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What Happens if FedEx Delivers to the Wrong Address?

So what happens if FedEx delivers to the wrong address? And now you’ve got a lost package and need help tracking down but you don’t know how to go about it. Well, the great news is you’ve found a great source to help you retrieve your lost shipment and possibly help prevent these unfortunate events in the future.

What Happens if FedEx Delivers to the Wrong Address?

Things have changed and most of us these days have gotten used to the modern convenience of tracking a shipment and having real-time updates on its status and the time of delivery. 

But due to unforeseen circumstances, there are instances where a missing item may be causing a delay or that it may even be lost in shipment.

This means you might not be getting your delivery and will need to contact FedEx.

What Happens if FedEx Delivers to the Wrong Address?

The traditional practice for all the courier companies in the world in case of wrong delivery is the same.

So, If FedEx has wrongly delivered goods to the wrong address.

The company is brought to notice either by the sender or by the company’s internal tracking system.

If it’s been established that your package has truly been misdelivered then the question is, who is responsible for the loss, and whose job it is to locate it?

In a situation where the sender is the person who put the wrong address on the delivery,  then they will need to get in touch with customer service to ask for support and see if they can get it from the other address or not. 

If this is possible, FedEx may charge them a fee. But if it is FedEx that lost the shipment while the package was in their care they will generally provide a declared value coverage but is not necessarily a guarantee.

How to File a Lost Shipment Claim With FedEx?

So let’s say you have called customer support and you’ve had a conversation with them or the company that shipped the item out you are now aware that FedEx has lost your shipment.

If you are looking for possible steps to file for a claim, here are the steps you need to take in order to go through their process.

Before you start, make sure you have all relevant information or other supporting documentation like tracking info, photographs, or any other distinct detail that will help make your case.

  • The first thing you need to do is to head over to the FedEx website and click on the support drop-down menu
  • After clicking the file a claim tab, you’ll be directed to another page with lots of options to proceed if this is just a single package that never made it to your doorstep then click on “Start a Claim”
  • You will be redirected again to another page that will ask for the tracking number and ask you to select from a drop-down menu the “Claim Type”
  • After that, you will provide everything mentioned earlier along with some information about yourself including your full address to ensure you are the rightful owner of the missing FedEx package.
  • The moment you’ve submitted it, FedEx will then investigate the claim and tell you of its decision, this may take time though.

Now that you have covered the processes of missing shipments, it is important that you do whatever is possible so that it doesn’t happen again.

How to potentially resolve them so we can now take a proactive approach and help avoid FedEx delivering to the wrong address situations in the future is important.

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