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What Time is Mail Delivery on Columbus Day?

What Time is Mail Delivery on Columbus Day? It’s important to understand post office operations before making plans to send mail or expect to receive mail via USPS on Columbus Day.

Mail delivery on Columbus Day

Knowing about the USPS (United States Postal Service) holiday schedule for 2023 will help business owners plan their shipping well.

The USPS does not open for major federal holidays, as their delivery times differ depending on their mailing services.

Now, let us examine whether USPS will deliver your mail on Columbus Day and also find out about USPS holiday schedules.

Will USPS Deliver Mail on Columbus Day in 2023?

No, USPS will not deliver Mail on Columbus Day. This special day is set aside to honor Christopher Colombus’s explorer and landings in America.

USPS will temporarily shut down their locations with the purpose of not offering any delivery service on this federal holiday.

We recommend that you do your mailing days before the date for the holiday’s commencement, which is 9th October 2023.

Here are some of USPS’s many delivery services and their delivery times just before Colombus Day:

  • USPS Priority Mail Express delivers the next day, so you can mail your items by 7th October.
  • USPS Priority Mail delivers 1 to 3 days, therefore, you need to ship by Thursday, 5th October.
  • USPS First-class Mail delivers around 1 to 3 days, shipping by Thursday 5th October would be favorable.
  • USPS Media Mail will deliver your mail within 2 to 8 days, so starting your shipping process by 3oth September will be a good decision.
  • USPS Retail Ground just like the Media Mail, will deliver your shipment within 2 to 8 days. In order to record success in your shipping process, you need to start by 30th September.

Is Columbus Day a Federal Holiday?

On October 10, Americans will observe Columbus Day, an occasional excursion respecting Christopher Columbus ‘ appearance in America.

The history of this federal holiday can be traced back to 1937 on a day known as Native People Groups’ Day, to respect the civilizations that were in America before Columbus ‘ appearance.

Columbus Day can be viewed as a ” substitute association excursion “, as just 14% of associations are shut on the get-away.

Now, do most Americans have a day off from work on Columbus Day? Actually, most banks will be shut down, so workers will presumably be at home.

As indicated by Seat Exploration Center, just 21 nations give laborers Columbus Free Day as a paid excursion.

The Agency of Work Measurements expresses that, for regular specialists, 77% of private assiduity laborers approached paid leaves in Walk 2017. 

What is the USPS Holiday Calendar for 2023?

The following is the timetable for the 2023 mailing station occasions when mail may not be running. USPS might be running decreased hours on certain occasions. 

You need to confirm with your nearby USPS office for the specific occasion hours, assuming you are working with any critical mail conveyance.

The mailing schedule for some nations is additionally accessible as an iCal schedule; you might jump at the chance to import those features to your cell phone.

Now let us look at the table below:

Monday02/Jan/2023New Year’s Day Holiday
Monday16/Jan/2023Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
Monday 20/Feb/2023Washington’s Birthday
Monday20/May/2023Memorial Day
Tuesday04/Jul/2023Independence Day
Monday04/Sep/2023Labor Day
Monday09/Oct/2023Columbus Day
Friday10/Nov/2023Veterans Day Holiday
Thursday 23/Nov/2023Thanksgiving
Monday25/Dec/2023Christmas Day
USPS Holiday Calender for 2023

Effects of Columbus Day on Mail Delivery Services

Effects of Columbus Day on Mail Delivery Services

Celebrated on the second Monday of October, this holiday holds literal and artistic significance.

However, as with many leaves, it brings about a series of goods in colorful sectors, including correspondence delivery services.

These are some effects of Columbus Day on mail delivery services:

1. Disruption in the Regular Delivery Schedule

With government services and numerous businesses closed, there’s a lack of regular correspondence processing and delivery.

This can affect detainments in the delivery of letters, packages, and other correspondence particulars, affecting both individualities and businesses.

2. Backlog Accumulation

The accumulation of correspondence during this holiday can put fresh pressure on carriers and sorting installations.

This backlog can take some time to clear, causing delays in deliveries.

3. Slow Business Transaction

Having to take a day’s break from work will have an effect on businesses that depend on timely goods delivery.

These delays can disrupt business operations, force chains, and client service. Hence, you need to start planning ahead to avoid getting your clients angry or frustrated.

Applying these results requires strategic planning and collaboration with stakeholders.

Will My Local Post Office be Opened On Columbus Day?

You can check the hours of operation on the USPS Locator Tool to see if the closest post office is open or closed on holidays.

Every post office unit’s available hours for every day of the week are listed on the portal.

As an alternative, you can reach USPS by calling the numbers provided on its official webpage.

You will be able to speak with the Customer Care Center, who will provide you with detailed information regarding their business hours on a given day.

Are there Options for Mail Delivery on Columbus Day?

Yes, there are alternatives that can help you get your delivery faster, in case you’re stuck on Columbus Day.

Government services and many businesses are usually closed, affecting regular correspondence delivery schedules.

If you still want to ship your items on Columbus Day, here are some alternatives for effective mail delivery:

1. Extended Weekend Schedule

One alternative to get your package before Columbus Day is to extend your delivery schedule for the weekend.

Carriers can work on Saturday before Columbus Day, ensuring that you will get your package before the vacation. This approach reduces the effect of the holiday on when and how you get your delivery.

2. Priority Mail Services

Using Priority Mail services will really help during federal holidays like Columbus Day.

This is because Priority Mail is given preference in sorting and delivery. So, important documents or packages sent through this service level won’t be affected.

Now you know that there’s no mail delivery on Columbus Day, you need to always plan your shipping schedule ahead.

Although USPS will not officially deliver your mail, there are alternative mailing solutions to meet your mailing needs on that day.

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