UPS Schedule a Pickup

How Does UPS Schedule a Pickup?

How does Ups Schedule a Pickup? Scheduling pickups has become much easier, and a key player in United Parcel Service. Being able to schedule pickups is essential for a functioning supply chain.

UPS Schedule a Pickup

But the question right now is, ‘How do UPS Schedule a pickup?’ Follow us as we will walk you through the steps of how to use UPS to schedule a Pickup.

This will allow you to take control of your shipping needs and simplify the process of getting your packages into the hands of your customers.

How Does UPS Schedule a Pickup?

You can request or schedule a package pickup for your UPS Ground, air, and international shipments.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Shipping Label Questions

The first step is to provide information about your shipping labels. Indicate whether you have pre-printed UPS labels and provide any relevant tracking information.

2. Pickup Information and Location

Fill in the pickup details; including your UPS account number and the pickup address where the packages are located.

3. Service and Package Information

State the number of packages you need to be picked up and indicate if any of them exceed 70 pounds in weight.

4. Pickup Date and Time

Choose a date and time for your UPS package pickup and if there are any instructions for the pickup, make sure to include them.

5. Pickup Notifications

You can select your preferred method of notification for the UPS package pickup. You can go for notifications via mobile device or email.

What are the Types of UPS Pickup?

UPS picks up all types of packages (Ground, Air, and International) using just one driver, and they charge based on the pickup itself, not on each individual package.

The UPS package pickup services include:

1. Flexible Daily Pickup

Daily pickup service is for customers who require package collection on business days at a specified time.

This recurring scheduled pickup ensures the convenience of having your packages picked up once a day.

It is an option suitable for those who ship regularly and prefer a predetermined pickup schedule.

There are other things to note about this service:

  • This service is applicable to all UPS shipping services and destinations.
  • Pickup is available from Monday to Friday, with the exception of UPS holidays.
  • The cost for this service will be determined based on your shipping volume.

2. Automatic Pickup

UPS automatic or Smart Pickup offers a flexible pickup service that is scheduled only when you have a package to ship.

When you create your first shipment of the day, a pickup is automatically arranged.

This option combines the convenience of recurring pickups with the adaptability of on-demand pickups. It’s also our most eco-friendly scheduled pickup choice.

Some of the key points of automatic pickup include:

  • Available Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays.
  • Applicable for all UPS services except Worldwide Express Freight.
  • The deadline for scheduling a UPS Smart Pickup is one hour before your designated pickup time.

3. Daily On-route Pickup

The Daily On-route pickup service offers an affordable solution for your weekday pickups.

UPS drivers will collect your packages during their regular deliveries in your area. This ensures your shipments are picked up once each business day.

This option provides the reliability of regular pickups while promoting cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Here are the key details:

  • This service is made available for all UPS shipping services and destinations.
  • Pickup is available from Monday to Friday except for UPS holidays.
  • The pricing is based on your shipping volume.

4. Choose your Pickup Day

You can customize your pickup schedule with our “Choose your pickup day” option.

You can pick 1 to 4 weekdays that suit your schedule for UPS to collect your packages.

UPS will collect them on your chosen days at your preferred pickup time.

The weekly service fee will be determined based on the number of pickup days you select and your weekly invoice total.

This option is applicable to all UPS shipping services and destinations.

5. Saturday Pickups

If you go for Saturday pickups, you can also choose Saturday delivery for your incoming shipments.

UPS provides weekend pickup and delivery services to support your business expansion.

Particularly, UPS is the sole major carrier that offers Saturday pickups, enabling you to reach your customers faster.

Also, UPS is the only major carrier that provides Saturday ground deliveries to businesses.

Interestingly, you can also select Saturday ground commercial deliveries without any extra charges.

UPS extends Saturday delivery services to most of the U.S. population and even offers Sunday delivery through the SurePost service.

6. One-time Pickup

If you don’t ship frequently, you can arrange a pickup on the same day or for a future date with a single charge, regardless of how many packages you have.

Here are the key points:

  • UPS One Call Pickup is designed for customers who require a one-time pickup.
  • This service is available for most addresses in the U.S.
  • You can schedule a pickup on the same day or choose a future date.
  • If you’re traveling and need a pickup at a different location, you can request that.
  • Please note that if the pickup takes place at a residential location, a Residential Surcharge will be added to the cost.
  • An Area Surcharge is applicable for residential pickups categorized by UPS as rural, extended, remote Alaska, or remote Hawaii.

What is the Price for UPS Package Pickup?

UPS Schedule a Pickup

You can request a UPS pickup after you purchase your first UPS label, but unlike some carriers, UPS pickups aren’t free.

The prices for UPS package pickup are captured below:

UPS Pickup ServiceCost
Flexible pickup$30.00
Automatic pickup$16.00
Daily On-route pickup   $10.00
Choose your pickup day:                                    

1 day                          

2 days                        

3 days                        

4 days
One time pickup:

Same-Day Pickup     

Future-Day Pickup      

When is it Best to Use UPS Package Pickup?

You may find it necessary to make use of UPS package pickup services in the following situations:

1. High Package Volume

If you regularly receive a significant number of packages, going for UPS package pickup can be a time-saving solution when it comes to sending out these orders efficiently.

2. Frequent Travel

For customers who are frequently on the move, using UPS package pickup can simplify the process of shipping and delivering orders. This ensures your parcels are handled promptly.

UPS provides a variety of solutions to fit your logistics requirements.

UPS Package Pickup saves time, simplifies your shipping operations, and ensures your parcels reach their destinations.

So, whether you have a high package volume or need a one-time pickup, UPS has you covered, making it easier than ever to manage your shipping logistics efficiently.

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