For our June/July 2019 issue we took a small step across the Tamar bridge into South Devon and discovered the work of Becky Bettesworth. Bright, vibrant, nostalgic and full of escapism, her works were an instant eye catcher for us and something we had to showcase on our front cover of myCornwall Magazine.

Living in Torquay by the beach with her three children, husband Matt and golden retriever Squiggle, Becky’s artwork takes inspiration from the classic travel and railway posters of the 1930s. The nostalgia captured in her seaside posters pays homage to this era, and uses colour, contemporary styles and a fresh approach to show off each location at its best.

Director and owner of her own business alongside a fabulous team, Becky creates and produces new and original artwork which is then printed as prints and posters and sold directly though her website or to trade shops nationally and internationally. She holds a plethora of accolades under her belt, having presented her pictures to well-known celebrities and royalty, including Prince Harry, the Queen of Cakes Mary Berry, Jeremy Vine and Jeremy Paxman. Her artwork has featured on the London Underground, on the front cover of Penguin Books and as an international film poster.

“The very fact that people love and buy my work is the biggest highlight,” says Becky, “of which I am exceptionally grateful and thankful for. It continues to be a genuine buzz that people love and appreciate my artwork and to be asked to produce commissions for people is a real honour.”

When creating new artwork, Becky often visits the place first to get a sense and feel of it.

“I take photos, do some sketches and then construct my art so that the composition is perfect,” she explains, “This is done by sometimes striping away a lot of detail and simplifying the view so that the image is uncluttered and uncomplicated. I feel the theory of less is more can really work…The finished picture is created on the computer, where I draw layers and layers of paths on top of each other, similar to the traditional technique of silk screening, which is how many of the original pictures were created. I feel that I am creating my artwork using photoshop, which is a modern equivalent of this old technique, this principals are exactly the same using block colour to produce a very graphic style.”

With a penchant for combining the old with the new, Becky’s modern take on traditional techniques has seen her carry the romantic sentiments and emotions seen in the bygone eras of the 30s into a new age. With a new Special Collection and a Limited Edition Collection having just been launched Becky is also working on new pieces for her Cornwall collection.

“For me, it’s a real success that I love and appreciate what I do, but it’s important the other people feel this too and that my artwork can make other people happy. Fingers crossed, long may this continue!”

Becky’s art can be bought directly from her website and is also available from various shops around the country. A full list of stockists can be found on her website, including Cornish suppliers!

Visit Becky’s Shop Here