Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality

What is Sam’s Club’s Best Dog Food?

Is Sam’s Club dog food good quality? Pet care is all about ensuring that they are fed the most nutritional food. The choice of dog food depends on some factors that are budget-friendly and good for health.

Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality

Member’s Mark is Sam’s brand offering several dog food options.

Although the Member’s Mark alternatives are limited, they include both grain-inclusive and grain-free foods and puppy food.

We will have a more detailed look at Sam’s Club dog food and examine the quality of ingredients, nutritional value, and whether it is worth considering for conscious pet owners who care about what goes into their dogs.

Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality?

Yes, Sam’s Club Member’s Mark dog food is high quality. It has protein sources such as chicken, lamb, and salmon that form a large part of a dog’s diet.

The ingredients, therefore, also contain the necessary amino acids and fatty acids for the dog’s immune system to improve its skin and coat.

The food meets the standards established by AAFCO not just for routine upkeep but also for all life stages.

Keep in mind, however, that every dog is individual and therefore it may be advisable to regularly monitor your pet’s health as well as seek advice from a vet on an ad hoc basis.

Ingredients of Sam’s Club Dog Food (Good and Bad)

Some of the ingredients of Sam’s Club dog food include:

1. Chicken/Chicken Meal

Moreover, it is not only delicious and a high protein source but also contains the necessary amino acids for your dog’s whole health.

This is essentially concentrated chicken, dried and ground up. It packs a higher protein punch compared to regular chicken, making it an excellent choice for a protein source in dog food.

2. Lamb/Lamb Meal

Lamb is one of the lean proteins that is perfect for dogs that are on a weight management diet.

Just like chicken meal, lamb meal is dried and grounded meat from grumbling sheep which offers a rich source of protein.

3. Salmon

Aside from being a tasty flavor, salmon is an omega-3-rich source.

These promote your dog’s immunity, skin health, and coat. It is one of the most popular options, mainly among dogs that are allergic to other proteins.

4. Brown Rice

This compound carbohydrate not only supplies energy but also contributes to fiber and needed nutrients for your dog. It is usually easy to digest when cooked.

5. Menhaden Fish Meal

The Menhaden fish meal originates from the source of men made to have high amino and fatty acids.

The addition of alfalfa helps in digestion, strengthens the immune system, and keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

6. Dried Peas

With its high fiber, vitamin C, and E content along with zinc, dried peas are used in grain-free dog food products.

Yet, these are currently being investigated by the FDA for a possible connection to heart problems; thus, keep an eye on your dog’s health if this is present in their diet.

7. Dried Egg Product

Eggs are a superb source of excellent protein, healthy fats, and needed minerals.

Nevertheless, take care if your dog is allergic to eggs because they are the main allergen.

8. Pea Protein

Pea protein increases the amount of protein in the food, but it does not measure up to that of meat.

It is an affordable approach for adding protein, but it may not deliver the same benefits as meat-based proteins.

9. Animal/Poultry Fat

Animal or poultry fat from any source may be cause for concern because it can come from inferior materials.

A healthier option is to select fats with known origins, such as chicken fat or beef oil.

10. Natural Flavor

The term natural flavor may sound to evoke something from nature, but in practice, it passes through several processing stages accompanied by additional chemicals.

It makes the food taste better, but it may not always be as much processing as most would consider “natural.”

Can I Buy Sam’s Club Dog Food without a Membership?

No, you cannot purchase Member’s Mark dog food without a Sam Club membership.

Since Sam’s Club is a membership shop, you will have to be registered with them first before any purchases can take place.

A membership can help you save some bucks so it is important to visit your local Sam’s Club and decide if joining a club has become necessary for you.

What are the Best Member’s Mark Dog Food Recipes?

People like and think highly of these dog food recipes from Member’s Mark:

1. Member’s Mark Lamb & Rice Recipe

Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality

Compared to other similarly priced dog foods, this one is considered of good quality. 

Member’s Mark Lamb & Rice recipe features real lamb as the main ingredient, without any corn or meat by-products, and it’s free from fillers and artificial preservatives. It provides a good amount of protein and fiber from the included grains.

However, it’s worth noting that the recipe contains dried egg products, which might not be suitable for dogs with egg allergies. 

The fat of unspecified poultry is unknown, and a more precise specification of the type would be advisable.

2. Member’s Mark Chicken & Rice Recipe

Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality

Member’s Mark Chicken & Rice Recipe is made with real chicken and chicken meal as the main ingredients, providing a good amount of protein and essential amino acids for your dog. 

Similar to the Exceed Lamb & Rice, it doesn’t have any corn or meat by-products, and it’s free from fillers and artificial preservatives.

The mix of grains in this dog food gives your furry friend a healthy dose of fiber. However, if your dog has an egg allergy, be cautious because there’s dried egg product in the recipe, even though it’s a good source of protein and fat. 

The fat source is unspecified poultry fat, and it would be better if it specified the type of animal fat.

3. Member’s Mark Exceeds Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Puppy Food

Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality

One of the most popular brands is Member’s Mark Exceed Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Puppy Food, but there are also grain-free alternatives like Member’s Mark Grain-Free Wild Caught Salmon and Pea.

The protein and omega fatty acids content of the salmon recipe is high. It lacks these impurities such as corn, soy, and wheat.

Nevertheless, the generic natures of animal fat sources and chickpeas used instead of grains may be questioned as well as an FDA investigation into possible connections between grain-free diets and canine dilated cardiomyopathy.

Though somewhat controversial, the food is reviewed as well-liked, inexpensive, and mostly good. Any concerns about the ingredients should be addressed directly to your vet.

4. Member’s Mark Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Is Sam’s Club Dog Food Good Quality

To Sams, they understand that seafood is more of a whole matter not just as food but also for people living across the world.

To allow for affordability and sustainability, Sam’s Club works with partners at all levels of the supply chain.

This is a boneless premium cut that makes it easy to prepare. Each fillet is individually wrapped to guarantee the freshness.

Since it contains 10 servings per container, the amount is large enough for several meals. It is simple to share this seafood as it comes in the recommended serving size of 4 oz, which makes the product suitable for families or even individuals.

Member’s Mark is a Sam’s Club brand that offers every kind of product, including foodstuff, household products such as electronics, and dog foods.

Their dog food is a bargain because it’s quality and not overpriced. They don’t have many different options, but you can probably find one that works for your dog type

Certain ingredients in Member’s Mark dog food might raise some questions, so it’s advisable to have a chat with your vet about it. 

While it may not be the most luxurious dog food out there, when you consider the cost and quality in comparison to similar choices, Member’s Mark stands up well.

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