UPS Change of Address

How to Notify UPS About Your Change of Address

Ever wondered how UPS change of address works? Especially in situations where the delivery address you initially provided needs to be changed. This might be because of some requirements for a more urgent delivery location.

UPS Change of Address

So what should you do if you discover that the address you gave for your package was incorrect? There’s no need to worry; UPS gives you the ability to change your delivery address.

Let’s walk you through the process of UPS’s Change of Address, how to request a UPS delivery Intercept, the cost, and what happens if UPS delivers to the wrong address.

How Does UPS Change of Address Work?

UPS Change of Address is a service provided by UPS to help customers update their shipping address information for packages that are in transit or for future shipments.

This service can be useful in situations where you’ve moved to a new address.

It is also useful if you need a package to be delivered to a different location than originally specified. You can change your delivery address online With UPS My Choice.

Making use of this service provides you with the ability to design your deliveries according to your specific requirements and preferences.

The following steps offer the support needed to modify your delivery address:

1. Access Your UPS My Choice Dashboard

First, visit the UPS website and sign into your UPS My Choice account to initiate the process of changing your delivery address with UPS.

To take advantage of practical delivery management options, it’s a good idea to create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Locate Your Package

After you’ve logged into your UPS My Choice dashboard, you’ll find a variety of options to manage your deliveries.

Click on the “Delivery Options” tab to proceed. Note that the shipper may impose restrictions that prevent you from accessing this option, but most deliveries should allow for these changes.

3. Follow the Prompts to Make Changes

Once you’ve chosen “Delivery Options,” the system will guide you through the process of making adjustments to your delivery.

Is it modifying the delivery address or selecting a more convenient delivery date? UPS My Choice provides instructions for both.

You have the flexibility to input your desired new delivery address or choose an alternative delivery date using this service.

How to Request a UPS Delivery Intercept to Change Address

UPS delivery intercept is a service offered by UPS, a package delivery company.  

This simply means that if you’ve sent a package through UPS but later realize you need to change the delivery address or stop the package from being delivered, you can request an intercept.

If you want to change the delivery plans for your package, you can do it while checking its progress on the tracking page.

Alternatively, follow these steps in your shipping history. Just remember, you’ve got to ask for the change before they try to deliver it for the first time.

The steps to request a UPS Delivery Intercept are;

1. Log In

Go to the website and log in to your account where you can see the history of the stuff you’ve sent.

2. Pick the Right Package

Find the package in the list that you want to change and click on it.

3. Choose What You Need

You can decide what changes you want to make to the delivery, like stopping it or sending it somewhere else.

4. Share Some Info

They’ll ask you for a bit more information to make sure they get it right. Fill in those details. Just remember, you have to do this before they try to deliver it for the first time.

If you use UPS Delivery Intercept, you can request your package to be canceled or redirect a package you’ve sent before it gets delivered.

And you can do that with one of these delivery intercept options;

  • Return to Sender: Have the package returned to you.
  • Deliver to Another Address: Change the delivery address to a new location.
  • Reschedule Delivery: Hold the package and have it delivered on a different date.
  • Will Call: Have the package held for you to pick up.

If you’re in the U.S. or Puerto Rico and want to change where your package is going, UPS Delivery Intercept can help. They might charge a fee, but you only pay if they make the change for you.

What’s the Cost of UPS Change of Address?

UPS Change of Address

For regular packages and UPS Worldwide Express Freight, there’s an additional cost of $13.40.

If you’re using UPS Ground with Freight Pricing, the extra charge can range from $13.40 to a maximum of $91.00 for each relevant shipment.

UPS imposes a charge for changing the delivery address primarily due to the operational effort and resources involved in updating the shipping information associated with a package.

When a customer requests an address change, UPS undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that the package reaches the newly designated location accurately.

This process involves communication with the shipper, the intended recipient, and any other relevant parties.

Its purpose is to facilitate the transition of updated information onto the shipping label and within the tracking system.

Consequently, the fee helps offset the costs incurred in providing this service and maintaining the efficiency of the package delivery process.

What’s the Alternative UPS Method for Changing Address?

You can get in touch with UPS Customer Service if you run into issues when trying to modify your delivery address online.

In this case, the customer service team can help. On weekdays, they are open for calls from 8:00 a.m. to midnight EST.

