Dhl Drop Off Near Me

How to Track the Location of a DHL Package

How to locate DHL drop off near me is a thought that could be running through your mind, if you want to use DHL to send a package to a client or that girl you have crushing on for ages.

Dhl Drop Off Near Me

We all know that DHL is very reliable if you want to send packages to anywhere in the world.

You can either request a pickup online or go to the nearest DHL store to drop off your package.

So, let’s tell you how to find the drop-off locations that are closer to you, and how you can get your package ready before dropping them off.

How to Locate DHL Drop Off Near Me

If you want to locate a DHL drop off location near you, then you need to visit the official DHL website.

When you’re there, you must enter your address in the search bar to get results.

After, you need to click on the “Options” tab, and it will take you to the  “Show these types of locations” tab if you want to filter the results.

Then, you will be able to view the pickup and drop-off timings for each location, and any other restrictions.

Meanwhile,  if you want to find an international DHL Drop-off location, you will need to visit either the “Locate a DHL location abroad”, or “Locations of DHL in the US” websites.

What are the Different DHL Locations?

There are several types of DHL drop-off locations. They include:

1. DHL Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are  DHL drop-off stations for small parcels and express papers.

Every day, there are pickups, and you can even get free shipping supplies. That’s some juicy offer!

However, hazardous goods cannot be left here, and packages with dimensions more than 18″ x 13″ x 4″.

These goods have to be delivered to Authorized Shipping Centers or Service Points.

2.  DHL Authorized Shipping Centers

You can visit a DHL Authorized Shipping Center to find a DHL location close to you.

While some centers are UPS Stores, others are independently owned and operated retail companies.

This is because DHL and UPS have an agreement to handle some of the international shipments coming from the US

Although the staff at these locations is not affiliated with DHL, they can assist you with preparing your international packages and they also accept DHL deliveries.

3.  DHL Service Point

The closest thing to a DHL-branded store you’ll find in the US is a facility staffed by DHL.

These locations are not everywhere like the Authorized Shipping Centers, and it’s not unusual to just find a few of these available in major cities.

However,  you can get express delivery options like DHL Express International, DHL Express 9:00, and DHL Express 12:00 at these service points.

DHL-branded air express shipping supplies are also available here.

How Can I Get My DHL Package Ready for Drop-off?

How Can I Get My DHL Package Ready for Drop-off?

After placing your order for a DHL drop-off service online, you’ll get a mailing label.

Simply print it out and put it on your package before delivering it to the closest DHL service location.

Remember to print out the customs documents that will be generated during the booking process.

This will really help if you are sending an international package.

What Time Does DHL Pick up Packages?

A DHL courier will pick up your package at your home or place of business from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. This runs through Mondays to Fridays.

 Also, if you schedule a Saturday delivery, they will pick it up on Friday.

Any size or weight shipment can be picked up by DHL Same Day and delivered to its destination in a matter of hours.

If you want a quick pick-up and delivery service, then you can try their next flight-out service which sends packages to more than 220 countries and territories.

Will DHL Place My Package at the Door?

Yes, DHL can place your package at the door during delivery. The package will often be left at the front door.

At times, they might even put it by your back door.

Meanwhile, some drivers put safety first above all else. These drivers will search for spots that are just a little hidden.

When they find it, they will put it there to hide it from prying eyes.

They can also take a photo and send it to you to make it easier for you to locate the box when you get home.

So, you should start by looking at the front door for your package. If it isn’t there, you should look at your garage or in other hidden locations.

You can always contact DHL if you’re still having trouble finding the package.

Now, that you know the closest DHL drop off location, you can always go there on time to drop off your package.

You can also use the Location Finder to look for the DHL drop off location.

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