

This information will be requested to authenticate your identity and give you the correct information about your shipment.

Common Issues with FedEx Freight Tracking Number

When tracing your package, you can experience several complications.

The following are some of the problems with tracking a FedEx Freight package and how to resolve them.

1. Incorrect Tracking Number

It is important to enter your tracking number correctly to avoid any errors.

If you are unsure about the tracking number, check the shipping confirmation email or contact the sender for the correct number.

2. Package Stuck in Transit

If the tracking information indicates that your delivery is stalled in transit, this might be due to weather conditions or other reasons.

You can call FedEx customer support to find out what’s causing the delay.

They will also give reschedule the time and date for your package to arrive.

3. Shipment Not Found

Sometimes, the tracking information can show “Shipment not found”.

This means that the tracking number is inaccurate, or the carrier has not yet scanned the shipment.

In such circumstances, it is preferable to wait a few hours before rechecking the tracking information.

If the problem persists, please contact FedEx customer support.

4. Incorrect Delivery Address

If your FedEx Freight shipment’s delivery address is inaccurate, it will lead to delivery delays or a failed delivery attempt.

You can call FedEx customer support to give more information regarding the right delivery address.

5. Missing Package

FedEx Freight cargo can go missing.

If this happens, call FedEx customer support to report the problem.

You can also register a missing package claim with FedEx.

6. Delivery Exception

If the tracking information reveals a delivery exception, it signifies that there was a problem with the package’s delivery.

This can happen because of several reasons.

It could be an inaccurate address, no receiver available, or a damaged item.

In such circumstances, you can call FedEx customer support to postpone the delivery or resolve the problem.

Getting a FedEx Freight tracking number for your cargo can be a useful method to keep track of its progress and location.

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