Track my Amazon Order

How Can I Track My Amazon Order with Tracking ID?

Having an understanding of how to track my Amazon order has grown to be helpful for millions of users worldwide. The disappointment that sets in when you discover that your zero knowledge of tracking has rendered the beautiful package you ordered and sent to your parents, grandparents, friends, or anybody else untraceable.

Track My Amazon Order

For this reason, being able to track your orders will provide you with convenience and comfort regarding the progress of your deliveries.

We’ll go through the various ways you can monitor your Amazon orders so you can stay informed and in control of your online buying.

Are you ready to know how to track my Amazon order? Stay with us!

How Do I Track my Amazon Order?

Follow these steps to keep a close eye on the location of your package and stay updated on its delivery progress.

1. Access Your Orders

Start by opening the Amazon website or app and sign in to your account.

Find the “Your Orders” section after you have logged in. This is located in the top right corner of the website if you’re using a computer or under the main menu on the app.

2. Locate Your Order

A list of your most recent orders is displayed on the website under the “Your Orders” section.

Scroll through this list to find the specific order you want to track. Click on that order to access more details.

3. Choose the Tracking Option

Within the detailed information for your order, you’ll see the “Track Package” button. It’s easy to spot.

Click on this button to initiate the package tracking process.

4. Track Delivery Progress

After clicking “Track Package,” you’ll be taken to a page that provides live tracking information for your package.

This page shows details like the current location of your package, expected delivery date, and any recent updates or changes to the delivery status.

Does Amazon Give Tracking Numbers?

Sure, Amazon will give you a tracking number for each package they’re sending after your order is all packed up and sent out.

This number is sent to you through email and is also accessible on your order pages.

The tracking number for your Amazon order consists of a 9 to 14-digit number. It can be useful if you prefer to track your package directly.

What is Amazon Tracking Number TBA?

Have you ever bought something from Amazon and got a tracking number that starts with TBA? 

That code means “Transportation on Behalf of Amazon,” which tells you that Amazon is taking care of the delivery. 

The kind of tracking number you get from Amazon Logistics depends on where your package is going.

Since Amazon Logistics ships to the US, Canada, and Mexico, the tracking number could start with TBA, TBC, or TBM.

For example, it could look like TBC971298376563, TBA651765512737, or TBM090784187418.

What are the Amazon Tracking and Delivery Statuses?

Track My Amazon Order

Amazon uses various tracking and delivery statuses to provide customers with updates on the progress of their orders.

These statuses can change as your order moves through different stages of processing, shipping, and delivery.

Here are some of the common Amazon tracking and delivery statuses:

Statuses Meaning
Order PlacedThis indicates that your order has been successfully submitted, but it has not yet started processing.  
ArrivingIf your package is showing in this state, follow Amazon’s instructions for undeliverable packages.  
Out for deliveryThis status means that your package will be delivered today.  
DeliveredYour package has been delivered.  
UndeliverableIf your package is showing in this state, follow Amazon’s instructions at undeliverable packages.  
DelayedThis status indicates that there is a delay in the delivery of your package
ReturnedIf your package was sent back to Amazon, it will be marked as “Returned.”
PendingThis status can appear if there’s a temporary hold on your order or if Amazon is waiting for additional information to proceed with the delivery.  

Why is My Amazon Tracking Information Missing?

Several factors might contribute if you can’t see the tracking information for your package.

The first package scan may not happen until the package has been delivered to its final destination in most cases.

This is especially common during periods of high shipping volume when packages are processed in large batches.

Tracking information won’t be visible until this initial scan takes place.

How Long Does Amazon Tracking Take to Update?

The time for Amazon tracking updates can vary and is influenced by several factors.

Normally, once your order has been shipped, you can expect tracking information to appear on the Amazon website or app within a few hours.

However, during busier periods such as holidays, it may take a bit longer for the tracking details to become accessible.

It undergoes regular updates to provide you with the most current status and location of your package once the tracking information is visible.

The frequency of these updates depends on the specific shipping carrier responsible for your package, as some carriers offer more frequent updates than others.

Occasional delays or gaps in tracking updates can occur due to technical issues or temporary disruptions.

It’s advisable to contact Amazon’s customer support for further assistance should you experience significant delays or have any concerns.

Can I Track Amazon Packages through USPS?

Yes, customers can track Amazon packages on the USPS website.

If your Amazon order is in transit via the United States Postal Service (USPS), you have the option to conveniently track its progress through the USPS tracking system.

To initiate the tracking process, visit the USPS tracking website. Ensure you have your Amazon order’s tracking number at hand.

On the USPS tracking website enter your Amazon order’s tracking number into this field and hit the “Track” button.

It gives you a view of your package’s journey through the USPS system.

Is it Possible to Track Amazon Orders Using UPS?

UPS can track Amazon orders on its tracking website.

When your Amazon orders are sent via United Parcel Service (UPS), you have the option to track them.

This enables you to closely monitor the progress of your package within the UPS system.

Input the tracking number on the UPS website or use a third-party tracking site to access tracking details.

These details include the package’s current whereabouts and its estimated delivery time.

Can I Track Amazon Packages Using China Post?

Track My Amazon Order

When you place an order that originates from China on Amazon, the e-commerce company provides a tracking option through China Post.

This tracking service allows you to monitor your package’s progress as it journeys through the Chinese postal system to your destination country.

With China Post tracking, you can gain insights into your package’s whereabouts and its journey status.

This includes the ability to monitor any updates related to customs clearance, which is particularly important for international shipments.

You can also obtain a reliable estimate of when your package is expected to reach its final destination by making use of this tracking method.

All orders placed with Amazon come with tracking numbers, which make it simple to keep track of your deliveries’ progress.

You can track your package using Amazon’s platform or through carriers like USPS, UPS, or China Post, regardless of whether it is shipped domestically or abroad.

So, stay vigilant and keep an eye on those tracking numbers to enjoy your shopping.

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