USPS Parcel Select Ground

What Does USPS Parcel Select Ground Mean?

USPS Parcel Select Ground is a wallet-friendly option for people who sell things online and need to ship big or heavy stuff weighing less than 70 pounds.

USPS Parcel Select Ground Work

It might not be the quickest, but it’s best when the person getting the package isn’t in a hurry.

This service, USPS Parcel Select Ground, has become very popular, especially for small businesses, to send their stuff to customers all over the U.S.

It’s a budget-friendly way to get your packages moving. Let’s explore to know what this USPS Parcel Select Ground really means.

How Does USPS Parcel Select Ground Work?

Parcel Select Ground is a way to send big or heavy packages through the post office.

It’s cheaper than some other options, and your package can weigh up to 70 pounds.

It might take between 2 to 8 days for your package to reach its destination, depending on how far it needs to go.

The cost depends on how heavy your package is, how big it is, and how far it’s going.

The way USPS Parcel Select Groundworks is simple and straightforward.

 In order to use it, the simple breakdown steps are:

1. Package Preparation

At this step, you make sure the package meets the weight and size requirements for Parcel Select Ground; thereby preparing your package for shipping.

2. Labeling

You should attach the appropriate shipping label. This includes the recipient’s address and a return address clearly visible.

3. Drop-Off or Pickup

Ensure you take your package to the nearest post office for drop-off or schedule a pickup through the USPS website or mobile app if you have multiple packages.

4. Transit and Delivery

USPS collects the packages and transports them through their network until they reach the destination facility. And also deliver them to the recipient’s address.

What Services are on USPS Parcel Select Ground?

USPS Parcel Select Ground

The USPS will give you the best if you have a good understanding of the service options.

The USPS Parcel Select Ground offers five different service options, with specific requirements and a standard set of rates for each.

The five service options are:

1. Parcel Select Ground

This service primarily targets online postage customers with no minimum package thresholds.

2. Parcel Select Ground

The NDC Presort service comes with a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces and their packages have to be pre-sorted to select the NDC/ASF destinations.

3. Parcel Select Ground

This Destination Entry service also comes with a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces just the NDC Presort.

4. Parcel Select Ground

In this service, the Packages must also be pre-sorted to select destinations.

The ONDC Resort is also similar to the two service options above as it is only available on a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces.

5. Parcel Select Ground

The Lightweight service is aimed at merchants with packages that weigh less than 1lb. It is also subject to a specific volume.

Convenience is hugely important when considering shipping services.

However, if you’re a merchant who uses authorized USPS business partners, you may still be able to use this service from a post office.

The few companies that use this service are DHL, FedEx, and UPS and they take advantage of the affordability of Parcel Select Ground.

They rely on the USPS for the long-haul transport of their SmartMail (DHL), SmartPost (FedEx), and SurePost (UPS) service offerings because of their infrastructures.

This service is particularly for deliveries to rural areas because it has been proven to be cost-effective.

How Long Does USPS Parcel Select Ground Take?

The transit times for USPS Parcel Select Ground are based on the size, weight, and destination of your package and range anywhere from 2 to 8 working days in the continental U.S.

But if you’re shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, the transit times can be longer.

USPS Parcel Select Ground does not guarantee delivery dates. However, packages could arrive sooner or later than expected if the USPS tracking number online projects an estimated delivery date.

Ensure to always set accurate expectations with your customers to avoid disputes and to promote a positive customer experience.

The service USPS Parcel Select Ground is helpful because it makes sending your USPS packages very easy without stress.

You don’t have to worry about where to drop them off because it takes care of that for you. There are many places that you can drop a USPS package, and they include:

1. USPS Mailboxes

USPS Mailboxes otherwise called Collection Boxes, simply allow users to simply drop off their parcels whenever they want to. There are many kinds of these boxes, and they vary in size and purpose.

2. Kiosks

Kiosks help to reduce queues and help everyone get their mail in on time; which makes it quicker than going to the main counter.

3. Contract Postal Units

Contract Postal Units work like postal units. This allows you to also purchase shipping labels and other USPS products in exactly the same way as you would at a post office.

4. USPS Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are designed to sort and distribute mail, but a few may be able to take drop-offs. But if you have a local one, you should contact them to find out whether they could offer this service to you.

5. US Post Offices

The main postal service in the US is the USPS, you can purchase stamps and shipping labels, buy insurance, and pay for tracking. Post office can be located online to find the nearest one close to you.

What are the Benefits of Using Parcel Select Ground?

USPS Parcel Select Ground Work

There are a lot of amazing benefits that Parcel Select Ground offers.

They include:

1. Cost-Effective Shipping

One of the biggest benefits of this service is that it’s affordable.

If your package does not need speedy delivery and you’re looking to save on shipping costs, then this service is an excellent option.

2. Weight and Size Flexibility

Parcel Select Ground accommodates packages weighing up to 70 pounds, thereby making it suitable for shipping a wide range of items.

Also, the combined length and girth (2x width + 2x height) cannot exceed 130 inches, providing enough space for various package sizes.

3. Nationwide Coverage

The Ground options are capable of covering a lot of the United States simply because they have wide network coverage of delivery routes.

Whether you’re shipping locally or internationally, USPS Parcel Select Ground has you covered.

4. Basic Tracking Included

Parcel Select Ground includes basic package tracking. 

5. Easy Drop-Off Options

Sending a package with this service is very easy. If you have multiple packages to send, you can drop them at your local post office or schedule a pickup.

What are the Features of USPS Parcel Select Ground?

There are some excellent features of USPS Parcel Select Ground that make it ideal for merchants, who should know.

They include:

  • The ideal combination of low cost and quality when it comes to shipping.
  • They are designed for large and medium-type shipping.
  • It has Basic Tracking at no extra cost.
  • It doesn’t have extra fuel charges, Saturday delivery charges, or residential charges.
  • It has delivery options that are available to military addresses and PO boxes.
  • It helps you deliver extensively to other locations using the combined options of USPS’s extensive delivery network and parcel consolidation expertise.

It is very important if you should understand the rules and restrictions guiding USPS Parcel Select Ground; as this will give you the best coverage against running into issues during the shipping process.

Here’s a breakdown of things you should know:

1. Weight and Dimensions

USPS Parcel Select Ground Package must weigh 70 pounds or less and should not exceed 130 inches in length and girth.

2. Shipping Restrictions and Prohibitions

Some packages should only be shipped under certain conditions like lithium batteries and aerosols.  Shipments containing airbags, ammunition, explosives, gasoline, or marijuana are prohibited entirely.

3. Shipping Labels

USPS shipping labels must be affixed to the outside of the packages of all USPS Parcel Select Ground parcels.

4. Shipping Insurance

An extra fee must be paid to serve as shipping insurance to insure shipments traveling through Parcel Select Ground.

USPS Parcel Select Ground is a good option for shipping packages that aren’t in a hurry to reach their destination.

It’s affordable, dependable, and can handle different package sizes and weights. Whether you’re sending something as an individual or a business, it’s a popular choice.

If you learn how to use Parcel Select Ground the right way, you can save money on shipping without sacrificing quality.

So, if you have a package that doesn’t need to get there quickly, think about using USPS Parcel Select Ground for a budget-friendly and smooth shipping experience.

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