What Color Goes with Brown?

What Colors Go with Brown to Create Stunning Contrasts?

What color goes with brown? Brown is a color that often goes unnoticed, yet it’s all around us, bringing warmth and a touch of earthiness to the world. Even if you don’t love brown that much, it probably still plays a big part in the colors of your home.

What Color Goes with Brown?

Brown is created by mixing different amounts of red, yellow, and blue. When these colors come together, they form the earthy tones that we associate with brown. 

If you want to make brown colors look great and exceptional in your home, you can pair them with other colors that go well together. 

So, we’ll take a closer look at what color goes with brown for both the inside and outside of your house. 

What Color Goes with Brown?

We’ve gathered some amazing pictures of rooms that mix brown with various colors. Once you see them, we’re sure you’ll agree that brown can add a nice touch to any home.

The colors that complement brown include:

1. Brown and Purple

What Color Goes with Brown?

Imagine a sophisticated bedroom with deep eggplant purple walls, complemented by a beautiful bed frame. 

The deep purples create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, while the brown adds warmth and balance. 

2. Brown and Turquoise 

What Color Goes with Brown?

In this luxurious space, accents of turquoise are strategically placed to inject bursts of energy. 

Picture a turquoise throw blanket casually draped over a chocolate brown leather sofa. The vibrant turquoise hues pop against the deep brown, adding a lively and dynamic element to the room.

3. Brown and Coral

What Color Goes with Brown?

A coral and brown color scheme introduces a tropical and inviting feel, making the room elegant but also lively and welcoming.

The brown elements can be incorporated through furniture and accessories to balance the overall look.

4. Brown and Gold

What Color Goes with Brown?

Imagine beautiful mirrors with shiny gold or brass frames hanging on the deep purple walls of the room. 

The shiny metal frames bring a bit of glamour and sophistication, making the entire room feel extra special and stylish.

5. Brown and Dark Gray

What Color Goes with Brown?

This creates a modern and calm vibe. Now, think about having different shades of brown furniture in that room. 

The dark gray walls make everything look cool and modern, and the brown furniture stands out stylishly and beautifully. 

6. Brown and Burgundy

What Color Goes with Brown?

The burgundy accent wall exudes warmth and sophistication, especially at a family dinner.

The burgundy set a cozy ambiance, especially when paired with a dark wooden dining table and brown wooden chairs. 

7. Brown and Blue

What Color Goes with Brown?

In this home, they did a great job putting brown and blue together in the dining area. 

The dark blue walls mix well with the warm brown furniture, making a nice and cozy balance that makes the space feel inviting and pleasant.

8. Brown and Black

What Color Goes with Brown?

Mixing brown and black might sound dark, but it’s a great combination. 

They bring out the best in each other. The black adds drama, and the brown makes it feel cozy and welcoming.

9. Brown and Green

What Color Goes with Brown?

Brown and green always work well together. You can make a moody, masculine study with deep green and dark wood, or go for a light and airy living room with sage green and mushroom brown. 

If you have a lot of wooden furniture, adding some green plants can make things even more interesting.

10. Brown and Brass

What Color Goes with Brown?

The trend of using brass is sticking around. Pairing it with deep brown looks great. In an apartment, they used different shades of brown alongside brass for a stylish vibe. 

It kind of gives off a cool ’70s vibe, so if you like that vintage look, this combo could be a good starting point for your decor.

11. Brown and Lavender

What Color Goes with Brown?

You will love a bedroom with lavender walls and chocolate brown bedding for a calming and serene touch. 

The soft lavender creates a tranquil environment, perfect for relaxation. Soft, plush lavender pillows on the bed add to the calming atmosphere.

12. Brown and Mint Green

What Color Goes with Brown?

The soft mint green introduces a refreshing and youthful contrast, creating a workspace that is both refreshing and comfortable.

Just look at how the mint green accents in this office, against a backdrop of rich brown wooden furniture, bring balance.

13. Brown and Salmon

What Color Goes with Brown?

A kitchen with a unique and eye-catching combination of salmon-colored cabinets against a backdrop of warm brown tones is a sight to behold.

The salmon adds a playful and vibrant element to the space, making it a focal point and a conversation starter.

14. Brown and Yellow 

What Color Goes with Brown?

Imagine a room with warm colors like tans, taupes, and medium browns. Now, add in pops of sunny yellow—through things like colorful artwork, bright pillows, and a vibrant yellow chair. 

These yellow accents stand out against the neutral background, creating a stylish living room that mixes traditional and midcentury modern styles.

15. Brown and Mauve

What Color Goes with Brown?

Mauve looks fantastic when paired with light browns, like rattan, wicker, or light-colored wood floors. 

In a bright living room, you can see how this combination works—adding a touch of sophistication with the darker mauve against the lighter browns.

16. Brown and Beige

What Color Goes with Brown?

Incorporating light neutrals like cream or beige not only complements brown but also fosters a warm and earthy ambiance.

 This combination can evoke a sense of comfort and natural elegance.

17. Brown and White

What Color Goes with Brown?

The stark contrast of crisp white against brown creates a clean and timeless look.

Putting these two together gives a timeless and lasting look that works well in both modern and traditional places.

18. Brown and Green

What Color Goes with Brown?

Earthy greens, such as olive or sage, harmonize well with brown, particularly in natural or rustic environments. 

This pairing brings the outdoors inside, creating a serene and grounded feel.

19. Brown and Orange

What Color Goes with Brown?

Warm tones like orange or terracotta amplify the inherent warmth of brown, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

This combination radiates a comfortable and welcoming vibe.

20. Brown and Pink

What Color Goes with Brown?

When you mix brown with soft or light pinks, it adds a touch of warmth and a gentle, feminine feel.

This combination can give your decoration a subtle and graceful charm.

21. Brown and Red

What Color Goes with Brown?

Deep reds create a rich and bold combination with brown, injecting a sense of opulence and drama. 

On the other hand, lighter reds can infuse vibrancy and energy into the space.

How Do I Pair Colors With Brown?

Wondering how to make brown look great with other colors at home? Some of the tips include:

1. Look to Nature

Take inspiration from the outdoors. Browns in nature, like tree bark, go well with colors you find in the sea and sky. 

Think deep blues and cool teals. Adding green plants also helps for a natural feel.

2. Be Versatile

Brown is like a neutral friend—it gets along with almost any color.

You have the freedom to mix and match brown with a bunch of colors because it’s versatile.

3. Mix it Up

Mix various tones and textures of brown with creamy whites to create a relaxed and interesting appearance, avoiding a dull style. 

According to Danielle Chiprut, using various tones and textures makes your design interesting. 

Playing around with brown colors gives you tons of options to make things look good. 

Brown goes well with a bunch of other colors whether you want a comfy and warm feel or a more classy and cool vibe. 

The next time you’re choosing colors for your home, clothes, or any design project, feel free to experiment with various combinations. Don’t hesitate to try something different!

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