Card Games for Two

Top 9 Common Card Games for Two Players

Card games for two transform ordinary playing cards into a lively environment for strategy, friendly rivalry, and shared laughs. These games date back to the late 14th century, and playing cards have been at the center of entertainment for centuries since then.

Card Games for Two

They have changed over time, from global poker tournaments to the classic beauty of Bridge and the joyful simplicity of Go Fish.

If you are at home, chilling at a party, or hanging out with a sibling, loved one, or a partner, and you don’t know which card game to play, this read is here to guide you in making a pick.

The Best Portable Card Games for Two Adults

Two-player card games are awesome because they’re a perfect blend of thinking, skill, and enjoyment. 

Here are some card games you can play with just one other person:

1. Golf

Imagine playing a card game that’s a bit like traditional golf but with cards instead of clubs and balls. The goal is to have the lowest score possible over nine rounds, just like playing nine holes in golf.

Each player has two rows of three cards placed face down in front of them. Now, turn any two cards in your setup face up. These face-up cards represent your current score.

The main task is to replace these face-up cards with ones from a draw pile, aiming for lower-numbered cards. If you have a face-down card, you can swap it with a face-up card from the draw pile. 

The round ends when all six cards in front of you are face up. Repeat this process for a total of nine rounds, keeping track of the total value of the cards in each round.

At the end of the game, the player with the lowest total score after nine rounds is the winner.

Card Games for Two

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2. Spit

The speed and spit card game is all about getting rid of all your cards before your opponent, and it’s a game many love playing with another person.

In Speed, you set up a row of face-down cards on the table in this pattern: five cards, one card, one card, and another five cards. Each player is dealt 15 cards, and from that 15, both draw five cards to start the game.

The game begins by flipping over the top card from the two single-card stacks in the middle. 

You need to play a card from your hand that’s either higher or lower than the exposed card in the middle. 

Place your card on top of the visible one and keep building off that new card. If you can’t play any cards, draw one from the pile of five and place it on top of one of the middle stacks.

3. No Wrong Answers

No Wrong Answers is a game that emphasizes connection and laughter rather than competition. 

It’s all about bonding with the people you’re playing with. In this game, there’s no need to worry about winning or losing – the focus is on enjoying the company and having a good time together.

Each card in the game features a unique question that you ask the person you’re playing with. 

These questions are far from ordinary; they’re designed to be quirky and entertaining. 

For example, you might come across questions like “Which cereal mascot would be the best kisser?” or “Your nose is broken, and you can only smell one thing for the rest of your life.”

The responses to these questions are often hilarious and provide insight into each player’s sense of humor and creativity.

Card Games for Two
No Wrong Answers

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4. In A Pickle

This card game proves to be a blast even with just two players. The concept is simple.

Each card in the game features different objects or ideas. The challenge is to create stacks of four cards, arranging them in ascending order based on the size or the relationship between the objects.

You might have a set that goes from a small object like a “pickle” to a slightly larger one, perhaps a “jar,” then to something even bigger like a “kitchen,” and finally to a larger category like “house.” 

To win the game, the goal is to collect five of these sets. It’s like creating little stories or progressions with the cards, linking them in a way that makes sense based on size or containment. 

This game is highly recommended to play.

Card Games for Two
Card Games for Two

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5. Love Letter

Love Letter is a game that’s not only quick and simple but also incredibly easy to understand, mainly because the entire deck consists of just 16 cards. 

The objective is to be the first to deliver your love letter to the princess.

How is it played? Each card in the deck has a special action associated with it. For instance, you might have a card that lets you peek at another player’s hand or one that allows you to discard a particular card. 

The key to success lies in using these actions strategically to outwit your opponents and, ultimately, win the affection of the princess. The game continues until the card pile runs out. 

Card Games for Two
Love Letter Card Game 

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6. Cribbage

Cribbage is a classic dating back to the 1600s and holds the title of my most-played two-player game. Despite some quirky rules, it’s a game that has stood the test of time.

Here’s how it’s played: Each player begins with a hand of six cards. From this hand, both players choose two cards, placing them face-down in a special area known as the “crib.” 

The contents of the crib are revealed at the end of the hand.

Now, the main action begins. Players take turns playing cards, and as they do, they keep a running total of the combined values. 

The challenge is to strategically play cards without surpassing a count of 31. If you can’t play more cards without going over 31, the cumulative count restarts. 

Points are scored during this process for achieving specific milestones like reaching 15 or 31 and creating combinations such as pairs, triples, or runs of consecutive cards.

After both players have played their hands, a random “cut card” is added to each player’s hand. 

Points are then scored for similar combinations, and one player also earns points for the contents of the crib. The ultimate goal is to be the first player to reach a certain score.

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7. German Whist

If you love a fun game, you will enjoy German Whist. It’s a classic and engaging two-player game that hinges on skillful card play and a bit of luck with the trump suit.

Sometimes called Honeymoon Whist because it’s great for two players.

At the start of each hand, the trump suit, a special suit that outranks the others, is determined by the first face-up card from the stock. 

Both players are dealt a hand of 13 cards. During each turn, players play a card, and the one with the highest value wins the top card of the stock, always kept face-up. 

The loser of the trick, however, gets the face-down card beneath it. This unique system ensures that both players receive a replacement card after each trick, with the winner leading the next one.

As the game progresses, and the stock of face-down cards is depleted, you continue playing out your hand of 13 cards. The player who manages to win the most tricks out of these 13 wins the game. 

8. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights strikes the right balance of simplicity for young kids and engaging complexity for older kids or adults. 

The ultimate goal of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all the cards in your hand.

How does it work? The dealer kicks things off by dealing five cards to each player. 

Then, the dealer places the remaining cards in the middle, forming the “stockpile.” The top card of the stockpile is turned face up and becomes the starter card.

The player who didn’t deal gets the game rolling by placing a card face-up on top of the starter pile. 

The trick is that each card played must match the starter card either in suit or denomination. 

For example, if the starter card is a Jack of diamonds, you can play any Jack or any diamond from your hand. If it’s a five of hearts, you can play another five or any other heart.

And what’s the exciting part of the game? If a player’s turn comes, and they can’t play a card on the starter pile, they have to draw cards from the stockpile until they get a playable card or until the stock runs out. 

This element introduces an element of luck, as the number of cards drawn can vary. If the stock runs dry, the player has to pass their turn. 

Interestingly, a player can choose to draw from the stock even if they already have a card in hand that they can play.

Card Games for Two
Crazy Eights

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9. Slap Jack

Slap Jack is an energetic card game where the main goal is to win the most cards by being the first to slap a jack when it’s played. 

It’s a game that’s all about speed, focus, and quick recognition of face cards, making it ideal for children aged five and older.

To get started with Slap Jack using a regular deck of cards, deal the entire deck to each player, placing their cards face down in a stack. 

Players take turns drawing cards one at a time and placing them face up in the middle of the table.

The twist of the game is when a jack is played, the race is on! The player who is the first to slap the jack successfully claims the entire stack of cards.

They then add these cards to the bottom of their stack, and the game continues until another jack appears. This cycle repeats until one player has collected all the cards.

Card Games for Two
Slap Jack

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There are plenty of awesome games you can play with just one other person at your home, parties, or anywhere else using a regular deck of cards. 

So, grab a deck, find a friend, family member, or anyone willing to join you, and start playing! It’s a simple and fun way to enjoy card games together.

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