usps drop off locations

How Many USPS Drop Off Locations are Near Me?

Where are USPS drop off locations? If you’re looking for blue boxes to drop off your USPS package, then you are not alone.

usps drop off locations

You are on this journey with thousands of people seeking UPS dropoff locations.

This is because USPS drop off locations provide a physical touch point for sending packages and letters.

We’ll find out where USPS drop off locations are and how you can drop off your packages easily.

Where are USPS Drop Off Locations?

There are two USPS drop off locations here in the US.

They include:

1. Local Post Offices

Local post offices are the foundation of USPS services. They offer different postal alternatives under one roof. The United States is home to more than 34,000 post offices.

Without standing in line for the service kiosk, packages with mailing labels attached can be dropped at USPS drop-off locations.

This makes your local post office branch a great place to buy a mailing label if you need one for a shipment. Some of the options available to you in domestic services include:

Meanwhile, if you want to use their international service, some of  the options are:

  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International Flat Rate
  • International Priority Airmail
  • First-Class Mail International

2. USPS Blue Boxes

The blue collection boxes are placed across public areas. These boxes stand for the USPS’s dedication to being there for you in times of need. In the US, there are more than 139,000 blue USPS package drop-off boxes.

Meanwhile, inside a USPS building, collecting boxes can be designated mail chutes or wall-mounted drop-offs.

These blue sentinels anxiously await your letters and deliveries. Every weekday, all active USPS blue boxes are emptied no later than 5 p.m.

A USPS employee must confirm this pickup by scanning the barcode within the USPS drop-off facility. So, if you want to know if there’s a USPS mailbox close to you, you can visit the USPS website.

On the site, select the ‘Quick Tools’ button from the top menu. This will help you find the closest USPS mailbox. It will display all USPS drop-off mailboxes in your area.

Can I Drop Off My USPS Package at Distribution Centers?

Can I Drop Off My USPS Package at Distribution Centers?

No, you can’t drop off your package at USPS distribution centers. This is because distribution centers are not USPS drop off locations. Here, packages are sorted for shipping.

After being processed, they are then delivered to sectional center facilities.

These sectional center facilities can only be found in certain geographical locations.

They keep the mail flowing to regional post offices and to its eventual location. So, these places are not USPS pickup locations and are not accessible to the public.

What Can I Drop Off in a USPS Mailbox?

You can drop off various items in a USPS mailbox. However, you can place these items if they are in compliance with USPS guidelines.

These items include:

1. Letters and Cards

You can drop standard letters, postcards, greeting cards, and holiday cards into a USPS mailbox.

Ensure that the postage is properly affixed and that the items are sealed.

If the letters or cards are not properly sealed, they will be rejected at the post office.

2. Small and Prepaid Packages

You can drop off small packages that weigh under 13 ounces. Also, packages that measure 15 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 3/4 inches in thickness can be dropped here.

These packages include books, DVDs, and other lightweight goods.

Meanwhile, if you have a prepaid shipping label, you can drop off your packages here. Make sure the label is visible and properly fixed to the package.

3. Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes

USPS offers flat-rate shipping options with special envelopes and boxes that have a fixed postage cost. This cost is regardless of the weight or distance.

You can drop off these pre-packaged items as long as they have the appropriate postage.

Meanwhile, there are items that you cannot drop off in a USPS mailbox. They include:

  • Any stamped mail that is heavier than 13 ounces.
  • Postage-paid international mail that requires a customs declaration.
  • International mail containing customs declarations not made online.

What are the Tips for Making USPS Drop Offs Easy?

Tips for Making USPS Drop Offs Easy

It’s daunting to spend so much time at the post office when you have other things to do.

So, if you want to easily drop off your USPS package, then the steps below will help you find out:

1. Labeling

Always put the labels on the largest surface of the package. Make sure the barcode and address are clear of any folds or wrinkles. While writing the recipient’s address, make it legible.

You can write their apartment or suite numbers, and use a legible font. Remember to include your address on the package.

This is important in case the item needs to be returned or there are delivery issues.

2. Fill Out Customs Documents and Purchase Postage Online

You can complete most forms and purchases at the USPS office. By doing this, you can make sure all shipping labels are structured correctly, this is essential, especially if you’re shipping internationally.

Don’t forget to use the USPS online postage calculator to determine the right postage for your package.

If you’re using online postage, print labels and postage at home to save time at the drop-off point.

3. Use the Correct Service

Every USPS service level was created to suit the needs of both businesses and individuals. Each service has a different delivery time frame.

So, as a business person, you need to choose the appropriate USPS service based on your needs.

There’s Priority Mail, First-Class, Media Mail and the list goes on. Just pick anyone that resonates with you and your business.

4. Schedule a Pickup

If you don’t have much time for a package drop-off, you can schedule a package pick-up.

USPS pick-ups can be scheduled for your residential or commercial address. This can be done by using the USPS website or app to locate drop-off points. Make sure the location you choose accepts the type of mail or package you’re sending.

Remember to confirm the pickup time for the mailbox or post office you’re using. Some mailboxes have multiple pickups per day, while others are collected once a day.

Can I Contact USPS About a Package?

Absolutely, you can contact USPS about a package.

If you have questions, or issues regarding a package you’ve sent or are expecting, here’s how to reach them:

1. Online Tracking

The first step is to track your package online using your tracking number.

This number was given to you by USPS when you sent the item. So, go to the USPS website and use the “Track & Manage” feature.

Enter your tracking number and you will get real-time updates on your package’s status and location.

2. Contact Customer Service

If you need more information or assistance, you can contact USPS Customer Service.

Meanwhile, if you choose to call, dial the USPS Customer Service hotline (1-800-275-8777).

Listen to the automated prompts and select the appropriate options to speak with a representative.

3. Visit the Local Post Office

If you’d like to address the issue in person, you can visit your local post office.

Remember to take your tracking number, receipts, and identification to help the postal staff assist you.

However, if your package is missing, you can send a file an online missing mail search request on the USPS website. This process will take some time, but it can help you find your missing items.

USPS drop-off locations make it easier for you to drop your packages.

You can either visit your local post office or find the nearest blue box to send that special package to your heartthrob.

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