How much is a whole pizza at Sam's Club

How Big is a Sam’s Club Pizza?

How much is a whole pizza at Sam’s Club? While wandering through Sam’s Club, you might suddenly hear someone suggesting the idea of grabbing a whole pizza, and you may be wondering about the cost.

How much is a whole pizza at Sam's Club

From pizza to hot dogs, to the beloved Chicken Bites, there are quite a few items at the Sam’s Club Cafe that you’ll likely want to check out.

We will go into the details of how much Sam’s Club sells their whole pizza, when you order, how long it may take, and the few things you should know about their Sam’s Club food court.

How Much is a Whole Pizza at Sam’s Club?

In Sam’s Club, a pizza slice and a drink cost $2.49 while a whole 16” pizza sells at $8.99, while Costco has a pricing edge with an 18” pizza for $9.95 or a slice for $1.99.

Sam’s Club’s pizza is a little chewy, rubbery, and very greasy. The cut is not as large as that of Costco, but it’s okay.

Today, Costco’s pizza is recognized as the best. It’s cheaper, has more variety, and is better tasting. A slice is big at $ 1.99, and a whole pizza is $ 9.95.

The pieces are so large that they almost do not fit on the plates and it is a bit dirty to eat, but it is worth it.

It is a thick, salty, and greasy cheese and a slightly sweet tomato sauce. In all, Costco’s pizza is cheesy, salty, and quite filling.

Incidentally, Costco is one of the largest pizza chains in the U.S., with more than 700 stores, while Sam’s Club is not far behind with more than 500 locations. When it comes to variety, price, and taste, Costco wins.

When Can You Order Your Pizza?

How much is a whole pizza at Sam's Club

If you’re craving pizza late at night, neither Sam’s Club nor Costco can help much. Sam’s Club Cafe is open from 10:00 to 7:00, while Costco has an advantage as it stays open until 8:30.

So, you have an extra hour and a half at Costco to order pizza, which is useful if you’re working late. However, even with that extra time, it might not be enough.

Pizza is a popular choice for sharing during movie nights or game nights, which often happen after 8 pm. However, Costco’s closing time might not align well with these late-night plans.

If you realize too late that you want pizza for your gathering, you might end up paying more at places like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, or Domino’s, as they stay open much later, some even until 1 am.

If you’re on a budget and aiming to spend less than $10, your best bet is to plan, buy the pizza in advance, and reheat it in the oven when you’re ready.

How Long Does Sam’s Club Pizza Take?

This three-meat Member’s Mark pizza is ready with delicious ingredients to put in your oven.

It takes about 15 minutes and you will have a hot and tasty 16″ pizza with sausage to eat.

The 16” pizza can be cut into 6 or 12 slices depending on how big you want your pizza slices. This size is typically suitable for serving 5 to 6 people.

Pizza is freshly made in the club using real mozzarella cheese and is available every day from 10 a.m. Sam’s Club assures satisfaction with this product.

For the pizza sizes, a large pizza is usually around 14 inches in diameter with 10 slices.

This pizza size is ideal for game nights or informal evenings at home. If you choose an extra-large pizza, it can be anywhere from 16 to 20 inches and provide 12 slices.

Costco offers an 18-inch pepperoni pizza for $9.95 before tax, and Sam’s Club offers a 16-inch pizza for $8.98.

Concerning serving size, a small pizza (8-10”) usually has 6 slices, a medium (12”) has 8 slices, and a large (14-18”) can have 8, 10, or even 12 slices.

Things You Know about Sam’s Club Food Court

How much is a whole pizza at Sam's Club

Here are some facts about Sam’s Club food court:

1. No Membership Needed

You do not need a membership to eat at the Sam’s Club food court. Though you have to be a member to shop in the store, you can still use the food court without a membership. 

The membership costs $45, but if you do not shop often, just tell the staff in the food court that you are going to the food court and they’ll let you through.

2. They Have Lesser Options

The Sam’s Club Food Court has fewer options compared to Costco. Sam’s Club is not as diverse as Costco is used to. 

However, do not fear for Sam’s Club has great food just not as much variety.

3. The Pizza Pretzel is good

Sam’s Club food court has a secret menu, and the pizza pretzel is a hit. 

You can order a regular soft pretzel with cheese pepperoni and marinara sauce on top for an additional taste. It is a tasty snack after shopping all day.

4. The Icee Float is Perfect

For a refreshing snack, try the Icee floats. They are simple yet tasty and you can choose a flavor and then top it with soft creamy vanilla ice cream. 

The best time to have them is on a hot summer day but hurry, they melt under the sun.

5. The Churros are Huge

The churros at Sam’s Club food court are gigantic. These churros are 16 inches long, they are fried, and sugary, and they are great to have as a sweet treat. 

Buy one as a treat or several if you need to apologize.

6. Make Your Order without Waiting

The Sam’s Club food court allows a customer to order a whole pizza without waiting. 

If you are too exhausted to cook after a long day, order a pizza as soon as you arrive, complete your shopping, and pick it up as you finish. It is an easy way to eat without having to worry.

Although it was initially questioned, the cheap price and surprisingly delicious taste, Sam’s Club pizza is still a good option.

The large, deep-dish slices are of great value, and even though the environment lacks an elegant dining ambiance, the convenience and positive recognition from customers and employees say a lot.

Therefore, the next time you are at Sam’s Club and someone suggests getting a whole pizza, do not outright reject the idea because you might find a tasty and affordable treat that is unpredictable.

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