usps informed delivery sign in

How Do I Sign Up for USPS Informed Delivery Online?

Learn how to sign up for USPS informed delivery sign in? Do you know you can find out what’s in your mailbox without checking the mailbox?

usps informed delivery sign in

You can get pictures from the Post Office of what is in your box every morning; which is convenient for you if you are expecting something important but if you don’t sign up for it someone else might.  

This is why you should sign up on the USPS website. Here is an overview of how USPS Informed Delivery works, how to sign up, and ways that can help you manage your mail digitally.

How to Sign for USPS Informed Delivery Sign in?

Go to your account options, scroll to the Informed Delivery section, and select Informed Delivery if you already have a account.

In the event that you lack a account: Click the sign-up link on the Informed Delivery website.

To find out if your address qualifies for informed delivery, enter it.

Informed Delivery is a free service that lets people check out a digital preview of their regular mail and keep track of when their packages are arriving

This free service enables you to easily view incoming mail and packages digitally before they are delivered.

You’ll be able to preview gray-scale images of the envelope or shipping label for any pieces of mail that are being sent to your address.

Also, this service enables you to track and manage your packages from anywhere and it’s very useful if your family likes traveling.

You can easily see when packages are scheduled to arrive, leave delivery instructions, or schedule a redelivery if you missed a package.

USPS Informed Delivery Sign In is only possible if you have already signed up for this service.

Guide on How to Sign in to USPS Informed Delivery

You should have an account signup for USPS Informed Delivery before you can sign in. The sign-up process breakdown is as follows;

 1. Verify Address

USPS will have to verify your address to ensure that the USPS Informed Delivery service is available where you are, this is quite easy and done online.

2. Create a USPS Account

If you already have a USPS account, you can log in and update your address after verifying your account but if you don’t, you will be asked to create one

3. Verify Identity

USPS requires identity verification for the person filling out the request. For most people, this involves an online mobile phone verification process in which you will receive a text message with a unique one-time code.

4. Account Confirmation

After completing the above steps, you should receive a Welcome Letter from USPS with your account information.

But your account might need 3-7 working days for its accounts to be set up, after which you will have easy access to your mail. You can set up USPS Informed Delivery for multiple addresses as well.

How Does Informed Delivery Work?

usps informed delivery sign in

USPS Informed Delivery Mail takes cognizance of pieces of mail arriving at your doorstep. When you are about to receive a new piece of mail, you’ll receive an email notification with an image of the envelope or package.

The customers can view the grayscale images of the exterior, and address side of letter-size mail pieces arriving soon. These are also available through email notification, online dashboard, or mobile app.

Here is the process of how it works;

  • The users will have to sign up for Informed Delivery notifications.
  • Pieces of mail and packages are imaged and scanned during processing.
  • They are matched to delivery points and interactive mail or package campaigns are applied.
  • The users will receive mail piece images package tracking information and ride-along images.
  • Finally, the customer will receive physical mail pieces or packages.

Additionally, there is a USPS Informed Delivery app on both Apple and Android for you to check and manage your mail on the go.

What are the Benefits of Informed Delivery?

USPS Informed Delivery allows users to increase the reach of their marketing campaign through a synchronized physical and digital touch point.

This attribute allows you to:

1. Reach Engaged Consumers: It helps tap into an engaged user base that delivers higher-than-average email open rates.

2. Increase Interaction: It helps generate multiple impressions from a single mail piece.

3. Encourage Faster Responses: This service helps increase consumer response by offering interactive content, and a clear call to action.

4. Reach Customers Digitally from their Physical Address: This service helps expand your reach and audience base.

5. Get More Bang for Your Buck: It helps to increase the return on investment (ROI) for your campaign.

6. Measure Campaign Performance: It adds useful data insights that can help optimize your marketing spend.

Informed Delivery is not available for business; and is solely for people who live in certain areas and have regular home addresses or P.O. boxes.

If businesses want to handle their mail online, they can use a virtual mailbox, which is like a digital version of a real mailbox and offers more features than just seeing a preview of the mail

What Time Does Informed Delivery Update?

usps informed delivery sign in

Informed Delivery sends you an update every day, usually around 9 in the morning. If you’re expecting mail, it will send you updates every day until you get it.

But it won’t send updates on Sundays or federal holidays. You can also check your account, but remember, you’ll only see one update per day.

On average, people in the United States receive a whopping 41 pounds of this stuff every year, which adds up to a massive 76 billion pieces of junk mail sent out each year.

Junk mail refers to those annoying, unwanted flyers and ads you get in your mailbox.

USPS Informed Delivery service can show you a preview of your mail online. They don’t block out the junk mail but can clutter up your online mailbox.

Fortunately, there are other easy ways to stop it, like getting a virtual mailbox that can sort them out.

What is Informed Delivery for Business Mailers?

Informed Delivery for business mailers allows companies that send ads in the mail to create extra digital stuff for people who get their mail through Informed Delivery.

Instead of just seeing a boring black-and-white picture of the envelope, Informed Delivery users can see two colorful pictures made by the company. 

One of these pictures even has a link to the company’s website.

This is great for businesses because it makes their mail look more interesting and helps people remember their brand.

It can also help them make more money because they can put a web link in the digital preview.

USPS Informed Delivery is a helpful tool that lets you see a preview of your mail before it arrives at your mailbox. 

It’s kind of like getting a sneak peek of your birthday presents before your big day!

By signing in to your USPS account, you can easily check what’s on its way to your home, which can be quite straightforward.

If you’re curious and want to stay informed about your mail, USPS Informed Delivery is a service to consider.

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