amazon drop off near me

How to Locate an Amazon Drop Off Near Me?

How to locate an Amazon drop off near me? Dropping off Amazon packages can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to go or what steps to take.

amazon drop off near me

The truth is that Amazon has always been an enticing place to shop because of the juicy deals they provide, especially to their Prime members.

Thankfully, Amazon has numerous drop off locations for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some of them and the steps to take if you want to return your Amazon package.

Can I Find an Amazon Drop Off Near Me?

Yes, you can always find one or two Amazon drop-off locations nearest to you.

However, this depends on where you live and the services offered there. Here are a few places you can drop off or return your Amazon packages:

1. Amazon Hub Lockers

With a unique six-digit code, you can unlock Amazon Hub Lockers, which are self-service kiosks that you can access whenever it’s convenient for you to fit into your hectic schedule.

You have two options when choosing delivery to an Amazon Locker: either add your favorite Amazon Locker location to your address book.

Use that as the shipping address when you check out or search for a new Amazon Pickup location and select a Locker location there.

However, there are certain limitations on size and weight: For instance, the order cannot include Subscribe & Save goods, and the box cannot weigh more than ten pounds.

2. Amazon Physical Stores

If you live close to one of the physical Amazon stores, you can drop off your packages there. So, you will have to choose Amazon Store Drop-off from the Amazon website if you’re using the online alternative.

You will receive a QR code from Amazon to give a staff member at the Amazon shop. The products must be brought in their original manufacturer’s packing.

Meanwhile, if you’re returning a package, you will have to wait for Amazon to notify you through email when your order is prepared for pickup before proceeding with the checkout process.

The only person who can receive your parcels is you. Apart from your Amazon order number, you must present a valid government-issued picture ID bearing the same name as the Amazon order.

3. UPS Store

You can drop off your package at The UPS Store as well. Be aware that if you select UPS even though there is a nearby drop-off location, Amazon might charge you a $1 fee.

Meanwhile, if you’re returning your Amazon package, follow the return instructions and choose UPS Pickup when you begin the return procedure on the official website.

All you need to do is select The UPS Store Drop Off. Using this strategy eliminates the requirement for your things to be packed or labeled.

Alternatively, The UPS Store will pay to pack, label, and send your package. A return shipping code that you must present to a UPS employee upon arrival will be emailed to you in advance.

4. Whole Foods Market

Some Whole Foods stores allow you to pick up your Amazon orders there, and they also drop off your Amazon package.

At Whole Foods, Amazon Prime members can restock on fresh produce and pantry essentials. Here, grocery pickup is offered at more than 500 locations.

It is also simple! Just place your order online and select a convenient time for pickup from an available one-hour window.

Your groceries will be delivered to you once your order is completed, and you can park in one of the designated pickup spaces.

5. Kohl’s Store

If there is a Kohl’s shop close to where you live, returning your things is an easy process.

Choose Kohl’s drop-off when you initiate the return process on Amazon. When you visit the store, you’ll need to bring the QR code that Amazon will provide you, or you can show a picture of the QR code on your phone.

When you show the Kohl’s staff the QR code and give them your products to be returned, they will pack, label, and ship your return for free.

Any Kohl’s store will accept packages dropped off by you, and they will handle the rest. Even better, Kohl’s will pay to pack and ship your return.

How Can I Return an Amazon Package?

How Can I Return an Amazon Package?

If you want to return an Amazon package, you can visit Amazon’s official website and select Returns and Orders from the menu in the upper-right corner of the page.

It’s the same procedure on an Amazon app. Click the three horizontal lines on the lower right corner of the screen. After that, click “Orders” and proceed as before.

Your most recent orders will be shown on a new page that opens. When you reach the item you wish to return, scroll down and select the Return or Replace Items button that appears next to the item listing.

A drop-down option listing the reasons for returning the item will appear on the next page that opens. After choosing the option that best fits your purchase, click the yellow “Continue” button.

You’ll have the choice to have the money returned to your debit or credit card or your Amazon account. Meanwhile, reimbursements to bank cards take a week longer than reimbursements to Amazon account wallets.

Then, selecting where to drop off your return is the final step in the online return procedure. When it comes to return policies, Amazon is rather accommodating.

You can ship the item back to any UPS Store, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, Staples, or Amazon Store location for free. For $7.99, you can arrange for a UPS pickup as well.

Why is Amazon Now Charging for UPS Drop-Off?

Amazon claims that the new charge is part of an attempt to reduce the cost of returns and depend less on UPS.

For years, UPS locations have been taking returns from Amazon at no cost. They only charge when a courier comes to pick up returns from their homes or drops off goods at UPS Access Point.

However, other drop-off locations, such as Whole Foods, Kohl’s, and Amazon outlets, are still accepting free returns.

So, you can go to the “Your Orders” section of your Amazon account to view the alternatives that are available for a return.

The locations that are still free and the ones that will cost money will be displayed as a drop-down option.

Now that you’ve discovered Amazon drop off locations that are closest to you, taking your packages there will be quite easy.

You will be given a QR code that you will use in returning the product to the designated drop-off site.

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