Gary Hawkins of Wendron Stoves introduces the Hase range

Tell us about the piece you’ve chosen  
We’re proud to be one of a handful of UK stockists carefully chosen by German stove manufacturer Hase (meaning ‘hare’). It’s a family business spanning generations, based in the city of Trier near the border with Luxembourg. Each stove is designed, developed and built to last for decades, with outstanding craftsmanship and extensive expertise.  

What makes a Hase stove stand out from other brands?  
They combine outstanding fire know-how with stunning design, resulting in a range Design Sendai Pro 165 of stoves that are simple, classic and timeless. They make a real statement in a room, especially one with reduced and well-chosen furnishings; and each stove beautifully showcases the fire that burns inside it.  

Hase Sendai Pro 165

Like a work of art?  
Exactly that. Hase describes the Sendai Pro as “fire art”. The extra-large corner firebox provides the best view of the dancing flames, with wood conveniently stored to the right within easy reach. As well as transforming your living room into a comfy, cosy haven, it’s a very eye-catching piece of fireplace furniture.  

How important are aesthetics to customers?  
Very – no one wants an ugly piece of furniture, no matter how functional it is! Hase excel in this regard. You can use its online configurator to change the colour of the metal, cladding and ceramics and see exactly how it would look in your home. The Lima stove, for example, is described as “a perfect balance of form and function”. It’s clad with beautiful ceramic tiles, each one hand-shaped, carefully glazed and fired to make each stove highly individual.  

Hase Lima Black Mojave

How environmentally friendly is it?  
Hase stoves have a very low wood consumption rate, burning so efficiently that they release only a small amount of carbon dioxide and hardly any particulate matter. That is sustainable and good for the planet.  

This is the age of the smart fire!  
Yes, Hase use iQ technology to analyse the combustion chamber temperature continuously, regulating the air flow and temperature to ensure the oxygen supply is perfectly balanced and the fire burns cleanly. Owners can even download an iQ app and have this information at their fingertips; it will also offer tips on firing up the stove and let you know the perfect time to add more wood.  

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