How to Return Amazon Items

Where Can I Return Amazon Packages for Free?

As an online buyer, knowing how to return Amazon items makes shipping easy and can help you out when you get things that aren’t what you want. If your order has an issue, knowing how to send things back is important for a smooth shopping experience.

How to Return Amazon Items

Amazon usually provides at least one free way to send packages back, and most people in the U.S. have a nearby place where they can drop off their returns without needing a box or label.

We will show you the way and provide information on how to return Amazon items to ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience.

How to Return Amazon Items for Free

If you want to send something back that you bought on the Amazon website, you usually can.

But, depending on who sold it, what it is, or why you’re sending it back, you might have different choices for how to return it.

To start a return for an eligible item you’ve purchased from Amazon, follow these steps below:

1. Access your Order

The first step is to access the “Your Orders” section on the Amazon website to view a list of your recent orders.

You should go to the “Return a Gift” section if you’re returning a gift.

2. Choose the Order

Within the list of orders, select the specific order containing the item you wish to return.

Here, you’ll have the option to “Return or Replace Items.”

3. Select the Return Item

Now, choose the specific item within the order that you want to return.

When doing so, you’ll be prompted to provide a reason for the return from a menu of predefined options.

4. Selecting Your Return Preference

After specifying the reason for the return, you’ll need to decide how you’d like to process it.

Depending on the situation, you can opt for a refund or a replacement. If you’re returning an item sold by a third-party seller on Amazon, you’ll encounter an option to “Submit return request.”

5. Select Return Method

Next, select your preferred method for returning the item.

This might involve using an Amazon-provided return label, if applicable.

6. Print Your Return Label

If a return label is required, print it out, it is like a special sticker for your package.

Make sure to include the return authorization provided because it’s the code showing your return is approved.

7. Package Returned Item

Finally, package the item you’re returning securely, ensuring it is well-protected for transit.

Attach the return label to the package if one was provided, and your return is ready to be sent back to Amazon.

What are the Causes of Returned Amazon Items?

There are some of the most prevalent causes behind customer returns:

1. Unwanted Items

Customers often return items because they no longer want them or because they received an incorrect product.

This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as a change in preference or a mistake in the order fulfillment process.

2. Defective Items

Defective items are a common cause for returns as customers rightfully expect the products they purchase to be in good working condition.

Customers have a valid reason to seek a return or replacement when a product arrives broken or doesn’t function as intended.

3. Unauthorized Purchase

Unauthorized purchases can happen, especially when multiple individuals have access to the same (Amazon) account.

This may include situations where someone accidentally orders items without the account holder’s knowledge or approval.

4. Late Delivery

Timely delivery is essential. Customers may be dissatisfied if their orders arrive after the expected delivery date.

This is particularly relevant when the product was meant for a time-sensitive purpose.

5. Accidental Wrong Orders

Ordering the wrong item by mistake can be a common issue.

It may occur due to errors made during the online shopping process, such as accidentally selecting the wrong product or not reviewing the cart contents before finalizing the purchase.

How Long Does it Take to Return an Amazon Items?

Amazon usually lets you return the package you buy within 30 days after you get it.

But, if you buy things like baby items or stuff from a birthday gift list, you have up to 90 days to return them.

However, some things you can’t return, or you can only return them to a third-party seller who isn’t Amazon.

It is always appropriate to open up an Amazon item after you receive it and check if everything is there and if it’s what you want.

If it’s not right, put it back in the box and send it back as soon as you can.

If you keep the gift past 30 days and the person you give it to doesn’t like it, they can still get some money back, usually up to 80% of what it costs, but as an Amazon gift card.

They can swap it for something else, like a different size or color.

Where Do I Drop a Returned Amazon Package?

How to Return Amazon Items

When it comes to dropping off a returned Amazon package, you’ve got a few options:

1. Kohl’s Store

If you live near a Kohl’s store, returning things you bought on Amazon is easy. Amazon and Kohl’s have teamed up, so you can take your Amazon package back to a Kohl’s store.

Now, how does the return work? When you want to return something you bought on Amazon, choose the Kohl’s drop-off option.

Amazon will send you a special code called a QR code. Once you’re at Kohl’s, hand over your items to the Kohl’s worker and show them your QR code.

