What are FedEx Printable Sizes?

You’re probably among those asking the question, what are FedEx printable sizes? You don’t need to ask anymore, we’ve answered that question comprehensively in this article, so read through as we explain everything regarding the topic.

What Are Fedex Printable Sizes?

There are lots of printing sizes that FedEx provides, this depends on the material that you want to use.

Some of these sizes are 8.5 x 11 inches), legal size (8.5 x 14 inches), tabloid size (11 x 17 inches), small format size (11 x 17 inches or smaller), and large format size (up to 60 inches wide).

These sizes are not the same, each of them has specific areas that can be used.

Also, they can be used for material such as documents, legal papers, posters, marketing materials, business cards, banners, and signs.

What are FedEx Printable Sizes?

FedEx offers a range of printable sizes for their shipping labels, which are used to identify and track your packages.

These labels can be printed on standard printers using plain paper, or on specialized label printers for more professional-looking labels.

The available sizes for FedEx printable labels are as follows:

1. 4″ x 6″ label

This is the most commonly used label size for FedEx shipments.

It’s ideal for shipping small to medium-sized packages and provides plenty of space for shipping information, including the recipient’s address and tracking information.

2. 4″ x 8″ Label

This label size is similar to the 4″ x 6″ label but offers a slightly longer length.

It’s a good option for shipping items that may require a bit more room for labeling, such as larger envelopes or documents.

3. 4″ x 9.5″ Label

This label size is specifically designed for use with FedEx’s Expanded Service International Air Waybill.

It offers ample space for shipping information and can be used for international shipments.

4. 7″ x 4.75″ Label

This label size is commonly used for FedEx Ground shipments.

It’s a good option for shipping items that require a smaller label, such as envelopes or small packages.

5. 8.5″ x 11″ Label

This label size is ideal for printing multiple labels at once, as it fits multiple labels on a single sheet of paper.

It’s a good option for high-volume shippers who need to print multiple labels quickly and efficiently.

Why are Printable Sizes Important?

Understanding printable label sizes is important for a few reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that your labels will be the correct size for your packages.

Using the wrong label size can lead to issues with shipping, such as labels falling off or not scanning properly.

Additionally, using the correct label size can help streamline your shipping process.

When you use the correct label size, your packages are more likely to be processed quickly and efficiently, which can help ensure timely delivery.

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