Speak with a live customer support agent to facilitate the process and gain insightful knowledge about whether a delivery intercept is feasible.

Be aware that there is a fee of $22.90 for phone requests to intercept deliveries, which is higher than the online fee.

Therefore, it’s advisable to initially try the online process to save costs. The fee for the intercept request is only applicable if it is successfully approved.

How Long Does UPS Take to Update Address?

UPS requires approximately two weeks to complete the address update.

To facilitate and streamline the Change of Address procedure, you can achieve faster results by proactively informing senders of your new address.

This can be done at least two weeks before your move.

Many bills and statements provide a designated section for such address change notifications.

Can I Reroute A UPS Delivery?

Sure, you can reroute a UPS delivery. Rerouting provides the necessary flexibility to adapt your UPS delivery to your changing needs or circumstances.

Here is how to reroute a UPS delivery:

1. Cancel the Shipment and Recreate It

If there’s an error in the shipping information or need to change the destination address, one option is to cancel the existing shipment and create a new one with the correct details.

This method ensures the package is sent to the updated address as intended.

2. Hold the Shipment at a UPS Facility

It can occasionally be more convenient to pick up the package yourself. You can ask UPS to hold the package for pickup at a nearby UPS location.

This option is especially helpful if you would rather receive the package on your schedule or want to avoid any delivery issues.

3. Reschedule the Delivery for a Different Date

UPS offers the option to reschedule the delivery for a more suitable date if the initially set delivery date doesn’t match your availability.

This level of flexibility guarantees that you receive your package at a time that better accommodates your schedule.

4. Receive the Package at a Different Address

In some situations, having the package delivered to an entirely different location becomes necessary.

UPS allows you to reroute the package to this new address, regardless of the change in delivery location.

How to Reduce UPS Address Correction Fees on Your Bills

UPS Change of Address

Address correction fees on your UPS bills can be a significant cost if not managed effectively.

These fees often arise when the shipping address provided is incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated, leading to additional charges for the shipper.

To eliminate these corrections and associated costs, consider the following:

1. Verify Addresses Before Shipping

A lot of e-commerce platforms and shipping solutions offer address validation features. These tools can help prevent incorrect addresses from being entered in the first place.

Also, when dealing with high-value items, make it a practice to reconfirm the shipping address with the customer before the package is sent.

2. Educate Your Staff

Ensure your shipping team is well-informed about the importance of accurate address entries.

They should be familiar with the structure of valid addresses and understand the significance of each component, such as street number, street name, city, state, and ZIP code.

3. Update Your Customer Database

Frequently update your customer database to ensure it contains the most recent and accurate address information.

Remove any duplicate or outdated records, and encourage returning customers to confirm or update their address information during the checkout process.

4. Provide Clear Input Fields

On your order form, use clear and distinct input fields for each part of the address, including street, suite or apartment number, city, state, and ZIP code.

To ensure consistency, it is advisable to employ dropdown menus for selecting options like state or country.

5. Implement Address Autocomplete

Incorporate an address autocomplete tool on your business website.

These tools suggest accurate addresses in real-time as customers type, helping to prevent typos and incomplete information.

What Happens if UPS Delivers to the Wrong Address?

When UPS mistakenly delivers a package to an incorrect address, it signifies that the package has been handed over to an unintended recipient.

In cases of a package being sent to the wrong address, the primary responsibility falls on the sender.

If the sender, for instance, printed an incorrect address on the shipping label, omitted a return address, or inadequately packaged the item, they are accountable for rectifying the situation.

This may involve compensating the customer with a replacement shipment or a refund, depending on the specific circumstances.

Or most cases, the package will likely be promptly returned to the sender.

For packages that require a recipient’s signature but no one is available at the delivery address, UPS leaves a notification.

They will make an additional delivery attempt unless you contact them and provide alternative instructions for the delivery, such as specifying a different delivery location.

This ensures that the recipient has an opportunity to receive the package in a manner that suits their preferences.

UPS’s range of services and solutions allows customers to take control of their deliveries, ensuring that packages reach their intended destinations accurately and efficiently.

From the convenience of changing your delivery address online to the flexibility of rerouting packages and managing address correction fees, UPS offers a set of tools to meet your needs.

Implementing these services ensures a smoother, cost-effective, and error-free shipping experience for customers.

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