We all value our sleep, so it only seems natural that we value what we’re sleeping on too. A manufacturer of bespoke, Victorian style beds, The Cornish Bed Company has been creating iron and brass beds using the same techniques and methods since they began in the 19th century.

Located in an old railway depot near Par, the company’s roots are steeped in history and all things Victorian, from the foundry it operates from to the beds it produces. Founded over twenty years ago the company is proud to shout about their authentic and traditional craftsmanship methods.

“The manufacturing process for Victorian bed frames in the 19th century is the same hand pouring and intricate polishing methods we employ today,” explains Garry Smith, Production Manager at The Cornish Bed Company, “It really is as far from the production line as you could get.”

Maintaining the production of traditional iron and brass beds in the UK, each of The Cornish Bed Company’s beds are created by skilled craftsmen. Visitors to the foundry can witness the traditional methods first hand and can even watch their bed being made.

Using The Cornish Bed Company’s signature cast knuckle joint

“The foundry is one of the last in the country to hand cast iron, brass and nickel beds,” says Garry, “each bed is given a unique serial number and is provided with a certificate of authenticity that can be passed on from generation to generation.”

A range of colours, coatings, and sizes are available, from duck egg blue daybeds, to pink four posters as well as headboards and standard sizes. Every bed is beautifully finished and designed to last a lifetime and can be customised to fit your space. As for sleeping, Garry is pretty confident that a good night’s sleep can be had with a bed from the foundry,

“A bed that squeaks every time you or your partner turns can disturb sleep, cheap fixings deteriorate over time and cause the bed to squeak every time you move. The Cornish Bed Company’s signature cast knuckle joint guarantees longevity and a snug fit that doesn’t squeak.”

Removing the moulds which are used to attach the bed framework together.

The engineering in each bed adds to its long-lasting quality, and the company’s success has seen them filling homes nationally with Cornish made beds.

“The Maud bed is one of the company’s best-selling beds,” describes Garry, “it was nominated for Product of the Year in the Cornwall Business Awards. It’s a modern take on a traditional Victorian design and its simplicity makes it suitable for a wide range of bedroom styles.

The Cornish Bed Company Maud bedstead. Offers 1″ side posts, slim top rail forming gentle rounded corners. Recommended for a traditional home however is so versatile it would also sit comfortably in any contemporary setting.

“Cornish Beds look good in any setting, from cool contemporary attic rooms to grand regency designs or cottages. Classic in appearance, they can be dressed up and one thing is guaranteed; a bed from The Cornish Bed Company will make a statement in any bedroom.”

To discover how you can get the best night’s sleep in your own Cornish bed, visit www.cornishbeds.co.uk

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