Sat atop a sweeping line of dramatic coastal cliffs, Bedruthan Hotel is home to a spa experience unlike any other in Cornwall. Boasting the latest treatments, luxury facilities and a totally unique way to relax, Bedruthan’s Sensory Spa Garden is a hidden gem in the North Coast that should definitely be on your Cornish Bucket List.

It makes complete sense to find a garden that embodies so many elements on the edge of Cornwall’s North Coast, a place where nature certainly reigns supreme. The Sensory Spa Garden combines earth, air, fire, water and space to create an hour long, seven stage experience filled with sights, sounds, aromas and nature, designed to detoxify your body and renew your skin.

Whilst we all love a good spa day, it’s easy to feel lost when we experience one. What should I try first? What’s best for my body? Don’t be put off by the thought of seven stages, it’s much easier and much more relaxing than it seems, as well as being pure fun and simply fantastic for your body and mind.

A host is present to guide you. Attentive but in no way intrusive, they are the quiet and gentle overseer to make sure you have a relaxing and smooth experience. The garden is a tranquil place, sectioned off and concealed beautifully through wild plants, palm trees and screens. Any noise or bustling activities from the hotel becomes lost in the background.

You begin with a home made dry scrub in a small, elegantly designed slate hut in the garden. It’s impossible not to feel comfortable in your skin here, the garden is about self-care and embracing the elements. After the dry scrub, the next stage takes you to shower in another clean, well kept hut, it’s warm and comforting and prepares you for the third stage, 15 minutes in a sauna with one of the best views in the world.

The Finnish style sauna gazes out across the beach, cliffs and open ocean. Watching the coast whilst you sweat out all the toxins in your body is a mesmerising way to really start to relax. You can stay in longer than 15 minutes if you like, but this does impede on your time for the rest of the hour.

The next stage is perhaps the hardest, a quick rejuvenation for the body in the form of a bucket of cold water, raised high and attached to a rope, which you pull to pour down onto you. Whilst it isn’t for the faint hearted, it is good for you and livens up the senses and the skin. You won’t be cold for long as you enter the fifth stage, the hot tub. Whilst you soak up the bubbles for 20 minutes, your host will return to provide you with some fruit infused water to rehydrate you.

Stage six, perhaps a myCornwall favourite, is our second scrub of the hour. This homemade wet scrub exfoliates and moisturises the body, using all natural ingredients it has your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Once you’ve exfoliated, you shower off the scrub, wrap yourself back in your cosy robes and head to the fire pit.

Seated on cushions around the open fire pit, the smell of cedar and herbs in the air, your host will bring you fresh herbal tea whilst you enjoy soaking your feet as your hour comes to an end. Through the high wooden gate you can exit and return to the main spa for any further unwinding, although it’s pretty hard to get much more relaxed than in the garden.

If you’ve worked up an appetite afterwards, the Wild Cafe in the hotel is ready and waiting to provide you with sumptuous tapas and plenty of refuelling to send you on your way.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of summer and everyone is always looking for that little spot of peace and quiet to escape from it all. Whether you’re a group looking for an exciting new spa day, a couple keen for a day of relaxing or you just want a day to yourself, Bedruthan’s Spa Garden is an experience like no other that’ll give you a true taste of Cornish tranquility.

Call and book your spot today on 01637 861200, or email if you want to find out more and arrange a day or click here to fill out a form. The team are available from 8am to 5.30pm every day!