does usps deliver on saturday

Does Usps Deliver on Saturday? Weekend Delivery Explained

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday? This is a question you would probably ask if you’re expecting a surprise gift from someone, or you’ve sent important documents to your clients.

does usps deliver on saturday

Most people use USPS to send and receive packages because of its vast network.

Sometimes, you can get caught up at work on weekdays, and there’s no time to send that important package.

You’re aware that post offices are only open for a very short time on Saturdays. This leads to the burning question “Does USPS deliver on Saturday”?

We’ll answer that question, and tell you everything you need to know about USPS and its weekend deliveries.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

Yes, USPS delivers packages on Saturday. The standard delivery schedule for USPS includes deliveries from Monday through Saturday.

This means if you’re expecting a package, it will get to your doorstep on Saturday.

However, you must use Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express to be sure of getting your package.

This is because only Priority Mail allows you to choose Saturday as a date for delivery. So, it makes USPS Priority Mail one of the most popular choices for shipping packages.

Meanwhile, some post offices can delay your package if you’re using other options like First-Class Mail, Media Mail, or USPS Retail Ground.

This is to guarantee the timely delivery of these express and more expensive postal services.

What Does USPS Mean?

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

The full meaning of the acronym USPS stands is United States Postal Service.

When Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General, USPS began in 1775. He played an important role in its early development.

It started before the US Constitution was ratified and was first called the United States Post Office Department.

The USPS has grown to have over 516,636 employees and delivers 128 billion emails every year.

Amazing right? You guessed it right!

USPS’s fleet of civilian vehicles is the largest in the world, with more than 200,000 cars.

By law, they are required to provide services to every citizen. This is regardless of where they live, at the same quality and cost.

How Late Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

The last deliveries for USPS on Saturday are usually by 5 p.m.

In many areas, USPS begins Saturday deliveries in the early morning hours, around 9 a.m.

This allows postal carriers to start their routes and make sure that mail and packages are delivered promptly.

As the day progresses, USPS continues its Saturday deliveries into the midday hours.

This means that if you’re expecting a package or mail on a Saturday, you can also get it in the afternoon between 12 pm and 3 pm.

However, deliveries for packages shipped with Priority Mail Express are made by 10:30 AM.

The postal worker will ensure the items are delivered if something goes wrong that day.

Sometimes, it can take up to 6:30 on Saturday.

Meanwhile, your location, the volume of mail, and the delivery route of your carrier will determine the time of delivery.


What are the Charges for USPS  Saturday Delivery?

What are the Charges for USPS  Saturday Delivery?

The cost of sending a package on Saturday depends on the service level you have chosen.

You don’t have to pay an additional cost for Saturday delivery because Saturday is a regular business day for USPS.

So, if you’re using Priority Mail, then you will be charged $6, depending on your package’s dimension and destination.

However, UPS Retail Ground charges start at $7, while First-Class Mail will cost you $4 for each package you send.

Let’s not forget Priority Mail Express which charges $26 and above for Saturday delivery.

Is There a Sunday Delivery for USPS Packages?

Yes, USPS usually delivers on Sundays. However, this only applies to particular packages and services.

For instance, Sundays are when Priority Mail Express deliveries are made.

You can use Priority Mail Express if you need a parcel delivered overnight.

Also, USPS has a partnership with Amazon for delivering Amazon packages on Sundays in select areas.

This partnership allows Amazon Prime members to receive eligible packages on Sundays.

They began shipping packages from Amazon to Los Angeles, New York, as well as other major cities like Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, and Dallas.

This expanded delivery options for Amazon customers.

When Does USPS Not Deliver Mail?

When Does USPS Not Deliver Mail?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) follows a regular delivery schedule.

However,  there are several instances when USPS does not deliver mail or packages.

They include:

1. Federal Holidays

USPS observes several federal holidays during the year, and mail and package deliveries are suspended on these days.

Some of the federal holidays observed by USPS include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Independence Day, etc.

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

 In cases of snowstorms, hurricanes, or other natural disasters, USPS will suspend mail delivery services.

