Walking out in the silence of Bodmin Moor when the sky is bright blue, and the air is still, there is a kind of rare peacefulness for the day-tripper.

Daniel Gumb must have love this atmosphere too, because in the 18th century, he decided to make this moorland his permanent home.

But as a stone-cutter by trade, he decided to forgo traditional house-building techniques, and instead carve himself a house out of the giant slabs of stone that litter this ancient landscape.

Image credit – PhotoFileCornwall.

While he was alive no one paid much mind to the strange stonemason living out on the moor but after his death his house became famous, a bit of a tourist attraction for the Victorian day-tripper as the picture below illustrates:


However, it may surprise you that Daniel Gumb was not living the hermits life alone, but with his wife Florence and their 6 children. And with an artificial cavern interior of around 12 foot, it must have been a bit of a squeeze!


You’ll have to admit, that looking at it in the 21st century, it doesn’t have the same impact that it must’ve done whilst it was inhabited. But for us at myCornwall, the location is hard to beat! With the wonderfully odd rock formation known as the Cheesewring rising up just behind it, and empty moorland stretches out beyond the front door for as far as you can see.

He even carved diagrams with his chisel into the rocks lying about his home.


Daniel Dumb died in 1776 at the age of 73, and his name has since disappeared into the moorland mist. And with hundreds of people coming by every summer, myCornwall wonders what the man himself would have made out it. To have strangers walking past his front door every day.

Visiting Daniel Gumb’s house is easiest if you park at the car park in the village of Minions and walk from there. On a sunny day, it also provides an interesting stroll past the Hurlers Stone Circles. it’s an interesting walk which passes the Hurlers stone circles.

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