Are Dogs Allowed in Sam's Club

Does Sam’s Club Allow Emotional Support Animals?

Are dogs allowed in Sam’s Club? Are you a dog owner whose dog is not simply just an animal but also one of your closest friends and even family?

Are Dogs Allowed in Sam's Club

If that is the case, it’s more than likely you have asked yourself if dogs are allowed in Sam’s Club and share their shopping trips with them.

Americans have over 89 million pet dogs in America and this bond with their four-legged buddies gets even stronger every day, seeing that the dog-friendly places are on the increase.

Join us as we discover the captivating world of bringing your dog to shop at Sam’s Club, whether dogs are permitted there and what rules apply if they do.

Are Dogs Allowed in Sam’s Club?

No, you can’t bring your regular pet dog inside Sam’s Club because it sells food, and there are strict rules to make sure the food stays safe.

However, service dogs, which are trained to help people with disabilities, are an exception and are allowed inside.

If you still want to go shopping with your non-service dog, you have some other options.

Sam’s Club doesn’t allow regular dogs inside their stores, but you can usually bring them to outdoor areas like patios or seating areas, as long as they behave well.

There are several other stores where you can bring your pet dog along.

Places like Bed Bath & Beyond, Apple Store, Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shops, Michaels, L.L. Bean, Petsmart, Petco, Lowes, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, TJ Maxx, and Barnes & Noble are among those that allow non-service dogs and pets.

So, you have plenty of choices if you want to shop with your furry friend.

Rules for Bringing Your Dog to Sam’s Club

Are Dogs Allowed in Sam's Club

These are the rules to follow before bringing your dog to Sam’s Club;

1. Outdoor Only

Dogs are cool in outdoor areas like the parking lot and seating spots. If you don’t want to leave your dog at home, try curbside pickup and chill in the car with them.

2. Leash Up

Keep your dog on a leash. No one wants them begging for food or causing chaos. Teach them some leash manners, like sitting or lying down out of the way.

3. Clean Up Duty

If your dog does their business outside, you’re on cleanup duty. Bring those poop bags, and be mindful of where they go. No peeing on the patio, especially where people are eating.

4. No Store Entry

Only service dogs can enter the store. No pet dogs or emotional support animals are allowed inside. Service dogs are like medical equipment, not pets.

5. Good Behavior Matters

Even service dogs can get the boot if they misbehave. That includes bothering people, making a mess, or doing their business where they shouldn’t. Keep your pup on their best behavior.

6. Be Nice

Be courteous to the staff and other shoppers. Keep your dog healthy, vaccinated, and well-behaved. If your dog is sick or not used to crowds, maybe it’s best to leave them at home.

Remember, these rules can vary by store, so it’s a good idea to check with your local Sam’s Club before bringing your furry friend along.

Other Ways to Bring Your Dog Inside Sam’s Club

If you’re keen on taking your dog along to Sam’s Club but can’t bring them inside, here are some alternatives to think about:

1. Leave them at Home or in the Car: Not the most exciting option, but it’s the safest and most responsible move for your dog and fellow shoppers.

2. Try Curbside Pickup: Use Sam’s Club’s curbside pickup service. Just order your groceries online, and they’ll bring them to your car in the parking lot. You get to shop without leaving your dog alone in the car.

3. Hit Up Pet-Friendly Stores: Take your dog to a pet-friendly store like PetSmart or Petco. You can still enjoy a shopping spree with your furry friend without worrying about rule-breaking.

What is a Service Dog?

Are Dogs Allowed in Sam's Club

A service dog is a specially trained dog that is used to help people who need help.

They can perform several functions, such as guiding blind people or alerting diabetics when their insulin levels are low.

They are there to facilitate the lives of disabled people.

Registered service dogs, can be trained to detect allergens, they can support autistic individuals, or can provide mobility aid.

According to Sam’s Club, if your dog is trained to perform services directly related to access, mobility, health, or safety, then it is considered a service animal and you are free to enter any Sam’s Club location with him or her.

Even if your dog is not a service dog, you can still shop at Sam’s Club. Here are some dog-friendly alternatives:

Online Shopping

You can always order online from the SamsClub website and have your purchases delivered to your home. It is a convenient way of shopping without leaving your companion at home.

Curbside Pickup

A nice alternative is the curbside pickup. All you need to do is order online and then go to Sam’s Club, where they will deliver your items directly to your car.


If you are not a Sam’s Club member, you can still shop with Instacart and they will deliver the order to your home on the same day you placed the order.

Sam’s Club can’t allow all dogs and pets inside because they sell groceries and prepared foods.

But Sam’s Club is cool with service animals and they don’t require certification, registration, or special markers.

You might get asked about your dog’s service status, but you don’t have to prove anything with documents or licenses.

Now, if your dog isn’t a service animal, online shopping or curbside pickup at Sam’s Club is the way to go. Unfortunately, emotional support dogs need to stay home. So, keep it simple and shop smart.

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