This is for the safety of its employees and to protect mail and packages. Delivery usually resumes once conditions improve and it is safe to do so.

3. Emergencies and Safety Concerns

If there are emergencies or safety concerns in specific areas, USPS temporarily suspends mail delivery until it is safe to resume.

 This can include situations such as civil unrest or localized emergencies.

4. Customized Delivery Preferences

USPS offers services like Package Intercept and Hold Mail, which allow customers to customize their delivery preferences.

 If you’ve requested to hold your package for a specific period, USPS will not deliver it until you request otherwise.

5. Address Issues and Mailbox

 If there are address issues with a package, USPS will hold the item until the address is corrected or clarified.

Also, if your mailbox is blocked or inaccessible, USPS will not deliver your mail.

Can I Track My USPS Weekend Delivery?

Yes, you can track your USPS weekend delivery. It’s almost the same way you would track any other USPS package.

To track your package, you will need a tracking number that is on your package.

This tracking number is given to you when you send or receive a package through USPS.

If you want to track your package, open your web browser and go to the official USPS website.

On the USPS website’s home page, you’ll find “Track a Package.” This is where you can enter your tracking number.

Enter the tracking number and click “Track”. Once you click “Track,” the USPS website will display the tracking information.

USPS’s online tracking system operates all the time, so you can check for updates on weekends just as you would on weekdays.

 If your package is out for delivery on a Saturday, the tracking information will reflect its progress and expected delivery time.

IS USPS Weekend Delivery Tracking Expensive?

IS USPS Weekend Delivery Tracking  Expensive?

 No, USPS weekend delivery tracking does not cost extra cash.

However, this is dependent on the service level you’re sending your package with.

If you’re using Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express delivery, you have no worries.

They function effectively on weekends as they do during the weekdays.

However, if you choose to go through with first-class postage, you will need to add tracking to the postage you have paid.

This is because it is not included.

So, when using USPS services and paying for postage, you must sort out your tracking information.

 If you have the tracking information, though, you can go ahead and track your weekend deliveries.

Can You Estimate USPS Delivery Timeframes?

There’s no “rule of thumb ” for estimating the USPS delivery window.

Trying to predict when your USPS delivery will be made can be quite difficult.

This is because most postage services do not have guaranteed delivery windows like those offered by FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

Unless you choose Priority Mail Express, then your delivery timeframe will be unpredictable.

However, USPS has  guidelines that can help you estimate delivery timeframes:

1. Destination

Where you’re sending your package to will influence the delivery timeframes. Generally, if you are sending your mail to a shorter distance, it will be delivered quickly.

For instance, packages sent within the same state arrive faster than those traveling across the border.

2. Package Size and Weight

The size and weight of the package can affect delivery time.

 Larger or heavier packages take longer to process and transport.

3. Delivery Zone

USPS divides the United States into different delivery zones. It uses the ZIP code of the destination address to determine delivery zones.

Hence, the delivery timeframe varies based on the specific zone.

4. Shipping Class and Features

 USPS offers different shipping classes and features like Certified Mail, Registered Mail, and Priority Mail Express Guaranteed.

These services can help you estimate when your mail or package will be delivered.


How to Make the Most of USPS Saturday Deliveries

How to Make the Most of USPS Saturday Deliveries

Now that you know USPS delivers on Saturdays, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Plan Weekend Shipments

If you know you want to send out your gift during the weekend, start planning ahead.

You can use USPS Priority Mail as a reliable weekend delivery option.

2. Use USPS Online Tools

 Take advantage of USPS’s online tools and resources to schedule deliveries and purchase postage.

You can even request package pickups from your home.

This will save you time and make the process more convenient.

3. Consider USPS Package Intercept

 If your package needs to be rerouted or intercepted, USPS offers a service called Package Intercept.

You can use this service to make changes to the delivery address or hold your package at a USPS facility.

Now, you know that you can always get your USPS deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

So, go ahead and surprise your spouse or loved one with that gift during the weekend.

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