How much does a cashier at Sam's Club make

What is the Hourly Wage of Cashiers at Sam’s Club?

How much does a cashier at Sam’s Club make? It is important to know that the competitive wage of a cashier reflects the company’s appreciation for that role, and they are rewarded handsomely.

How much does a cashier at Sam's Club make

So, if you’re considering a job at Sam’s Club or just curious about how much they pay per hour, we’ve got the breakdown of what these cashiers make.

Let’s explore in detail how much cashiers make hourly at Sam’s Club, compare other job titles similar to the cashier, examine their functions, and understand the essentials required to be a good cashier.

How Much Does a Cashier at Sam’s Club Make?

A cashier is a worker who works with a cash drawer, taking orders from customers and handling store receipts and money. Normally, they have an eight-hour workday.

When they start work, their day begins and they spend most of the time at one particular cash register inside the employer’s premises where they deal with the items in their cash drawer.

The average hourly wage of a Sam’s Club Cashier in the US is $15.31, which is 18% above the national average wage.

The salary data are obtained from the 263 data points including from the employees, users, and also job ads on Indeed in the past 3 years.

In comparison to the national average salary for cashier positions, the average annual salary for Sam’s Club Cashier jobs is slightly higher by 5.2%, which is approximately $1,500 higher than the national average.

It must be pointed out that these salary estimates are just approximations drawn from the data provided by third parties to Indeed.

The minimum wage in practice may differ from region to region and the workers are advised to approach the employer for accurate salary information.

Job Titles Paying Comparably to Sam’s Club Cashiers

How much does a cashier at Sam's Club make

Here are job titles with similar salaries to cashier at Sam’s Club;

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Cart Attendant$29,800$2,483$573$14.33
Produce Team Member$30,000$2,500$576$14.42
Retail Team Member$30,000$2,500$576$14.42
Food Service Associate$30,000$2,500$576$14.42
Resolution Specialist$30,000$2,500$576$14.42
Gas Station Attendant$30,000$2,500$576$14.42
Produce Associate$30,750$2,562$591$14.78
Associate Merchandiser$31,957$2,663$614$15.36
Prepared Foods Service Team Member$32,200$2,683$619$15.48

Cashier Salary at Sam’s Club Competitors

Here are the salaries of cashiers at Sam’s Club competitors;

RankCompanyAverage SalaryHourly RateJob Opening
1           Target$33,652$161
3Wegmans Food Markets$30,882$1553
5BJ’s Wholesale Club$29,837$1493
6Stop & Shop$29,751$14
8ShopRite Supermarkets Inc.$29,035$14
9Michaels Stores$28,631$14566
10Best Buy$28,397$14276

Highest Paying Cities for Sam’s Club Cashier Jobs

Here are the top highest-paying cities for Sam’s Club cashier jobs;

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Richmond, CA$35,075$2,922$674$16.86
Bellevue, WA$34,562$2,880$664$16.62
Santa Clara, CA$33,334$2,777$641$16.03
Pasadena, CA$33,142$2,761$637$15.93
Belgrade, MT$32,751$2,729$629$15.75
Federal Way, WA$32,740$2,728$629$15.74
Palmdale, CA$32,732$2,727$629$15.74
Washington, DC$32,721$2,726$629$15.73
Stamford, CT$32,589$2,715$626$15.67
Glendale, CA$32,432$2,702$623$15.59

What are the Functions of a Cashier?

How much does a cashier at Sam's Club make

These are the functions of a cashier;

1. Cash Drawer Management: Set up and maintain the cash drawer with appropriate bills and coins at the beginning of the day.

2. Cash Handling: Handle cash transactions, providing change to customers paying larger bills.

3. Payment Processing: Process credit, and debit card transactions, and occasionally facilitate check payments.

4. Order Handling: Take customer orders, process payments, and provide change, as well as bagging orders for customer convenience.

5. Sales Receipts: Issue and organize sales receipts, reporting ongoing events to the immediate manager.

6. Workspace Maintenance: Clean and organize the workspace during non-peak times, ensuring a tidy and hazard-free environment.

7. Customer Assistance: Remain alert for wandering customers or those in need of assistance, guiding as necessary.

8. Workstation Security: Secure and maintain a clutter-free workstation, free of irrelevant items and hazardous materials.

9. End-of-Day Procedures: Count the cash drawer at the end of the day, ensuring it reconciles to the initial amount, and deliver excess cash to the manager.

10. Receipt Filing: Present all merchant copies of receipts for filing.

11. Workstation Closure: Securely lock down the workstation, ensuring cleanliness and orderliness before clocking out.

12. Reporting: Regularly report ongoing events and relevant information to the immediate manager.

13. Educational Requirements: While most positions require a high school diploma, some may require familiarity or proficiency with computerized office software or cash handling experience.

Important Skills Required to Be a Good Cashier

These are the key skills that every good cashier should have;

1. Math Skills

A cashier must be able to count, add, subtract, divide, and also multiply well. 

It makes it very easy to change quickly without having to depend on a calculator.

2. Patience

In dealing with customers, patience is very important as it helps to improve their shopping experience. 

It is particularly necessary in cases where the customers forget the products or when approvals need to be obtained for some transactions.

3. Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is also very helpful in making the right change and controlling the product inventory and expiration dates. 

It is very important for arranging the items and also for following the display standards.

4. Punctuality

Punctuality is very essential at the cashier shifts. 

It assists in the opening of the store in the morning and it establishes an easy transition with coworkers. Employers value punctuality.

5. Handling Pressure

Good cashiers should function well in busy periods and also work effectively under pressure. Effective stress management requires a lot of confidence and also adaptability. 

The ability to stay cool in the face of a very busy time is a strength.

6. Communication Skills

Communication with customers is vital. Cashiers should speak in a friendly voice, provide information on the promotions, and smile to use non-verbal communication. 

The process of establishing rapport with the customers enhances their shopping process.

7. Efficiency

Efficiency also includes accuracy, in addition to speed. 

The fact that cashiers need to work fast and precisely is valued not only by employers but also by coworkers and customers.

8. Product Knowledge

Cashiers should know about the products and services that the store sells. 

This information is very useful for answering the customers’ questions and also being a resource for the customers and co-workers.

9. Technology Skills

Cashiers have to learn how to use the point-of-sale system a lot. 

Although many employers offer training, having previous technology skills can help the process of learning.

10. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking involves handling several tasks at the same time.

Cashiers often need to do this, like scanning items for one customer while packing bags for another. Highlighting this skill is important for job applications and interviews.

The average hourly pay at Sam’s Club is around $15.31, which is higher than the national average.

This means Sam’s Club values its cashiers and recognizes their importance in providing excellent service to customers.

So, if you’re considering a job as a cashier at Sam’s Club, not only will you gain valuable experience in customer service.

However, you’ll also receive a competitive salary, showcasing the company’s recognition of your role.

It’s good for those who enjoy working with people and want to be a part of a well-respected team.

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