A Frame House Kits

Top 10 A-Frame House Kits for Your Dream Home

During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, A frame house kits and home plans were widely available for purchase across North America and a significant part of Europe. These kits were sold by various entities, and primarily, they were used in the construction of vacation homes.

A Frame House Kits

These kits offer a unique blend of style and simplicity, allowing enthusiasts to embark on the journey of building their dream retreats.

Also, picture a place to reconnect with nature and break free from the hustle and rush of our indoor lives. 

Now and then, the desire for an affordable escape creeps into your thoughts. A frame house kit could be the ideal answer. 

The Most Affordable A Frame House Kits You Can Buy

Here are some of the best A-Frame House kits on the market today:

1. Avrame DUO 120

A Frame House Kits

The Avrame DUO 120 is the biggest and priciest A-Frame cabin kit offered by Avrame. 

It’s designed with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and enough room to comfortably host 3-6 people.

With a generous living area of 727 square feet, this spacious cabin comes as a kit with a starting price of $72,199. 

This cost covers the kit delivery by Avrame and you have the flexibility to assemble it yourself if you prefer.

2. Madi A-Frame Home

A Frame House Kits

The Madi A-Frame Home is a great choice for those who prioritize energy efficiency in their living space. 

Unlike many A-frame homes, the Madi is specially designed to make the most of solar panels and a storage battery. This makes it an excellent option for those aiming to live off the grid.

Madi offers flexibility with three different sizes for their A-frame kits, ranging from a cozy 375 square feet to a more spacious 1,100 square feet. 

The kit prices vary. It starts from $66,000 and goes up to $165,000.

3. Den A-Frame Cabin Kit

A Frame House Kits

For those looking for an affordable and simple DIY project, the Den A-Frame Cabin Kit is your best pick. The Den A-Frame Cabin Kit from a design studio based in New York. 

This kit comes in a flat-packed form, and it’s priced at a budget-friendly $22,000, including everything you need for assembly. 

The package includes precisely cut wood, nuts, bolts, screws, and easy-to-follow instructions, making it a perfect project for you and a few friends to tackle over a weekend.

The cabin itself is a cozy single-room space. It covers just 115 square feet. Inside, you’ll find a vibrant plywood interior and a striking floor-to-ceiling window that floods the space with natural light. 

4. The Wallowa 40’

A Frame House Kits

The Wallowa 40′ is an A-frame cabin kit designed by DC Structures for families seeking a spacious retreat. This kit comes in two sizes, 40′ and 50′, and we’ll focus on the Wallowa 40′.

The Wallowa 40′ offers a generous 1,048 square feet of living space. You’ll find a dining room, kitchen, living room, and even a laundry room on the first floor. There’s a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. 

For those looking for even more space, there’s a larger version, the 30′ x 50′, which boasts a roomy 1,607 square feet, featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The starting cost for The Wallowa 40′ is $169,276.

5. Bivvi Base Camp Cabin

Best A Frame House Kits

This is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to take their A-frame experience into the heart of nature. 

This compact retreat spans 110 square feet and is uniquely designed on wheels, making it easy to tow along highways and roads to your favorite outdoor destinations.

Picture a cozy, single-room cabin on the move, complete with a toilet and kitchenette—perfect for a comfortable stay in the great outdoors. 

What sets the Bivvi Base Camp apart is its versatility. You can customize it with various options to make it uniquely yours. And all of this starts at a reasonable price of $33,000.

6. Lushna Villa Massive

Best A Frame House Kits

Lushna Villa Massive is a perfect pick for those who love camping and being one with nature. It was crafted by the Slovenian company Lushna.

This cabin is all about simplicity and blending smoothly with its natural surroundings. It is priced at $20,020 and spans 164 square feet.

Imagine a simple bedroom but with a twist – a large glass wall that practically invites the outdoors in. 

This cabin brings the essence of the outdoors to your doorstep. And if you’re looking for a touch of luxury, you can go for a wooden bed platform with power sockets at an extra cost of $940.

7. Lushna Suite Lux

Best A Frame House Kits

You can explore the Lushna Suite Lux, perfect for those craving a bit more room in their cabin experience. 

Priced at $53,790, this spacious retreat spans 205 square feet and offers a cozy setup with a king-size bedroom, a bathroom, and even a kitchen.

The glass door connects the interior with the outside, giving you that immersive nature experience.

And what’s the fun part? you can customize your Suite Lux with additional indoor comforts. For $5,280, you can include a wooden bed frame and a refrigerator, enhancing your indoor living space. 

8. The Backcountry Hut Company System

Best A Frame House Kits

The Backcountry Hut Company is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the outdoors and want a straightforward and cost-effective cabin option.

 It was founded in 2015 by nature lovers who value simplicity. It is based in British Columbia. 

They specialize in creating modular cabins, and one of their offerings is System, the most recent and affordable option. 

This cabin is a compact one-room A-frame, priced at $43,965 and covering an area of 107 square feet. What makes it particularly appealing is its quick assembly time—just under a week with a small team of people.

9. Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin

Best A Frame House Kits

Nolla Zero is a remarkable A-Frame cabin that takes inspiration from Helsinki-based designer Robin Falck’s earlier creation, the “Nolla Cabin.” 

This eco-friendly cabin is not only a visual delight at just 97 square feet but also treads lightly on the earth, leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

When you order the Nolla cabin, you’re in for a treat. 

The package includes a solar power kit, a kitchen setup with a ceramic hob, a secure locking system, and two cozy twin beds with pillows.

All of these incredible features come at a reasonable price of $36,455, plus delivery costs. 

10. Klein A45

Best A Frame House Kits

The Klein A45 is a compact A-frame design inspired by the tiny house movement and crafted by the Klein company. 

This stylish dwelling showcases sleek black asphalt on both the walls and roof, giving it a modern and chic exterior. 

Despite its modest size of 183 square feet, the Klein A45 is ingeniously designed to accommodate 2-4 people comfortably. 

The kit comes with a price tag of approximately $140,000. A Frame house kits give you a world of adaptable living spaces. 

They invite you to build your dream getaway with a blend of style, simplicity, and the freedom to customize.

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