They will pack up your return, put a label on it, and send it back to Amazon for free.

And sometimes, as a bonus, they might give you some Kohl’s coupons when you return your stuff there.

2. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is another brand Amazon has partnered with for return packages.

When you want to return something you bought on Amazon, you can choose to drop it off at a Whole Foods Market.

But keep in mind that not all items or locations can be used for returns, and some places don’t require a box for the return.

Once you pick Whole Foods as your return location, Amazon will send you an email with a special code called a QR code.

You should take this code and the things you want to return with you to Whole Foods.

When you get to Whole Foods, go to either the customer service desk or the return kiosk. An employee there will scan your QR code and take care of the rest.

3. The UPS Store

If you want to return something you ordered on Amazon, you can also do it at the UPS Store. When you’re picking how to return your Amazon purchase, just choose the UPS Store drop-off.

The good thing about this is you don’t have to worry about boxing or labeling your items.

The people at the UPS Store will take care of that for you, and they won’t charge you for it.

Before you go, UPS will send you a special code for the return. You’ll need to show this code to one of the store’s employees when you get there.

They’ll handle the rest and send your return back to Amazon.

4. Request UPS to Pick Up your Package

If you want UPS to come to your house to pick up your return, you can do that too. When you begin the return process on Amazon, follow the steps and choose UPS Pick-up.

In this situation, you’ll need to put your items in a box, but UPS will give you a label for the return.

Then, on the next business day, a UPS person will come to your place to collect the package. You or another grown-up should be there when they come.

5. Head to a Physical Amazon Store

You can return your items if you’re close to an Amazon Fresh or Amazon Go store.

Just go to the Amazon website when you’re starting your return and choose the Amazon Store Drop-Off option.

However, if the item can’t be returned to an Amazon store, they’ll give you some different choices.

One thing to remember is that if you’re returning stuff to Amazon Fresh Pickup or an Amazon Hub Locker, you’ll need to put it in a box or use the materials they give you to pack it up.

What is the Fee for Returning an Amazon Package?

Amazon has recently made changes to its return policy to reduce costs.

In the past, Amazon customers could freely drop off their returns at UPS stores, but now the e-commerce company will impose a fee on certain customers for this service.

As it stands, a $1 fee will be applied if customers have access to another free return option that is as close or closer in proximity.

Also, if you’ve already received a refund and are expected to return the item, you may face charges if the item is not returned to Amazon.

If you’ve already shipped the item back and have received an email from Amazon requesting its return or indicating a charge, Amazon will reverse the charge once the return is processed by the company.

When Will I Get My Refund for a Returned Amazon Package?

How to Return Amazon Items

You will receive your refund for a returned package once Amazon has received the item or when the seller notifies them of its return, especially for items sold and fulfilled by third-party sellers.

The refund will generally be processed through the original payment method used during the purchase.

The timing can vary, but the refund will be issued as soon as possible after these conditions are met.     

Payment Method      Refund Method        Refund Time (After Return Is Processed)
Credit Card / Debit CardCredit Card / Debit Card5-10 business days
Credit Card / Debit CardAmazon Gift Card 6-12 hours
Amazon Gift CardAmazon Gift Card 6-12 hours
Credit Card & Gift Card   Amazon Gift Card or both Reference times above for details
PayNowPayNow Bank/Non-Bank Financial Institution Account1-2 business days
PayNowAmazon Gift Card6-12 hours

What is the Amazon Style Returns Policy for Items?

If you bought something at an Amazon-style store, you can return it within 30 days to get your money back. Just make sure to follow these rules:

1. The stuff you’re returning should be new, not used, and have all the original packaging and tags.

2. If you messed with or damaged the stuff after buying it, they might not take it back.

3. Gift cards can’t be returned unless the law says they have to.

4. If you got a gift and want to return it, use the order number or gift receipt.

5. Sometimes, if you return stuff to the store, they might give you a Gift Card instead of cash.

Getting the required knowledge of how to return items to Amazon can make your shopping experience way better.

It does not matter if you want your money back, a new item, or a problem fixed, knowing how Amazon’s return works helps you shop with confidence.

So don’t hesitate to take advantage of these helpful insights and make your Amazon returns easy.

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